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Terrible things are happening in the world. Terrible, terrible things. I know that things like that have happened before. In Cambodia and in Africa with the Huti’s and the Tutsi’s and in many other places. But now we have the Internet and now we have the wartime reporters and now we have satellites and unmanned vehicles. And we see it all happening, right before our eyes. It is horrible. As if the worst fears come true. And we are not only watching it, as we did before, we also feel it. In our bones, in our blood, in out heart.

It is as if things have to get worse before getting better. For they have to get better. They must. The Earth is cleaning itself. People are changing. But the resistance to all these changes is fierce. However let’s try to be positive. Let’s try and see the changes as necessary. As changes that the Earth and we too have to undergo before things get better.

On a small scale and closer to home we can feel the changes as well. Small changes, insignificant, compared to what is happening in the rest of the world, but they are there. My e-mail was hacked. The telephone and Internet connections of Les Labadous are not working. We again have to pay large additional payments to our Health Insurance company. Communications between friends are getting tenser. The guests at our place are getting noisy. Thunderstorms are rife and the weather is changing every day.

So I just had to get out. On my own. For two days only. Just to get away from it. I went to an area that was not so well known to me, to the Lot, in between the Dordogne, the Correze, the Cantal, the Aveyron, the Tarn et Garonne and the Lot et Garonne. To Cahors, Rocamadour, Souillac, Livernon, Guirande and Figeac.

Let me show you some nice pictures from this trip. As a small compensation for all the trouble you went through when my mail was hacked and you were asked to pay my expenses. Fortunately nobody did as far as I know. Over 400 mails came back unanswered. And my password has been changed.


As you know I have written a book about the Orb evolution. Showing over 200 Orbs changing colour, shape and position from the year 2.000 up till the present day. The book will be published this autumn as an e-book. It is in Dutch but if there is sufficient interest it could be published in English. And well, if you think you have seen everything there is to see, think again. Look at these incredible Orb pictures. All taken during a thunderstorm at my domain Les Labadous. See pic’s 01 - 13


The city of the powerful red wine. So dark that you cannot see through a glass filled with wine. The city enclosed by the river Lot, with its famous bridge the ‘Pont Valentre.’ A city on the road to St Jacques de Compostella. And a city with the powerful cathedral St Etienne in the middle of its ancient town. With Orbs in a cathedral. Very unusual. And with Mary Magdalene in a cathedral. Very unusual as well. And with Jesus depicted as king. Also unusual. Enjoy the pictures. See pic’s 14 – 21.


A famous site. Named after saint Amadour. Built halfway up a steep canyon carved out by the river L’Alzou. It houses several valuable church relics, the most important being its Black Madonna. But I forgot it was holiday time. Thousands and thousands of people were flocking the place.  Going up and down past the Stations of the Cross. Incredible. And a bit sad too, for in our department, the Aude, the number of tourists has dropped by 40% compared to last year. But it was also a joyful happening. For there were many children. It is good to see that the children are getting acquainted at an early age with sites like this and with Black Madonna’s. They will remember these trips and hopefully take something of the Spirit World with them when they grow up. Anyway, Rocamadour is always worthwhile to visit. It is a special place. Here are some of the pictures. Enjoy! See pic’s 22 – 27.


This is the place where I stayed for the night. In hotel de la Promenade. Excellent. A large room, with a bath! What a luxury. A lovely city on the River Dordogne, with a beautiful abbey and some very impressive paintings and statues. And many, many good restaurants. I had of course to go to a restaurant serving local food, called La Vieille Auberge. The food was excellent, but it was not much, as is usual for first class restaurants. And the wine was only available in bottles, not in a pichet. So it was pricey. Another good lesson. For on the way back to the hotel I saw lots of people, sitting on nice little squares, having large plates of chips and big glasses of beer, all for a third of the price I paid. And they had lots of fun. Well, anyway, enjoy the pictures! See pic’s 28 – 34.

Cruising through the Lot

The local Tourist office told me that there was only one Black Madonna in the Lot and only one church, or rather one chapel, dedicated to Mary Magdalene. The Black Madonna was in Rocamadour and the chapel of Mary Magdalene was far away in the east at a place called Guirande in the community of Felzins. The country was beautiful. Large woodlands, little churches everywhere, gentle hills. A few times I left the main road to look for special places. Luckily I have a four-wheel drive for some of the roads were little more than a path. But that is exciting. My adventures in the woodlands. Twice I left the road for dolmens and menhirs. And it was worthwhile. Incredible this huge dolmen de la Pierre Martine. Look at the pictures. And there was nobody there. While Rocamadour, but also Souillac and Figeac were swarming with people. And the same goes for the impressive menhir of Belinac. A standing stone over 15 feet high. And again there was nobody else. I was all-alone with this menhir. Look at the pictures. See pic’s 35 – 44.

Chapel de la Madeleine in Guirande

It is on the old pilgrim route to St Jaques de Compostella. I saw a lot of people, most elderly people, walking by the side of the road. They really seemed to enjoy themselves. The chapel is a marvel. Simple but beautiful, with a gentle loving energy. There was a beautiful painting of Mary Magdalene, a lovely little statue and some very strange fresco’s. You may determine for yourself what the meaning of the different wall paintings/fresco’s is. Have a look and enjoy! See pic’s 45 – 53.


My last visit. It was during lunchtime so the roads were relatively quiet. I made a stop at the lovely little church of Saint Jean Marabel. With a lovely Mary Magdalene at the foot of the cross and a very ancient porch. Next I went to Figeac. Here I could even find a parking place near the Eglise Saint-Saveur. It was built as an abbey in 838 and it has a turbulent history. Always fighting with the other abbey in Figeac. Then being part of larger, more important abbeys, like the abbey of Cluny. Suffering in the 100 years war, the War of Religion (Huguenots) and the French Revolution. But now the church is in good condition and the side chapel is really magnificent. Have a look at the pictures. See pic’s 54 - 63.


Dear friends, you can contact me again. No problem. I am sorry for the fact that you received an e-mail, supposedly coming from me, asking for money. You know I would never do that and fortunately nobody paid anything, but still my apologies for the trouble it caused. And many thanks to my friend Abraham Tol, (if you ever need a good website, he is your man), for alerting all my friends on Facebook and my website about the fact that my website was hacked and that ‘my’ mail was a hoax.

With love, Jaap Rameijer 

News August/September 2014
URGENT: My Yahoo email account is hacked!!!!

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