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Les Roches de Bretagne

Les Roches de Bretagne

Or the rocks of Brittany. The menhirs and standing stones of this beautiful, ancient land. There is even a book describing most of these stones, called “Au Pays des Megaliths.”

Let us start with one of my favorites. It’s called ‘La Roche aux Fées. The largest dolmen in France, so they say. Huge, magnificent, impressive. Surrounded by chestnut trees. Maybe it was in the past covered with land and grass like Newgrainge in Ireland. We don’t know. Then we drove to our B & B located in the magic forest of Broceliande.

The next day we went to the Grail church in Trehorenteuc. A very special church. But then the whole area is special. With the abbey of Paimpont, the tomb of Merlin, the castle of king Arthur and with Viviane, the lady of the lake. The whole story of King Arthur, Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table is played out in this area. And if you doubt the magic of the place then look at this painting, on the wall of the Tourist Office!

South we went, along the forest. There are a few huge crosses in this area like the cross of Beuves, the Croix St-Judicael, and this one, the Cross of Bois-Bily. And see how nice Door is counteracting the arms of the cross.

We stopped in a little place called St Marc and did some shopping. And visited the church where we found this lovely statue of Mary Magdalene. Then up to another of my favorites, the huge field of Menhirs in Monteneuf. Awesome! The whole place was filled with energy. We were really getting ‘high.’

Further south we went, to Carnac. With its endless rows of standing stones. What an incredible sight. Unfortunately, by some strange energetic mechanism, all my pictures of the standing stones have turned black on my computer. However, the pictures I took in the church of Carnac are okay. Look at Mary Magdalene in the church and at Door lighted by the candles. At the end of the day we sat down at the end of a road, near a fisherman’s place and had a glass of wine and something to eat. And see how much I enjoyed the blue sea.

The next day we headed west. We were taking it easy. We just followed our nose and the menhir signs on the map and along the road. In Guitte we found two very strange menhirs. One was called the ‘Menhir de la Pierre Longue’ standing in the middle of a field of grain. Next to a strange, ancient Roman road. On the other side of the road we found the ‘Alignments de Lamouy.’ All magical stones, all power places. What an incredible energy was stored in these stones. And see how beautiful my dear Door is aligning with the stones!

Further west we went, real west. And Bretagne is a very large region. After a few hours driving we came in Guingamp. Here we visited another of my favorites, the ‘Basilique Notre-Dame de Bon-Secours,’ meaning good help. A magnificent church with an intact labyrinth at the entrance, with a beautiful Black Madonna and with a statue of Anna who is a very important saint for the people in that area.  And this lovely Mary Magdalene.

Then further west, or really southwest, to the famous “Paroisse de Pleyben.” One of the most beautiful churches in all of Bretagne. A church with at the entrance the twelve apostles. Sis on one side and six on the other. With in the middle clearly a woman, no beard, long hair, with a cup in her hand, but officially still called John the beloved disciple. The church is adorned with numerous scenes from the bible and even before that time. Look at Prometheus whose liver is eaten. The whole bible is visually splashed out along the ceiling. Especially the more gruesome scenes. The church is surrounded by seven chapels, among them the Chapel “La Madeleine.’ We went there but alas it was closed.

After just two days and three nights in Bretagne we had to go back. It felt as if we had been there for a week. But even on the way back we encountered the most wonderful things. How about the church of Saint-Pierre in Maure de Bretagne. Built by an architect who came from the Ukraine. But look at this magnificent glass statue of Jesus. No Jesus nailed on the cross but Jesus shining in full light! The last menhirs and dolmen were found in St Just. One was clearly uncovered and easy to reach. More stone formations could deeper in the wood. Partly covered by threes and bushes. They were gigantic. And all were lined up in the same direction. A little further south, but still in St Just, we found another group of menhirs. All lined up in one direction. One stone was missing so Door took its place. What a magnificent sight, all those menhirs and standings stones. I can still feel their energy.

Location (Map)

Les Grandes Canalettes

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Guest - Mark Czwerenczuk on Tuesday, 28 July 2015 00:57

Such beautiful pictures, i could feel the energy through them
Thank you so much for sharing your adventures, it makes us yearn to come back to south of France even more.

Such beautiful pictures, i could feel the energy through them :) Thank you so much for sharing your adventures, it makes us yearn to come back to south of France even more.
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