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On Nomination in England: Jamie on his Cloud

On Nomination in England: Jamie on his Cloud

Good news, wonderful news. A Welcome change! My latest book “Jamie on his cloud” has been nominated in England for “The People’s Book Prize, 2013 – 2014 Summer Collection, category “Children.”

The book is published by Local legend with publisher Nigel Peace. See cover and backside.

The book has also been published in Holland and will be published in France. I am open for publishers in the German, Spanish, Portugese and Russian languages! And others. Also available as ebook in French on my site and soon at Amazon.

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Seven days in the South of France

I am so happy that the world has not come down. And that we all survived. And that we seem to be in good health and in good spirit. Not that I doubted it, but still, it is good to be sure.

Much has happened in the past seven days. Camera teams at les Labadous, lots of police and gendarmerie on the road, spiritual groups making spiritual tours in the area, and even to Lourdes, Joke in the hospital, Abraham Tol, our webmaster, at Les Labadous, a media hype that turned into a circus, the broadcasting of Femke and me on TV, articles in the newspaper, visiting the caves of Mary Magdalene, a beautiful day on the market in Esperaza and finally, peace in the valley.

Much information has already been shared on Facebook, but here for our loyal and lovely friends, an overview of what happened. Presented day by day.

I wish you all a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year

Yes, we can make it happen!

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Bugarach - The hype has come alive

This is the story of a media hype turning into a circus. For today is the day. December 21st. The day of the Apocalypse. The day that the world will go down. The whole world? No a small village in France would resist. And be spared. The village of Bugarach at the foot of the magic mountain Pic Bugarach.


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Bugarach and my observations TODAY!

What a day! It started with several interviews at Les Labadous by the camera team of EenVandaag, one of the foremost newsprograms in the Netherlands. Conducted by Marc Schrikkema, who had been here before. He asked me lots of questions,like what are the stories about the Bugarach, what do you think will happen on December 21st, what are the people afraid of and what are you going to do on that day?


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Bugarach Actual Media Program

The Media is also heating up and in contact with me. I have been approached by major stations and programs in Holland, such as: RTL nieuws, Nieuwsuur,  EenVandaag, BNN/Serious Request, Pauw & Witteman  and Belgium TV programma Cafe Corsari; and the major Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.
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