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Program Thomas Young, May 30th – June 8th 2014

Program Thomas Young, May 30th – June 8th 2014

Here an example of the programs we offer, especially to groups, like the group of Thomas Young. This group consisted of 22 persons, mostly from Germany and a few from Switzerland. A ten-day program. Including picking up people at various places, like airports, railway stations or hotels. Taking them, and their luggage to Les Labadous. Providing accommodation: all rooms have their own shower and toilet facilities (restroom) and the apartments and gites have cooking facilities as well. Serving an excellent breakfast, serving lunch or if required packed lunches and serving dinners.

Also providing guiding facilities (my person), and providing, if necessary, drivers and cars (Franklin and I myself) in our own cars or in rented vans, seating 8 people.

Wednesday May 28 and Thursday May 29:picking up people in Toulouse at Blagnac Airport and in Carcassonne in their hotels and taking them, and their luggage, to Les Labadous. And immediately that night we ‘caught’ some Orbs. See {PIC’s 01 and 02}

Friday May 30: Walking from Les Labadous to the Aven Cave. And then to the Cave of Mary Magdalene, the Birthing Cave and Jesus’ Cave, all three are close together. Then back across the River of Colours through the valley to Les Labadous. Hiking time about 3 – 3,5 hours. In the evening we walk up to the plateau south of Rennes-le-Chateau to the place where once a Temple of Lemuria stood. A 20-minute hike. See {PIC’s 03 – 06}.

Saturday May 31: In the morning visit to the Church of Mary Magdalene in Rennes-le-Chateau. The church renovated by the million dollar priest Berenger Sauniere and containing 96 anomalies of what is normal in a little, catholic church in the south of France. We can go to the village by car; about 10 minutes drive, or walk.

Going up the hill east of Alet-les-Bains to the enigmatic church of St Salvayre. Nearby they say that Jesus is buried. About 25 minutes driving time. Then walking to the standing stone, the ‘Pierre Droite,” about 20 minutes hiking time. Where we a herd of sheep past us on the way. This stone is part of the sacred geometry of the area. Going back to Alet-les-Bains and at the end of the day we can visit the Galerie des Anges of Lorrie and Eugene, with its beautiful paintings of angels. And her magic sculptures. See {PIC’s 07 – 11}.

Sunday June 1: Couiza, Camp Grand with the capitelles. We could walk the Sentier des Capitelles for a while, hiking about 30 minutes. Then to Peyrolles, the land with the head of the snake a field and his tail a river. A little further is the land of the Red Earth. With beautiful red and ochre earth. A good place for a pick-nick and a siesta. A quick visit to the beautiful bridge in Serres and then to Rennes-les-Bains, to the Fontaine des Amours. There we stay for a while, while some of our friends went swimming. In the icy cold water! About a 30 minute drive from Les Labadous. Then park the cars in the village and walk up to the Fauteuil du Diable, also called the seat of Isis next to the Fountain “Le Cercle.” From there further up the hill to the Roches Tremblantes, the Trembling Rocks, an old Druid place. With, they say, a doorway to other dimensions. A good 30 minutes hike. Then back to Les Labadous. See {PIC’s 12 – 20}.

Monday June 2:Drive to the Fountain in Campagne les Bains, also called the Source of the Mother Goddess. 15 minutes drive. Where we can play a little with the water. Then to the Labyrinth, or rather the Maze of Nebias. Another 15 minutes drive. Here we can walk the Labyrinth Sauvage, the inner part of the labyrinth, which will take about 75 minutes. It is magic. People enjoy it immensely and I can take some wonderful pictures. Then past the Castle of Puivert, the castle of the Troubadours to the Fontestorbes Source. Where the water rises and falls every 30 minutes. Next to our final destination, to the Montsegur. The Temple and the last stronghold of the Cathars. The place where on March 16th  1244 over 225 Cathars were burned alive. A 30-minute drive. We pause for a while at the monument, set up in 1960. where I tell the story of the Cathars. Climbing the Montsegur will take about 30 – 40 minutes. Driving back to Les Labadous will take 60 minutes. See {PIC”s 21– 35}.

Tuesday June 3: Past the village and the mountain of Bugarach to the Col de Linas, the pass at the north side of the Pech Bugarach. Then via Cubieres to the Gorges de Galamus. A road hacked out in the rocks. With the monastery dedicated to St Antoine, the Cave of Mary Magdalene and the church built into the rock. With a cup of coffee on the terrace. Some of our friends were so moved that they started to sign in the church. A magic moment. A 40-minute drive. Then via St Paul de Fenouillet and Maury and past the castle of Queribus and the town of Cucugnan to the Cathar castle of Peyrepertuse. A 20-minute drive. We can walk up to the castle, a 30-minute hike. Then back to Les Labadous a 45 minutes drive. See {PIC’S 36– 48}.

Wednesday June 4: Walking from Les Labadous to La Pique. The centre of Sacred Geometry in the area. A lovely small path. Visiting the special circle a little to the west of the ridge. A walk of 1,5 hours to the Pique and the same going back. That day it was raining. Gave me some colourful pictures of raincoats! At the end of the afternoon the group had some free hours. Some went to the shop, La Renaissance, of Joke in Quillan, others to Alet-les-Bains and some to Rennes-le-Chateau. See {PIC’s 49– 56}.

Thursday June 5: Driving past La Valdieu, the Pas de La Roque to Rennes-le-Bains. Then on a steep road up to Montferrand. A 30-minute drive. Parking the car and climbing the Pech Cardou, the sacred female Mountain. Having lunch at the magic spot where 5 roads come together. A perfect pick-nick place. After lunch climbing the final part to the top of the mountain. The view is magnificent. There is a stone circle at the top and the whole crest of the mountain is covered in flowers. It is magic. We stay for quite a while, enjoying the sun, the view and the flowers. Then descending the mountain and going back, just for a while, to the trembling rocks, entering the area from the other side. Such a special place. Then back to Les Labadous, a 15-minute drive. See {PIC’s 57– 67}.

Friday June 6: Going east, to the Initiation caves of the Cathars in Ussat-les-Bains. A 70-minute drive. Having lunch at the church of ND de Celles. Looking at the famous White Madonna in the church that has been renovated in a beautiful way. Then going to the Cave of Bethlehem. Parking the car and walking up will be a 30-minute hike. If the cave is closed we can go to the Hermit Cave or to the Eglise Cave. But the path is open. On the little plateau just in front of the Cave of Bethlehem we all change in white clothes. It is a wonderful sight. Everyone dressed in white. So special. We are having an extended ceremony in the cave, conducted by Thomas and Tania. Very, very impressive. Driving back to Les Labadous will take about 75 minutes. See {PIC’s 67– 71}.

Saturday June 7: First going to the chateau of Puivert. The castle of the troubadours. We were lucky. There was a festival going on. With ancient cooking, ancient weapons and a wonderful exposition of ancient musical instruments. We learned that there are people in France who still make those instruments or restore them. Then going back to the Labyrinth of Nebias. People really liked this place. First having lunch at the Mill. Then walking further to the Labyrinth Vert and even further to the great stones. What a magic sight. Then back to Les Labadous, a 30-minute drive. See {PIC’s 72– 75}.

Sunday, June 8. End of the official program. Driving people to Toulouse Airport. Picking up a rental car for Lorena. Then Back to Les Labadous, a two-hour drive. Lunch at ‘Le Dragon’ next to the Hautpoul castle. Then dinner at Les Labadous, partly made by Jaap. Followed by a presentation in my gite about the Orbs evolution. See {PIC 76}.

Monday, June 9. First taking two groups of people to the Railway station in Carcassonne. Then with Lorena a private tour. First to the ND de Marceille in Limoux, then to Bugarach and to the lovely church of Cubieres. Then again through the Gorges de Galamus to St Paul de Fenouillet. Where we had lunch while a Spanish group was playing! What a great place to be. A little while back, through Cucugnasn to the Fountain we missed, the fountain in Duihlac s/Peyrepertuse where you become amourous if you drink the water. It didn’t stop Lorena! Then on to the cave of Perillos, near the Mediterranean Sea. With wonderful plants. And at the castle of Opoul we could actyally see the sea! A 30-minute walk. To the cave. A small wonder. The shapes, the colours, the light. And then driving back to Les Labadous, about 80 minutes. See {PIC’s 77 – 84}.


If you want to know more about Thomas Young, or if you want to contact him please look at his website: http-//www.thomasyoung.#122A990

Newsletter May/June 2014
Scotland April 2014

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Comments 3

Guest - Maike Schäfer on Tuesday, 24 June 2014 20:20

Thank you so much for this gorgeous post about the wonderful time at Les Labadous.The pictures and and your words are great memory of this amazing time with you,Joke,Franklin,my 22 friends ....and Mary Magdalene.

DearJaap, Thank you so much for this gorgeous post about the wonderful time at Les Labadous.The pictures and and your words are great memory of this amazing time with you,Joke,Franklin,my 22 friends ....and Mary Magdalene.
Jaap Rameijer on Tuesday, 24 June 2014 21:04

What a great newsletter! So many happy, smiling faces! A very full itinerary...well done...well done!

What a great newsletter! So many happy, smiling faces! A very full itinerary...well done...well done!
Jaap Rameijer on Wednesday, 25 June 2014 15:54

WOW, what a gift. Thank you so much, Jaap, for this beautiful presentation of a wonderful time

WOW, what a gift. Thank you so much, Jaap, for this beautiful presentation of a wonderful time
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