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NEW RELEASE: The Orbs Evolution


I am very pleased with my latest book The Orbs Evolution, originally written in Dutch so it has taken some time for the translation, make-up and editting. But we have managed. I like to thank Tina Hartzell and Abraham Tol for their devotion and it has been a pleasure to work together in 3 different parts of the world. The book will be on sale tomorrow on Amazon and Kindle. I urge you to read and enjoy the insights and magnificent photos. 

~ Jaap

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SAMPLER: Mary Magdalene in France

SAMPLER: Mary Magdalene in France

I have decided to share with you some of my second edition of Mary Magdalene in France. The sample contains a few pages of all chapters. Do realize that the book is 195 pages, in order to see the complete book, order it in my shop or on Amazon. you can view the sampler in full screen mode and you can also enlarge sections.  With love and enjoy! ~ Jaap

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Latest Books by Val Wineyard

Latest Books by Val Wineyard

Wonderful books I recommend by my friend Val Wineyard.

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The Secrets of Saunière ~ Val Wineyard

By Writer Val Wineyard, a close friend of mine and professional writer. 



Mary Magdalene meditating with the aid of a candle and a skull;  the freemasons also meditate on life, death and mortality with a candle, a skull, and sometimes with crossed bonesThe priest at Rennes-le-Château had many secrets but for a long time people thought he had only one - what was the treasure he discovered?


It all began for the French in the early 50's, when the newly-opened restaurant in Rennes-le-Château attracted its customers with stories of Blanche of Castille, who hid the ransom, to release her son the king from captivity, in the region near Rennes.  It was easy to confuse people with this tale for there were two Blanches; the mother of Saint Louis and the other Blanche who stayed at Rennes-les-Bains for a while to take a cure, around 1362.  The town was named after her.

Articles with immense estimations of the value of Bérenger Saunière's treasure appeared in local and national newspapers.  A young man called Pierre Plantard, on holiday with his family in Rennes-les-Bains, founded "The Priory of Sion", a secret society which proclaimed the secret was the survival today of the Merovingian bloodline - descended from Jesus himself!  It was not a hoax exactly, more an entertaining fantasy game.


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Featuring Writer ~ Val Wineyard

Val Wineyard has worked all her life as a freelance writer and editor; meanwhile she moved to the south of France in 1995 where she started writing books.  Titles include;  "Mysterious France,"  "Life and Past Lives in Languedoc," "The Visigothic Inheritance", "Mary Jesus and the Charismatic Priest" and her latest;  "Looking for Mary M - The Mary Magdalene Research Kit."

Val's research is unusual in that she has studied French sources and so her books contain much information not included in the others.  She is a member of "L'Association Via Aquitana" and "Société d'Études Scientifique de l'Aude."

Val's "Carnet intime". as the French say;  she adores this region of France, the incredible emotional and spiritual richness of this our land of Occitania.  She is red-haired and brown eyed.  She is a socialist (all for one and one for all) and detests affectation.  She lives alone but surrounded by friends, and has never been so happy, in all her life in rainy England, as she is now since she came to live here in the land of passion and sunshine.

My Latest Book ~ Looking for Mary M ~ The Mary Magdalene Research Kit


Testimonial by Jaap Rameijer

"This is more than a research kit.  It is a beauty.  A very special book.  What you have written here is, there is no other word for it, "great stuff."  A wonderful book, based on good, solid research.  And on true empathy.  You have an amazing feeling for what people would have thought and said and done in those years and in those particular circumstances.  It is a book written with a lovely dry send of humour.  And full of new information, some of it mind boggling information.  Presented in a gentle and relaxed way.  A priceless book for all who love Mary Magdalene."

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