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Bugarach - The hype has come alive

This is the story of a media hype turning into a circus. For today is the day. December 21st. The day of the Apocalypse. The day that the world will go down. The whole world? No a small village in France would resist. And be spared. The village of Bugarach at the foot of the magic mountain Pic Bugarach.


This morning we went to the village of Bugarach. Me and my friends Franklin and Abraham. A few miles before the village we were stopped by the gendarmerie. Three cars and about 20 persons were checking the traffic. Six cars were investigated. We had to show our passports and state our reason for visiting Bugarach. Our names were checked on a computer. After 15 minutes we were allowed to pass. When we neared the place the mountain was still there. Quiet, majestic and solid. But on the road things became rather hectic. Some had taken the opportunity to protest against almost everything. Like transforming Bugarach into an airport for UFO’s.

Bugarach itself was loaded with journalists. There were about 20 vans with large discs on the roof and camera teams with expensive camera’s. There were more than a thousand people on the street. Mostly journalists and camera teams, interviewing every-one who looked remotely suspicious and even interviewing each other. There was gendarmerie in blue, ambulances in white, pompiers in red and police on horses. All  were patrolling the streets. They were everywhere. And the gendarmerie was very friendly. The atmosphere was great. People were smiling and mildly excited. But there were of course quite a few mavericks. People dressed up for the occasion, as lovely aliens or frightening extraterrestrials. And quite a lot of local people, people like us. People curious of what would happen to this, normally quiet village. And ofortunately there were several places where we could get Thai tea, warm wine and other, home made delicatessen.

At 12.12 local time we looked at the mountain. This was the moment that things were supposed to happen. But nothing did. It remained quiet, the mountain did not shake or levitate, the world around us stayed in place, no UFO’s took off, no lights were seen or sounds were heard. All was peace and quiet. And nobody seemed to care very much. We saw no-one crying because the world did not end. No-one shouting because they had not been taken away in a flying saucer, nothing. Life went on as usual. Apparently not many people really believed that the world would end. But it was a wonderful happening.

An incredible presentation of the press and media, from all over the world. An impressive presentation of the military and civil forces of France. A delightful gathering of maverics and lunatics. And a lovely spectacle for the many, curious spectators. A media hype turned into a circus. At 1300 hours people started drifting out of the village. Going home or returning for their all important lunch. But it is not over yet. The gendarmerie will be on the alert until December 23rd. The roads will be closed until December 23rd. So dear friends, we will be there and have a look at things and report to you.

Enjoy my pictures of the day!



Een update, speciaal voor onze Nederlandse lezers
Bugarach and my observations TODAY!


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Wednesday, 20 November 2019

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