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Bugarach and my observations TODAY!

What a day! It started with several interviews at Les Labadous by the camera team of EenVandaag, one of the foremost newsprograms in the Netherlands. Conducted by Marc Schrikkema, who had been here before. He asked me lots of questions,like what are the stories about the Bugarach, what do you think will happen on December 21st, what are the people afraid of and what are you going to do on that day?


Then we drove to Bugarach. At Ribambelle, the wonderful holiday resort for children, we found about 12 busses of the gendarmerie. They were all walking around, in uniform. So it is true. I never knew if the stories about a huge police force were true, but they were! So now it is for real dear friends. That realization really hit me.

Bugarach Gendarme Jaap Rameijer


We drove on to the Bugarach and took several more shots of me standing in front of that magic mountain. I was even asked to look for about 10 minutes straight in the camera. Not so easy.

In the village is was much busier then normal. There were lots of cars on the road, a helicopter was flying around the mountain and many campers were parked in the village.


Campers at Bugarach


We drove on, to the Col de Linas, the place were most people start their climb up to the mountain. There were several cars parked on the parking space including one from the gendarmerie. 


Bugarach going crazy?


We met a nice Italian man, dressed in blue, with a huge rucksack. After some hesitation he told us that he would climb to the top and stay there. Not for one night but for two weeks. Then he would come back to see the new world and the new people with a higher consciousness. We warned him that it would be very cold up there. And very dangerous with the harsh wind blowing. But he went cheerfully on his way.

Bugarach Pilgrimage.

Between 1400 and 1500 the mayor of Bugarach had agreed to receive the press. The place was loaded. More then 30 journalists were there. The mayor was not so relaxed as he had been half a year ago. But that can be understood. For on Friday December 21st the prefet of the Departement Aude would be there and a high government official. And the whole area was soaked with police and gendarmerie. We did not see any military activity yet. The story will be broadcasted on Thursday December 20th between 1815 and 1845 on Nederland 1.

The Telegraaf, by far the largest newspaper in The Netherlands will also pay attention to this Bugarach enigma. They will most likely on Thursday December 20th publish an article about the Apocalypse in France.

And that same evening my daughter Femke will be seen on Nederland 3. The program “Serious Request” From 1930 to 2020. Recorded live in Enschede!


Bugarach - The hype has come alive
Bugarach Actual Media Program


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Monday, 17 February 2020

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