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Les Labadous / La Source

Les Labadous / La Source

Dear friends,

We are a little bit reluctant to tell you how things will be at our place in 2016, but we have to..

We have been at Les Labadous since January 1999. Cleaning up the place, which was a major effort, for it had been used for years as a home for stray dogs. Renovating the place. Building new apartments and gites. Installing toilets, showers, kitchens, and furniture. Putting septic tanks, gas tanks and all kinds of tubes and wires in the ground. Making new central heating systems and a parking place. Making a beautiful garden, decorating the place and more, much more. We have carefully maintained the place over the past 16 years. We felt is as our duty, our mission in life and it was an honor to do so.

We had many guests. First there were our parents, our family and our friends. Then more and more groups came to our place. Spiritual groups. Groups from all over the world. And we loved them all. It was wonderful to receive them here to this special place. And to witness firsthand the wonderful things that happened to the people coming to this sacred place. People came from all over he world. And the same people came back, year after year. La Source became a well-known place, a spiritual place, and a healing center. It was great and we immensely enjoyed al the little miracles that happened to tour friends and to us.

But now things are slowly changing. That is to say, changing for us. We are all getting older. I am 70 years old now and my dear Joke is a few years younger. We have been separated for years but are living together as good friends. But now we are officially divorced. Joke and Franklin have bought a new house in Quillan. It is both a house and a shop, the famous Renaissance shop. It is time for us to go our own way.

But most important of all is that we are tired. Joke is exhausted. She has been serving meals for large groups for many, many years. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Buying the food, cooking, laying the tables, serving, cleaning up, and taking care of all the special diet whishes. It was a very, very demanding job, but she did it, she did a wonderful job. She did it with love and dedication. But now she has no more energy left. The doctors have told her to step down, to take it easy.

And I have been writing books, 10 books in all. I have been coaching and guiding people and it was great. I enjoyed every minute of it. But I feel that my time here in France is up, that I have to go back to Holland and start a healing center there.

After careful consideration, and believe me it took us months to reach that conclusion; we have decided that we will no longer be able to house groups at les Labadous. Groups that will need all of Labadous and groups that will need to have breakfast and dinner at les Labadous every day. We are no longer up to it, and it really hurts us to say so. For all the groups we had the honor to receive to our place, and to serve were special. We had so much fun, we had so many wonderful experiences, but we can no longer do it. We have no more energy and we feel that it is time for other guardians to take care of this special place.

Besides, les Labadous is for sale. It has been for several years but now we have seriously put it up for sale. And there are several interested parties. We have a feeling that our time here is up and that les Labadous will be sold at short notice. And it is only fair to tell in advance so that you can find other places to stay. We could take your reservations for next year, and we have had many requests already, but we don’t know if the new owners of La Source would honor those reservations. They might want to use the place for different purposes. We ‘operated’ les Labadous as a Chambres d’Hotes, some kind of B&B, but it is quite possible that the new owners want to use it as a spiritual place, as a healing center. That would make much more sense and most certainly more money.

So therefore, with pain in our heart, we would like to ask to all the groups coming to les Labadous, to look for other places. Femke and Joke and Franklin and I will be only too happy to help you.

And please know that as long as les Labadous has not been sold, the place is still open. Open to you and open to others. But we will no longer e serving meals. And opening our main kitchen to you and our plates and cutlery and stores and tables for you, won’t work. It will only create very complex situations and no one can really replace Joke with her team of Marie-Laure, Axel and Franklin. A bringing in your own cook is no solution either. First of all because we cannot plan anything but also because cooking 3 course dinners for large groups, with everything that is involved in doing so, is really too much of an effort.

However we will keep our gites and apartments open until the day les Labadous is sold and the ownership is transferred. So we can house three people in each of our four gites and four people in each of our two apartments, where they all have their own kitchen.  But again we can make no fixed reservations.

We will also, gladly offer our place, our big hall that can house 80 people and our beautiful lawn under the large black poplar trees for any ceremonies you want to perform at les Labadous. Again until the place is sold.

Dear friends, I am so sorry to tell you this news. I know many of you would have liked to come to our place next years and for the years to come, and we would have love to have you with us, but I think that it is time for us to hand over the place to new owners, to each go our own way and to take good care of our own health.

If the possible new owners will continue the business we of course will let you know.

With love in my heart and Joke’s and Franklin’s and Axel’s and Femke's , we say goodbye to you as a group.


Love Jaap



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Guest - Elizabeth Lee on Monday, 02 November 2015 20:10

May the transition be smoother and smoother for all of you who have served so many with open arms and hearts.. May many wonderful blessings keep filling your lives as Les Labadous evolves into new ownership..

May the transition be smoother and smoother for all of you who have served so many with open arms and hearts.. May many wonderful blessings keep filling your lives as Les Labadous evolves into new ownership..
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