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The Bugarach saga is coming alive

It has started. It has really started. The Bugarach saga is coming alive. It is in all the newspapers. In France, in the Netherlands and elsewhere. The Apocalyps may happen at Bugarach. And people are flocking to the area.

We have even been approached by Dutch Television, Pauw and Witteman, who want to put this item on their popular newsshow. They are looking for people, Dutch or Belgian, who really believe the world will come down on 21st or 23rd December and who are therefore going to Bugarach. To be taken away in large spaceships or to enter via a special portal into other dimensions

So far we have not found anybody. The Dutch are far to sceptic for such notions unlike some of the Americans (preppers). But if you know of someone who believes the Apocalyps will really happen, and who is planning to come this way, please let me know.

The village of Bugarach will be completely closed off from 19 to 23 December. By 200 gendarmes and 50 Pompiers (firemen). Only the inhabitants of Bugarach are allowed in and out. They have special passes. One of these days I will go to Bugarach and have a look. If anything interesting happens there, I will of course let you know.

The people in the area don't believe something will happen. They stay at home, just as we will stay at Les Labadous. Drinking clean water and having only good, positive thoughts.

Two dear English friends from Montsegur, Richard and Scarlett, well known for their "Autre Monde" films,  (meaning The Other World), in which I also play a part, have made a wonderful YouTube about Bugarach. Enjoy this magnificent tube!

And should you believe that the world will really come down, it is possible after all, or do you want to be in the area at that special time, something is bound to happen, then know that we have still room at Les Labadous.

And also now that on the plateau between our place and Rennes-le-Chateau, there is a special place, a sacred place, a place, so they say, where once a temple of Lemuria stood; a place, so they say, where a UFO is buried, waiting to surface. A place that is a doorway to other dimensions, at least according to the writer Elizabeth van Buren in her book "Refuge of the Apocalyps".

It is only ten minutes away from Les Labadous. And you are most welcome.

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