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October 2013

October 2013

Another newsletter for October! How wonderful, I hope. But I had to. For after my newsletter on Power Places Tours, some things happened that had to be told and that had to be seen. Besides I am going to Holland the first weeks of November, so you can also see this as an advanced newsletter. Enjoy!

My friends

We at La Source/Les Labadous are happy and honoured that so many friends, good friends, have come to visit our place. And that we meet so many friends in Rennes-le-Chateau. For example Ani Williams, who is at the moment staying with her lovely group at our place. She has been singing and playing the harp in Le Jardin de Marie for many Sunday afternoons. Making the garden even more special than it already is. Here she is, together with me {PIC 01}. And Averill from Gallerie La Rose in Alet-les-Bains, a wonderful painter and fantastic singer, she was there as well with her husband James. Such a lovely couple {PIC 02}. And talking about lovely. How about these two Russian beauties, who, from time to time grace La Source and Rennes-le-Chateau with their beautiful presence {PIC 03}.

The Cave of Mary Magdalene

The cave of Mary Magdalene and the caves next to her, the Birthing cave and the Jesus cave, keep attracting people. The caves are difficult to find, so people often ask me to guide them there. Which I do with pleasure, at least when it is dry. For when it has been raining the small footpath down to the cave becomes very slippery. A dangerous situation, for you can make a bad fall. This time the weather was good so I took this group, all Dutch, to the cave {PIC 04}. Where always special things happen. Like with my friend, with whom I went into the birthing cave. Where she had a very emotional experience. But where she was supported by many, many loving Orbs {PIC 05}. And the little place between the caves is ideal for all kinds of ceremonies. Many wonderful healings took place on that spot {PIC 06}.

Notre Dame de la Salette

France is such a vast country. With many treasures. Every time I discover new pilgrim sites, places where Mary Magdalene is venerated, places with wonderful Black Madonna’s, places with special churches or beautiful caves and other sacred sites. Like this time.

My dear friend Door came over for a week. She was exhausted after finishing her book “Vaccin Vrij” (Free of Vaccines). She needed some rest, some spiritual inspiration, a lot of energy and some advice on how to handle the press and media when her book comes out.

She very much wanted to go to the Notre Dame de la Salette, a famous pilgrim place, located in the French Alps at 1789 meter high. It is near Corps, a lovely village situated between Grenoble in the north and Gap in the south. On our way from Nimes to Grenoble we passed a place called Pont-Saint-Esprit. The bridge over the Rhone was so beautiful {PIC 07} that we decided to stay there for a while. A magic place. We visited the church of Saint Saturnin, a lovely church, with beautiful paintings of beautiful women. Look for yourself {PIC’s 08 – 10}.

Then on to Grenoble, and from there south to Corps. What a beautiful roads we travelled. And what a magnificent views we enjoyed. Really breath-taking. In Corps we (that is to say the car) climbed the mountain to the Sanctuary of the Notre Dame de la Salette. Again what a view {PIC 11}. The basilica itself is a strange, cold building {PIC 12}. Inside you find the strangest pictures, like this picture of Jesus {PIC 13} and enlarged {PIC 14}. All a bit spooky. And what to think of these pictures, where Jesus is sitting at the table with Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene {PIC 15}. Does any one know why Mary Magdalene is depicted here with two eyes above each other {PIC 16}? Fortunately there were also a few beautiful stained glass windows with Mary Magdalene in it. See {PIC 17} and {PIC 18}. And one depicting the two children who first saw the weeping Notre Dame de la Salette in 1846 {PIC 19}. Outside we saw a few statues of the Notre Dame de la Salette. Very impressive, especially against this mountainous background. See {PIC’s 20 – 23}. When the sun sets it quickly gets cold, but it also gives us some beautiful pictures. See the sun setting near the Grande Tete de l’Obiou {PIC 24}. Later in the evening we had the most wonderful dinner in the Hotel de la Poste. Really very, very good {PIC 25}. One of the best dinners I ever had.

Saint Maximin-la-Ste-Baume

The next day we went to St Maximin-la-Ste-Baume. It was ‘almost’ on the way back and Door had never been there. So she wanted to go. She was very impressed by the place. See her in {PIC 26} and {PIC 27}. And, just like me, she was also ‘impressed’, and saddened by the sorry state of many of the portraits of Mary Magdalene. See again {PIC’s 28 – 34}. But fortunately renovations were being carried out.

The Cave of Mary Magdalene

Because we were in the neighbourhood, and because Door had never been there, and because Door very much wanted to see the place, we went to Plan’d’Aups and climbed the Chemin des Roys to the Cave of Mary Magdalene in the Baume Massif. This is always special. The way to the cave is like a pilgrimage. And this day more so because it was foggy. Which gave the place a bit a fairy look {PIC 35} and {PIC 36}.

The inside of the cave was as beautiful as ever {PIC 37}.

Capitelles and Rennes-les-Bains

We were also happy with the visit of our dear friends Thomas and Anneke. Thomas is a famous and very gifted cosmoloog who has been giving us advice, good advice, advice on what to do and what not to do, for over 40 years. They love to walk this magic land, so we took them to the Camp Grand northeast of Couiza {PIC 38}, where we walked the Sentier Capitelles. A wonderful experience. You can feel the magic embedded in this land. And the mysteries surrounding the capitelles. No one knows for sure when they were built and what purpose they had. But there are many theories. See {PIC”s 38 – 40}.

Next we went to Rennes-les-Bains where we visited the Roches Tremblantes, the Trembling Rocks. Most likely an ancient sacred place of the Druids. The atmosphere on the plateau south of Rennes-les-Bains is always a bit eerie. As if time has stood still {PIC 41}. And the rock formations keeps offering us the most enigmatic faces {PIC 42}. We stayed a while by the place where a doorway to other dimensions is said to be and indeed there was a special energy {PIC 43}. And here, in miniature, once more, the beauty of autumn {PIC 44}.

St Bertrand de Comminges

When I brought Door back to Toulouse it was still early in the day. Now I was, after many weeks of guided tours, on my own. So I decided to do some exploring. I went west, to St Bertrand de Comminges, with its famous cathedral {PIC 45}. A magic and majestic site, on top of the hill and with the sun shining along its wall {PIC 46}. It is a beautiful cathedral, with an impressive history. Very big {PIC 47}, with wonderful stained glass windows {PIC 48}, well worn stones on the floor {PIC 49} and beautiful statues {PIC 50}. In fact the whole area is magic. For close by is the basilica Saint-Just de Valcabrere {PIC 51}. And inside the basilica a wonderful Black Madonna {PIC 52}. Just look at that face {PIC 53}.

La Source/Les Labadous

Autumn is here. Finally. We had some wonderful sunny days, experiencing even something like an Indian summer, but now autumn is here. La Source is still green {PIC 54}, but the leaves are falling, the ivy is turning red {PIC 55} and the bushes are turning yellow {PIC 56}. And in the distance the clouds are rolling in {PIC 57}.

The clouds, the sky

In autumn we see the most wonderful skies. And the strangest clouds. Every evening it is a joy to watch the sun setting in the sky. Pure, pure magic. Let me show you. First two pictures taken at Rennes-le-Chateau. The trees on top of the hill {PIC 58}. And the sun striking the side of the Tour Magdala {PIC 59}.

And then, this is really incredible, a magic sunset. It is as if a whole fleet of UFO’s is dancing in the light of the setting sun. Enjoy my friends, enjoy. {PIC 60} and {PIC 61}.


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