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Newsletter September/October 2013

What a month, what a month. So much is happening and it still feels as if time is holding its breath. Or her breath? Waiting for a signal from the Universe to get going. Many of us have been going through difficult times. Hard times. Transforming ourselves. Moving to higher energy and frequency levels. Solving ancient karma. Many of us are very tired, but we are holding on. Waiting. Waiting and knowing that things will change. Will change soon, and for the better. That things will finally become clear. And that we will see our destiny. That the time is near that our energy will flow again. Well, dear Spirit World, show us. Let it go and let it flow!


My books are doing fine. There will be a second print from my book “De Geheime Boodschappen van Rennes-le-Chateau,” deel III, a book in Dutch. And there will also be a second print from my book “Maria Magdalena in Frankrijk” , after only one year on the market. My English books “Mary Magdalene in France” and “The Beauty and Message of Orbs” are beginning to sell. They are available on Amazon.com or Createspace.com. I hope that my good friend Abraham will be able to get these books ready to be downloaded as e-books. My book “Jamie on his cloud” is now available in English, in Dutch and in French. It is strange but all the people who have bought this book, in any of those languages, are very happy with it. Some have read the book in one night. Others have been shedding tears while reading the book. I get the most wonderful comments. And wouldn’t it be wonderful if the people who love this book so much, would promote it at schools, universities, old peoples homes, spiritual bookshops and spiritual centres. Thanks in advance dear friends for promoting this book!

The next months

Dear friends, October will be a very busy month. From the 4th to the 14th of October I will be guiding a group of Americans on a tour organized by Power Places Tours. Picking them up in Marseille, going to the cave of Mary Magdalene in the Baume Massif and to the basilica Ste Marie Madeleine in St Maximin la Ste Baume. Then back via Les Stes Maries de la Mer to La Source. From here I will be guiding them to all the beautiful places in this area, the places you know so well.

The first two weeks of November I will be in Holland. Visiting my daughter and my two sons, going to my publisher, getting my car in perfect order, bringing all kinds of goods from France to Holland, doing some shopping, eating in an Indonesian restaurant and visiting many dear friends

In January/February 2014 I may be going to Hawaii. I would love to go there and I already have my ticket, but I am not sure where I can stay. I would love to give some presentations on Mary Magdalene, the South of France and Orbs.

So it is quite possible that this will be, at least for the moment, my last newsletter.

But I won’t forget you my dear, dear friends.


Guided Tours

We have had several groups at our place. Two groups were even here at the same time. That meant guiding one group in the morning and the other group in the afternoon. Pretty confusing, but fortunately they were both wonderful groups. Have a look. One group with Philippe from the USA {PIC 01} and one group with Cloe from the UK {PIC 02}. A few people even stayed on, wanting to see a bit more of this wonderful, sacred land.

And a few couples came our way. People that were really interested in this area. It is a pleasure to guide them and especially to show them things they would never have found on their own.

Family and friends

So strange, but every month some new, old friends come by. Friends from a long time ago, sometimes more than 40 years. From the Navy, from Fokker Aircraft and from all the other companies I worked for. And from the Military and Hospitaller Order of St Lazarus of Jerusalem, of which I am still a member. See my good friend Ron who is pretty ‘high’ now in that order {PIC 03}. And Ingrid, the widow of an old colleague from Fokker, lighting a candle for her husband who passed away far too soon {PIC 04}.

We were also happy to have our oldest son Gjalt stay with us for a few days. With his lovely partner Jorien {PIC 05}.

New things, or old things coming back

We have been in this area now for almost 20 years, but every time we discover new things. Or our guests point us to new, interesting places. And sometimes we come back to places where we haven’t been for a long time to find that things have changed, often dramatically

A new place, shown us by Myriam and Hans, was the waterfall in Auriac. In the valley, deep below the castle. Here, seen from the valley, a wonderful view of the castle {PIC 06}. And look at the enigmatic waterfall, a rather sexy sight, if I may say so {PIC 07}. And finally the ruins of the castle itself {PIC 08}.

A new experience was climbing the tower of the abbey of Polycarpe. Normally closed, but this time it was open. See the stairs going up to the bell tower {PIC 09}. On the platform, high up in the tower, a small round spyhole was made, giving the spymaster a great view on what is happening in the church {PIC 10}. And of course we looked at the magnificent painting of Mary Magdalene, one of my absolute favourites {PIC 11}. Behind the altar we found a box with old drawings. They were pictures of the Stations of the Cross, but sadly in a very bad state {PIC 12}.

Another new phenomenon. The church in Fourtou. With this curious statue of Jesus placed against the sidewall of the church. Made extra curious by the sun shining behind it {PIC 13}

It has been a long time since I last visited the Chateau Templiers, or the castle of Albedun. The castle with its magic view on the Pech Bugarach, the Pech Cardou and Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 14}. It was interesting to find this altar stone in the chapel of the castle {PIC 15}.

It was also years ago that I visited the Benitier, meaning Holy Water Stoup. In this case the place where the river Sals from Sougraigne meets the River Blanque from Bugarach. A sacred place. There are stories that Jesus is buried in the mountain behind (to the east of) this Benitier. The Coume Sourde. Anyway we saw a lot of beautiful stones, put on top of each other in the river {PIC 16}. And one of the most daring ladies of the group of Philippe, Jessica, had to stand right in the middle of this river junction {PIC 17}. A wonderful sight.

The same goes for the castle of Peyrepertuse, the largest ‘Cathar’ castle. Most groups prefer to climb the castle of Queribus, which is easier to climb and gives a fantastic view. But Peyrepertuse is more impressive {PIC 18}. And the path to the castle is magic as can be seen in the smiling faces of Cloe and her sister {PIC 19}. Far west, on the highest top of the castle, is the chapel {PIC 20}. A sacred place where one of the group members had to lay down {PIC 21}. Experiencing strange visions, crying out loud and then laughing uncontrollable.

Tours to the east

I will not elaborate on all the tours that I made with various people to the east, I just want to show you a few of the highlights from these tours. As the day that Franklin and I went to Menherbe in the area of Luberon, north of Aix-en-Provence, to visit an old friend from the academy who held an exposition of his paintings in the abbey of St Hilaire. Here a picture of Franklin and his friend Frans {PIC 22}. They hadn’t seen each other for 40 years! In that area we also found a strange capitelle. Larger than those in the Camp Grand in Couiza {PIC 23}. On the way back we paid a visit to the Camarque and the Church of Les Stes Maries de la Mer {PIC 24}. And of course, I just couldn’t help touching, softly touching Sarah {PIC 25}. With another group we climbed Peyrepertuse. In the village at the foot of the mountain is a magic source {PIC 26}, with an even more magic inscription {PIC 27} saying that whoever will drink from this spring will become amorous. Well despite my warning all group members took a swill.

Tours to the west

They were more popular this month. Let me, again, show you only the highlights, pictures that you have not seen before

When picking up people from Toulouse Airport it is always possible to visit Toulouse itself. It is such a beautiful city. With many churches, beautiful shops, very old buildings, all kinds of restaurants and students roaming the city. Making it much more lively. My favourite is the basilica of the ND de Daurade, with its magnificent black Madonna {PIC 28}. Going back by way of Foix we can visit the old St Volusien church, in the middle of this lovey city. With on a panel in a side chapel a picture of the Last Supper where the person next to Jesus is clearly a woman. For all to see {PIC 29}. The next stop is the rock church of Vals. Where my friend pointed out that the picture in the stained glass window could well be an Ankh {PIC 30}.

The city of Mirepoix will always bring a smile on the faces of my guests. It is so beautiful, so charming. The cathedral dedicated to St Maurice is being renovated. So the door to the sacristy was open. Of course I slipped in and took this picture. Does anyone know who this woman is and what she is carrying {PIC 31}?

Most tours to the west start at Belesta. Sometimes, mostly on Sunday, the ND du Val d’Amour is open. So you can see the beautiful, continuous wall painting of the Stations of the Cross. Or the Black Madonna in the crypt next to the well with its magic healing properties {PIC 32}. Then past the Source of the Fontestorbes to the Montsegur. Look at my friends, resting at the foot of the mountain {PIC 33}. It is my experience that when climbing the Montsegur, which is something of a pilgrimage, one cannot do much else on that day. It is too overpowering an experience {PIC 34}. Next further west, past the Devils Bridge {PIC 35} to Ussat-les-Bains, to the initiation caves of then Cathars. It was raining a little, the Ariege region is always colder and wetter than the Aude region, but people were dressed for it {PIC 36}.

Then back to Tarascon-sur-Ariege to the lovely chapel of St Sabart. With the beautiful Black Madonna found by the horse of Charlemagne {PIC 37}. And this enigmatic, little head of Jesus, under the altar in the chapel of Mary Magdalene {PIC 38}. But there is more. Like this sword. It could be the famous sword Durendal, carried by Roland, the nephew of Charlemagne {PIC 39}. And, at least that is what the people in the chapel said, two of the oldest stained glass windows in France {PIC 40}.

For lovers of the Pyrenees we go further south, in the direction of Vicdessos. There we find the Mont Real de Sos, also called the Grail castle. Because of a Grail drawing in one of the many caves. The drawing has been renovated, so we can again see all the symbols related to the Cathars. Close by is the Stone of Sem. A magnificent sight. Here with a little bird on top {PIC 41} and my friend under the stone {PIC 42}.

Very special friends I take to the Cave of Baulou in the former monastery of Carol, 10 miles north-west of Foix. Always an immensely moving experience. Here she is, Mary Magdalene, illuminated by the light of my torch {PIC 43}. And here is her ‘aura’ picture {PIC 44}. The cave is located in a beautiful valley {PIC 45} where these violet flowers were blossoming {PIC 46}.

The Holy Area

The same thing goes for this area. The Sacred or Holy Area. The area bordered by the mountain range south of Limoux, the mountain range north of Quillan, the Pech Bugarach in the east and the mountains behind Brenac in the west. Again only the new and interesting pictures will be shown.

First of all the beautiful church of Brenac. Always open, which is very special, and so lovingly cared for by the inhabitants of Brenac. Here Jesus on the cross, but at the ends of the cross the Fleur de Lys, symbol of French royalty {PIC 47}. Next the labyrinth of Nebias. A magic experience. The stones, the trees, the colours, the energy. Real magic. Look at that happy face of Jorien, the friend of my son Gjalt {PIC 48}. Or my two American friends, absorbing the energy of this powerful stone {PIC 49}. See how wonderful the light is playing with the forest {PIC 50}. And feel with me the tender energy of this menhir (standing stone), again one of ma favorites {PIC 51}.

Talking about menhirs, if we go up the mountain east of Alet-les-Bains to the church of St Salvayre it is only a 15 minutes walk to the “Pierre Dressee”. A menhir half and half hidden in the bush. But with a very special energy. It was, according to the women in one of my groups, as if we were making love to this stone, wonderful {PIC 52}. But I will also show some pictures of Philippe {PIC 53} and me {PIC 54}.

In Alet-les-Bains there is, as mentioned several times before, much to be seen. But one thing always makes a huge impression on my friends. And that is a visit to The Angels Galerie. Run by Lorrie and Eugene {PIC 55}. I dare say that this is a ‘must.

In Rennes-les-Bains we will always go to the hot water springs, where we can lay down in the warm, 27 degrees Celsius, water {PIC 56}.  Then to the Fauteuil du Diable or the Seat of Isis, and next to it the magic source called ‘Le Cercle’ {PIC 57}. Under no circumstances can the Fontaine des Amours be missed, the famous Fountain of Lovers. This time with a beautiful foamy object drifting around in the water {PIC 58}. For those who dare, there is always the possibility to take a swim in the cold, salty water. As I did. No pictures. Then up the mountain, the mysterious plateau south of Rennes-les-Bains to the Roches Tremblantes. An enigmatic place. A place where it sometimes feels as if time stood still. Some time ago one of my friends pointed to a special section of the rocks, where, so she said, was a doorway into other dimensions. Here Cloe sitting at the entrance and indeed experiencing some strange visions {PIC 59}. And then it is time for a pick nick. Eating the wonderful boxed lunch or packed lunch that Joke had prepared for us. And resting after lunch, like birds on a tree {PIC 60}.


With one guest I went to the Chateau Templiers and after that to the4 village of Le Bezu. Bezu was in her Family name. So we asked to see the church of the village. There is always someone who has the key to the church and is willing to take us there, very kind, very friendly. In the church we saw a beautiful portrait of Jesus. But in a sad state {PIC 61}. It would take 10.000, - euro’s to renovate the painting they told us.

Rennes-le-Chateau/Les Labadous

Rennes-le-Chateau is Rennes-le-Chateau. And it will always be a mystery what happened here. Not only during the time of the Million Dollar Priest Sauniere, but in all the ages and eons before that time. Its mysteries are buried deep in the earth and in the hearts and souls of the people who lived here. Sometimes as far back as millions of years ago. Often psychic people come to our place. People who do readings, who channel, who perform ceremonies. People who can go back in time. And they tell the most wonderful stories. Some of those stories are in my books, about Rennes-le-Chateau and about Mary Magdalene. Here are some pictures. Of the glasshouse next to the Villa Bethania, where Sauniere preached to his followers when he was suspended by the Church {PIC 62}. And some pictures of our domain La Source/Le Labadous, basking in the evening light {PIC 63} or covered by majestic clouds {PIC 64}. And a picture of our trip to the cave of Mary Magdalene. A trip that proved to be very dangerous. Because it had been raining. The path was extremely slippery but the group had to go. Although only 4 of them made it to the cave. And the going was, especially the going down, performed safest by just sitting on your bum {PIC 65}.

Music and food

September is a month of music, of Vide Greniers (garage sales or car boot sales), of going out for lunch and dinner, of shows and spectacles, of having fun. The summer holidays are over, the children are gone and now the grown-ups take over. Enjoying the good weather and the rest. And there is music. As with my two dear friends Rose & Gray performing in Rennes-le-Chateau, Alet-les-Bains and in La Maurine {PIC 66}.

Good news also for my culinary friends. That crazy restaurant in St Ferriol with its crazy name, Petanque, Poulet et Bicyclette, is still open and serving wonderful food for gentle prices. And the ambiance is fantastic. Here with Joke and our son Gjalt {PIC 67}. And my absolute favourite, Le Relais du Pays de Sault, is still operating under the wonderful chef with his alpino hat and his special trick of pouring wine, Grenache, on his forehead where it then runs down over his nose into his mouth. That restaurant has a golden formula. Three bottle on the table, Grenache, red wine and water. You can drink as much as you want. One plate, one knife, one fork and one glass for the whole meal. 5 courses, Salad and pate/sausages, a main dish with several choices like canard or daube and baked potatoes, cheese as much as you want, ice cream or pancakes with honey, marmalade and cream {PIC 68} and coffee. All for 22, - euro’s.

Orbs and other light phenomena

I am still getting the most wonderful pictures. Not as many as before but still interesting pictures. And there is a new phenomenon. Something one of the members of the group showed me. An Apt, something you can buy for your Apple computer. It will show the ‘aura’ of the person, or the site, you have been photographing. Look for example at these two pictures, one taken of me sitting in the Fauteuil du Diable, surrounded by green light {PIC 69}. Healing energy they said. The other taken of Cloe when she was sitting next to the doorway into other dimensions, at the Roches Tremblantes {PIC 70}. I got some real Orbs at my place, a very strange combination {PIC 71} and some beautiful Orbs in the Hermit cave, one of the initiation caves of the Cathars. Taken during a sound healing ceremony {PIC 72}. Then it is always good to ‘put’ your friends in the light. Look at Jessica, covered by the rays of the sun at the Fontaine des Amours {PIC 73}. Or Tina sitting on top of the stone of Sem, illuminated by the sun {PIC 74}. And of course there are the light effects. Many people mistake those beautiful pictures for Orbs, but I am sorry dear friends, they are really light effects.

And to check this out take a few pictures in a row. Those with light effects will be more or less the same, but the Orb pictures are never the same. Here a curious blue striped light in the Eglise cave {PIC 75}. Next you will see the sun setting over La Source {PIC 76}. And finally the light streaming through the open windows of the Hautpoul castle in Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 77}.


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