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News August 2013

News August 2013

A bit late, but then, much has happened during this month. The busiest month of the year. With music festivals, folk dancing, Vide Greniers, the Bio Market in Couiza, the Book Market in Rennes-le-Chateau, the people staying at la Source, the crystal skull seminars, the visitors to the Cave of Mary Magdalene, the beautiful skies, the incredible Orbs, and more, much more. But most of all things seemed to be happening to the people. Loosing old friends, finding new friends, transformations, pain,  frustrations, uncertainty, hard physical work, dark energies,  powerful experiences, altogether it was a very demanding and turbulent period. Let’s hope September will bring rest, peace, spiritual insights and love.

Festivals and special events

There is music in the area. Rose & Gray playing Blues, Folk & Gospel, like here at the camping of La Maurine {PIC 01}. Bringing back sweet memories. And of course Folk Dancing, starting as usual in Quillan. With beautiful women from Georgia {PIC 02} and drummers sweeping up the dancers {PIC 03}. With Joke, Franklin and Annemarie watching, listening and having a glass of something {PIC 04}. And of course the now famous Bio Market in Couiza. So colourful. With beautiful, hand made products and delicious, homemade food. What a pleasure. So healthy and so lovely {PIC 05}.

Or Devayani playing the piano in the Jardin de Marie in Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 06}, with people sitting on chairs or even on the gravel {PIC 07}.

Guided Tours

The Cave of Mary Magdalene is still one of the most sought after destinies in this area. And it is not easy to find. You really need a guide. It is remarkable how many women want to go there. Mostly in pairs, good friends, like here in {PIC’s 08 – 10}, or small groups. And what to think of these beautiful Russians {PIC 11}. Russian beauty can hardly be expressed better than in this picture, taken in the garden of La Source.

It is funny but the last two weeks our dog Ruah likes to accompany us to the cave, while on the way checking out all the interesting places and smells. Then, in the cave, he either drops down, exhausted {PIC 12}, or participates in the ceremony {PIC 13}. He loves to be with us, to be with company {PIC 14}. In the cave I discovered another strange painting. Man made or in natural colours, I don’t know. Does anyone know what this picture means or wants to tell us? {PIC 15}.

Another famous attraction is the natural labyrinth of Nebias. Where one can take the long tour, taking over four hours or the short tour of one hour. There is magic in the forest. Like the energy flowing through this stone {PIC 16}, or the many wonderful light effects {PIC 17}.

One more famous attraction is of course the Pech Bugarach. That strange, male mountain, full of energy, magic and mysteries. Just look at the mountain from a distance. Covered in strange clouds {PIC 18}. My dear friend Door climbed the mountain while I had to stop halfway. A group of about 11 vultures regularly circles the mountain. A majestic sight {PIC 19}. When Door came down the mountain, she was all glowing. Filled with male energy, or was it a light effect? {PIC 20}.

Also the Source of the Sals River is an interesting site. Very salty water bubbling out of the rock. Unfortunately it has been very dry the last months, but nevertheless a glorious sight {PIC 21}.


After receiving some sad news I had to get away for a while. Away from la Source, away from my memories. So I went to Gerona, an old Spanish town, about 70 kilometres across the border on the way to Barcelona. It is well worth a visit. It was full of tourists, but my main interest was the cathedral {PIC 22} and {PIC 23}. Not so much the outside, but the inside. I knew there were some beautiful pictures of Mary Magdalene in the museum next to the cathedral. I had tried to photograph them on a previous visit, but then it was not allowed. But now there were so many people milling around, all taking pictures, that is was no longer a problem. Look at the following pictures, all taken in the cathedral {PIC’s 24 – 27}. And this strange picture of the Last Supper {PIC 28}.

Next to the cathedral is the Basilica St Feliu with its beautiful Black Madonna {PIC 29}. That night I went out in the street, avoiding all the busy, noisy touristic places, until I found a restaurant in a deserted street. With a bottle of wine and some excellent food, I started feeling a little better {PIC 30}.

The next morning I paid another visit to the cathedral and the basilica {PIC 31}. Then I went to the enigmatic Jewish museum, called ‘Museu dels Jueus,’ with the Star of David in its courtyard {PIC 32}. Finally I went to the Eglesia del Carme where I photographed these strange lights reflecting off the palm leaves {PIC 33}. Inside the church is another beautiful Black Madonna {PIC 34}.

La Source/Les Labadous

For three weeks we had the honour of housing Kathleen Murray. She was supported by hundreds of crystal skulls. She was giving seminars and lectures. Many people stayed at our place, others came and went. Here a picture of Kathleen in the big hall of our place {PIC 35}. Many ceremonies were held in the garden, where several pieces of crystal were set up {PIC 36}. There was a lot of laughter and happiness. A new DVD was recorded here. Kathleen also showed us her latest book “The Crystal Skull Speaks.”

The weather is very dry. Hot, sunny and dry. Especially in this area, the Holy Area. In one month time we only had two very short thunderstorms, lasting just a couple of hours. But providing me with some wonderful Orb pictures (see later). See how dry the land is {PIC 37}. But then we often have the most wonderful cloud formations. See {PIC 38} and {PIC 39}.


On August 10th we had the traditional book market in Rennes-le-Chateau. Where writers and publishers show their books, look for new, interesting material and exchange information. And where some people were actually buying books. Val Wineyard and I were about the only foreigners participating in this event. And although we both have written several, in my opinion, very interesting books, about Mary Magdalene, about the history of the area, about the Cathars and about Rennes-le-Chateau, we were mostly ignored {PIC 40}. Even though I had several books in English and my “Jamie on his cloud” book was translated in French, “Jamie sur son nuage”. It had just been printed and was there, on the table, but nobody seemed to be interested. So sad.

The restaurant “Le Dragon” has changed hands. Now a friendly French couple is running the place and they are doing very well {PIC 41}. The food is excellent.

And it is always a pleasure to be in the garden, Le Jardin de Marie. Here with Door, listening to the music {PIC 42} and me happily looking on {PIC 43}.

The most wonderful cloud formations and light effects can be witnessed from the top of the hill, the Hill of Isis. Look at the Tour Magdala in the clouds {PIC 44} and the water tower with the little train that is taking the people from the parking places to the ‘center’ of Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 45}. Or the sun setting behind the Tour Magdala. Pure magic {PIC 46}.

Orbs and light effects

In August it rained twice. The thunderstorms lasted no longer then a few hours. But they produced wonderful Orbs. That is to say my camera, and me we ‘captured’ some spectacular Orbs.

It is as if the Orb phenomenon is evolving. The Orbs are getting brighter and denser. They are becoming more colourful and are taking on different shapes. If it goes on like this I can write a new book on Orbs every two years. Look for example at the following pictures {PIC’s 47 – 51}. Incredible.

These pictures were taken with my special Orbs camera, my favourite, the relatively cheap Nikon Coolpix P90 camera. But my more expensive Nikon D90 camera, with built-in infrared filters, was also able to ‘capture’ some Orbs {PIC 52}.

The Orbs have a will of their own. They choose when and where to appear. Light effects however can be had at any time. Just point your camera in the direction of the sun or of a strong light source, and the most beautiful pictures will arise. Like this picture of Door with her multi-coloured necklace {PIC 53}, or my friends Myriam and Brenda, with their partners, standing in front of the Tour Magdala {PIC 54}.


Good news. My two English books, “Mary Magdalene in France” and “The beauty and Message of Orbs”, each with more 400 colour pictures, are now available on Amazon.com and on Createspace for only 30 Euros each. Even “Jamie sur son Nuage’ written in French, is available for only 5 Euros. Good material for those of you who are studying French. See {PIC 55}.

And my Dutch books, being “De Geheime Boodschappen van Rennes-le-Chateau” deel III en “Maria Magdalena in Frankrijk” are sold out and will be reprinted.


It has been dry in the Aude, very dry. All the sunflowers have their heads down. Only in this protected field, just west of Limoux, they were able to slightly lift their heads {PIC 56}.

Joke’s shop in Quillan, La Renaissance, is as beautiful as ever. If you ever need a present for a good friend, something special, or why not something for yourself, pay a visit to her shop {PIC 57}.

Behind the house of our dear friend Marie-France Lebailly in Croux, the woman who is making those magnificent paintings of Elf’s and beautiful women, and also the lovely illustrations for my book “Jamie on his Cloud”, they have found the foundations of an old church. Dating maybe from the 10th or 11th century. They are now, partly, rebuilding the church, destroyed during the terrible religious wars (1562-1598). Here part of the rebuilt church {PIC 58} with Marie-France looking on {PIC 59}.

Finally, after weeks and weeks of hacking stones out of the earth uprooted by making the new septic tank, the work was finished. Tons of stones have been removed. They now grace the west side of our square building. Next the earth has been flattened and we are now waiting for the rains to come, so we can sow some grass {PIC 60}.

On August 29th, after 10 days of intens travelling, meeting with relatives and shopping in Holland, Joke and Franklin returned to their home base. They were glad to be back. And so was their car, a Nissan X-trail. It was loaded to the very top. Even a fly could not get in {PIC 61}.

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