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Newsletter June 2012

My pictures for June 2012.

If you want any of these pictures in higher resolution or if you want a further explanation, be my guest and mail me. With love, Jaap.


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Dear Friends,

It has been some time since the last newsletter, but so much has happened that only now I have the time to share with you what happened at Les Labadous and with me.



Finally spring came our way. After a cold winter it was good to watch the first leaves grow on our black poplar trees {pic01}. And to see the lilac trees blossom, even in the rain, with maybe an Orb or two {PIC 02}. And the flowers are so beautiful and so plentiful in this sacred area. White and purple {PIC 03}, red, orange, dark blue. I like the orchids most of all. One of our guests counted no lees than 11 different types of wild orchids in this area. Aren’t they beautiful? {PIC 04}. Now, a little later, the roses are coming out. I adore those beautiful flowers, especially the white ones, who have the highest frequency and have healing capabilities. And in my vegetable garden the flowers are blossoming like never before. But nothing grows as fast as the weeds!


There is never a dull moment in Orb country. There are always Orbs at Les Labadous.  Especially when it is raining {PIC 05}, or when the night is falling and an eerie silence lingers around our place. That is the time when Orbs or mini UFO’s appear {PIC 06}. And of course in a thunderstorm. Where orange coloured Orbs light up the sky, that is to say the ‘sky’ of my camera {PIC 07}. And what about this beautiful blue Orb {PIC 08}. The Orbs also love special places, like churches and caves and especially a church built inside a cave, like here in the church in the rock behind the Hermitage of St Antoine in the Gorges the Galamus. But it could also be the mini UFO that regularly keeps me company when I travel around {PIC 09}.


The guiding season has started again. It looks as if this area is getting more attention every day. Many people want to be guided in this sacred area. They want to be shown the special places, the places not normally visited by tourists. The places that are not so easy find. Like the Spring of Isis, or the cave of Mary Magdalene near Les Labadous. Or the initiation caves of the Cathars in Ussat-les-Bains. Or the beautiful cave of Perillos, near the Mediterranean Sea {PIC 10}. Or the cave of Baulou, where Mary Magdalene is sitting, all alone, deep inside the cave, thinking {PIC 11}. Or the fountain with the four lions on the plateau south of Rennes-le-Chateau. The place where once a temple of Lemuria stood. Or even the labyrinth in Nebias, where it is still easy to get lost {PIC 12}. And I love to guide people, as you can imagine when you see this wonderful group {PIC 13}. And there are always people who like to go to very special places, like here at the beach of the Mediterranean Sea {PIC 14}. So dear friends, me and my faithful car, a Nissan X-trail Four Wheel Drive, are at your service {PIC 15}.


What is new in Rennes-le-Chateau? Well, there are three restaurants now. First of all the existing restaurant on top of the hill, ‘Le Jardin de Marie’ {PIC 16} run by our good friends Toby and Gerda. Then a new restaurant opened, right at the entrance to the village, with a wonderful view at mount Bugarach, called ‘La Reine du Chateau’ {PIC 17}. The queen is in this case not Marie Denarnaud the housekeeper/lover of Berenger Sauniere, but an other lover, the famous opera singer Emma Calve. This restaurant is run by the mayor. And the third restaurant is a reopened restaurant, the former ‘Pommes Blues’ restaurant, situated next to the castle. It is now called ‘Le Dragon du Rhedae’ {PIC 18} and also run good friends.

So if you come to Rennes-le-Chateau there will be plenty of spiritual and material sustenance! But not everyone is using one of these restaurants. For there are various nice pick nick places in and around the village. As here on top op the hill where some English tourist are enjoying the view and their sandwiches {PIC 19}.


Tsakie and Nicky

Some very sad news. We had to say goodbye to two of our most beloved friends. Our old Abyssinian cat Tsakie, who has been with us for over 18 years. He was our housekeeper, very interested in all that happened at Les Labadous. And the master of the house, that is to say the house of cats and dogs. It was just old age. Here is one of the last pictures of this wonderful cat, enjoying the sun shining on his small body {PIC 20}. In the same week we had to say goodbye to Nicky, the dog of Franklin, Joke’s partner. Franklin brought his dog over to Les Labadous more than a year ago. He had always been inside his home in Luxembourg, except when taking long walks. But here he was outside, in the garden. And he enjoyed his life at Les Labadous {PIC 21}. But he had a very aggressive type of bone cancer, which was spreading quickly. Here a picture of him in our garden. Thank you both for giving us so much joy, dear friends and peace be with you in the heaven of animals.

Special guests

It is funny but we seem to meet more and more special people. Both in the area and from far away. Here a picture of Ankie Nolen with her friend, taken at St Martin-Lys where she lives {PIC 22}. She gave me her new book called ‘Kruistocht tegen de Katharen’, which was very useful for I was just preparing a presentation about the Cathars, to be given in Holland. We get people from as far away as Brazil, Mara {PIC 23}, or Korea, Eunjung {PIC 24}, or Canada, Stephanie {PIC 25}. And of course people coming from Holland, like our good friend Remy, who is having a wonderful time with the waitress in the famous restaurant Le Relais du Pays de Sault in Espezels {PIC 26}. And let us not forget the various groups from Stavoor, following a course preparing them for their new life’s as ‘pensionados’, while enjoying the magic of the country and the kitchen {PIC 27}.

Mary Magdalene and Black Madonna’s

I am always on the lookout for new pictures, statues, paintings, panels and stained glass windows of Mary Magdalene and Black Madonna’s. Here some new and ‘old’ faces. One from the little church at St Martin-Lys {PIC 28} and another from the little church of Cassaignes {PIC 29}. And an ‘old’ face from the cathedral of Mirepoix {PIC 30}.

At the end of May and beginning of June I was for 10 days in Holland. A good friend of mine asked me to make a detour over Switzerland to pick up some of his belongings. I did and took the opportunity to visit some famous Black Madonna’s. One in Myans in the French Alps {PIC 31} and {PIC 32}. And the other in the middle of Switzerland. the Black Madonna of Einsiedeln {PIC 33} and {PIC 34}.


In Holland I had a very busy time. Visiting my sons Gjalt and Ewout and my lovely granddaughter Lola {PIC 35}. Visiting my accountant in Haarlem. Visiting my bank in Franeker. Visiting many dear, dear friends. And giving a presentation about the Cathars in ‘Op Hodenpijl’ near Delft {PIC 36}. The presentation lasted for almost 2,5 hours and was, I heard, a great success. Op Hodenpijl is a special place. It even houses a Black Madonna, coming from Peru {PIC 37}. And then we, my twin sisters Nynke and Marian and I myself celebrated our birthdays in May. And talked about our parents, our work, our children and grandchildren. A very nice family reunion {PIC 38}.


I visited my publisher Uitgeverij Aspekt in Soesterberg. Where we discussed my present and future books. The books about Rennes-le-Chateau are doing well. Part one and part two have been reprinted. Part three is sold out and may be reprinted as well. The manuscript on ‘Maria Magdalena in Frankrijk’ has been edited and I am correcting the first proof of it now. My Book ‘Jamie on his cloud’ which I translated back into Dutch will be published at the end of this year. Possibly with a new title and new cover. Aspekt is still thinking about publishing a shortened and retranslated version of my book “The Magic and Message of Orbs’. Especially after hearing that an article of mine about this topic has been published in the English spiritual magazine “Kindred Spirit”. And who knows, there are still books waiting to be published. Like a cookbook especially for men and a revised version of my book “Leer mij (de) vrouwen kennen” with a different title, like “You are so beautiful”, or in Dutch “Wat ben je mooi.”

And Abraham Tol is of course still working on making my English books “Mary Magdalene in France” and “The Magic and Message of Orbs” and “Jamie on his cloud” into e-Books, to be published by Amazon.com.

The most colorful ORBS
Jamie on his Cloud Art Works


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