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Newsletter 2016 – 2017

Newsletter 2016 – 2017

Happy New Year!

Dear, dear friends. I wish you all the best for this new, this very special year. May you be happy, may you be grateful to live in these wonderful times, may you be healthy and strong and may you be and stay sane in mind, body and spirit. My best wishes go to you. And my love goes to you! To Life, Love and Laughter!

The year 2016

Dear friends, I am sorry that you haven’t heard from me for such a long time. But it was a hectic time for me. This was really a hectic year. A very hectic year. Not just for me, but for most of us I guess. A year of changes. Changes in energy, in frequency, in mindset, in consciousness. It was a wake-up call. A year full of strong and often painful moments. But they were needed to free us from our complacency and our lethargy. And to make us think again. To use our common sense again. To think about what is important in life. To think about our world and the future of this fragile planet. And to think most of all about our role in helping the earth to survive. And how to counter the negative forces that are threatening our world and change them to love.

A time to adapt our bodies to the powerful changes in frequency and energy. And to prepare us for a new life, a new way of living, a new strategy, a new world.

I know that many of us have suffered this year and my heart goes out to all of them. But sometimes these painful moments are necessary to wake up. To realize what is going on. And when we do, they are much more acceptable. Many have written about those changes and they have written well. Thank you for explaining to us what is happening in our world.

There is something I would like to add: “aren’t we privileged to live in these times? To witness all the important changes that are taking place now. Privileged to live in these special times. And take part in the process. We should be grateful, grateful to be alive now, to be part of this rapidly changing world and to participate in creating a new and better world. So my dear friends, let’s go for it!”

Les Labadous

When I left the place that we had bought more than 17 years ago, it was with pain in my heart. A soft and deep felt pain. I love that place. I love my dear ex Joke, such a wonderful woman. And Franklin such a nice man, and Axel always helpful. And Marie-Laurs and Marie-France and Tobi and Gerda and David and Peter and Anneke and Elizabeth and many, many others. I also miss the energy, the presence of Mary Magdalene, the river, the trees, the birds, the clean air, the garden, the orbs, the dog and cats, the freedom, all of it.

And I miss the writing. About Rennes-le-Chateau, about Mary Magdalene, about Jamie, about Glastonbury, about Orbs, about those lovely, natural differences between men and women. I even wrote a cooking book. The words just tumbled down on my keyboard. I missed walking in nature, looking at the wonderful flowers, especially the orchids, eating the fruits, kissing the earth, Mother Earth, while walking over the land. I missed the people living in the area, poor people, but gentle people, with a wonderful hospitality. And the special parties we had. I missed the mysteries, the secrets, the treasures, the magic. I miss the mountains, the Pech Bugarach and the Pech Cardou and all the sources and springs and caves. My goodness what a place and what a region.

People often ask me: “don’t you miss the place?’ Well yes I do, of course I do, I miss it terribly. But I am also grateful that we have been living there, in that little paradise, for so many years.

And indeed my friends, last but not least, I miss you too. I miss you very much. I miss all the people who came to that place. Looking for life and love and laughter. We had so much fun. We had such wonderful ceremonies and it was great talking to you. I enjoyed my guided tours most of all. I have been guiding hundreds of people in all those years. It was pure magic to show you those special places, to talk about it, and to see the joy and wonder on your faces. And the messages we received. And witnessing the changes taking place in your mind and body.

I am gone for almost a year now and I still receive wonderful letters from you, full of sweet memories, for which I dearly thank you. And kind emails and even requests for new guided tours. They warm my heart, for I too long to go back to some of these places. And who knows, if the tour is for a longer period of time, say a week or more, I might even be tempted to do so and go back to France. But during the past year all your requests were passed on to my dear friend Anneke Koremans, who is also a writer and who is an excellent guide. See her email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


It started with making the house ready for sale. Providing all the inspection reports on the state of the property, the electrical systems, the septic tank systems, etcetera. We did a lot of work, but it worked. And then came the packing for the mover. What goes where? What goes to Joke, what goes to me, what stays in the house? That is the moment that you discover how much stuff you have collected all those years. Have some fun and listen to the entertainer George Carlin talking about stuff, and other things. I had over 250 boxes, all filled with books. And many paintings of Mary Magdalene. They were all picked up by the mover in mid March, moved to Holland and stored for over 7 months until the end of October.

When I was still in France I had been looking at several sites on the Internet showing all the houses that were for sale in Friesland. Lots of houses and for very reasonable prizes. They all looked very attractive, that is to say on the Internet.

Then came the moment for the final sale and transfer of our property. To good people, let me stress that point. They are both good people coming from Switzerland. They have installed a Dutch couple to run the palace. But the moment the place is sold, when the place is ‘gone,’ things are somehow different. It feels different. It is no longer ‘my’ place. I could have stayed on a bit longer, but I couldn’t. So I left the place two days later and set off for Holland/Friesland. Friesland is a province in the north of Holland, famous for its sailing, skating, pole jumping and ‘kaatsen,’ an old Frisian ball game that bears some resemblance to cricket and tennis. A good place to live.

What a strange feeling. Leaving that beautiful house, the place where I have lived and loved for so many years. The place with that wondrous energy and then going back to Holland/Friesland, the land of my ancestors. With all the stuff I might need packed in the back of my car. Literally living out of the boot of my car.

Looking for houses

I have been traveling through Friesland for ages. Or so it seems. I have been looking at a hundred houses. All looking great on the Internet, but in reality things were different. A busy road, bad maintenance, near a noisy industrial complex, not enough land, too lonely, too expensive, you name it and I experienced it. I was looking for a characteristic house. An old school, an old  presbytery, anything but a neat, modern house in a row with other neat, modern houses. And I didn’t mind if the house needed some work to be done.

Well my friends, I was not disappointed. I got my share, and more than that. This house was maybe a bit too characteristic and needed far more work than I had planned. I had passed this special house several times, attracted to the area and the kind people, but the house was too old, built in 1722, the walls were all hanging over, there were cracks in the walls and hardly a garden. Nothing had been done for the past 20 years. But the house spoke to me. It was as if I was directed, again by the Grand Nautonnier who seemed to be living in Holland as well, to this place. And indeed when I entered the house I was ‘sold.’ It was so nice, so warm, so cozy and so beautiful. In fact it consisted of three houses, built next to each other, all being used as museums. The first house was a grocery museum, the second one a school museum and the third one a shoemaker museum and also  a home for five people. The school museum was to be relocated in the next village, in the museum village of Allingawier and the shoe museum had long since gone.

I fell in love with the grocery museum, showing me what a shop looked like before the Second World War. I was so much in love that I told the estate agent that I wanted to keep the place exactly as it was. And this was exactly what the foundation, which was selling the place, wanted to hear. So I bought the place. Not realizing, at that time, how many rules and regulations applied to these national monuments and how eager some of the civil servants in Holland were to tell you what you could not do, what was not permitted. And that you should have asked permission first. Even after telling the men and showing them how much work had been done in renovating the place, and how careful I had been to change nothing on the outside and how much effort, and money, I had spent in preserving the original elements of the house, like tiles, beams, colors, all of that and more, it was all to no avail.

Why is it that some civil servants, especially the younger ones, are so keen to tell you what you can’t do, instead of helping you to renovate a valuable ancient monument.

So again I started my almost ‘eternal’ fight with ill-mannered, rude authorities, with hypocrisy and with people in authority. It seems to be my fate and I am good at it, put it costs a lot of energy. So it is not only France where these civil servant attitudes flourish, here in Friesland, in the county of Sudwest-Fryslan, we have the same problem. It is not as bad as in France, but still.

It gave me a few more gray hairs.

Renovating my house

Let me show you what renovating an ancient monument means and how much work is needed to make this monument into a habitable place, into a home. A place where I would like to spend the rest of my years in a peace. Writing books, giving presentations, organizing spiritual excursions, traveling to sacred places all over the world and writing more ‘Jamie’ books. Books full of love. Stories told in a simple way. Books to help the people to come to their senses again in this harsh world. Books that will help them to find their mission in life, and to live in joy and peace. I have three of ‘Jamie’ books in my mind, but I have to sort out the problems with the regional authorities first.

So, let’s go back to my house. Look at the front, and look at the back. See the three houses situated one behind the other. With a ‘shit house’ (it is in fact a modern toilet) added to the last house. Then look at the inside of the grocery museum and admire the counter, the box beds, the crockery, the tiles, the stove, the cupboard full of linen. It is all so dear to me. You will by now understand why I want to keep this place as it is, intact. And to show it to you when you come to visit me in Friesland!

Then look at the empty school museum. And the room with two box beds where Jan Aukes family lived. And the old shoemakers place.

And then, surprise, surprise, look at all the renovation works. It took more than 5 months and during that time I was forced to live elsewhere. In a holiday camp, in a rented house, in various B & B’s. I couldn’t live in my own house. It was just one massive workshop. Full of tools and materials spread out all over the place. With cables for CV and electricity running along the sides of the house. With staircases and dormers being made inside. With endless quantities of wooden beams, used to support other beams and make bookshelves. With paint everywhere and plasterboards being cut to seize. It was even dangerous to stay for a long time in the house because of the dust. And the fine dust is still floating around.

Just let me show you a few ‘highlights’ of the renovation. Look at the metal ducts of the broken down hot air heating. Spread out over all the attics. And the bad wall of the shoemakers place and the wall behind the cupboards of the school. With Door posing in front of it, it almost looks like a modern painting. Look at the state of the wood on the roofs. Avery bad state in some place. And all the CV tubes and electrical wiring. And the many wooden support frames that had to be put in to support the roof, the beams and the bookshelves. See the framework in the old school, being made into kitchen with all the pipes, tubes and cables, going up and down. And all the attics we needed new floorboards. And there was, and still is, an enormous supply of grocery goods for the shop. Goods that had to be moved back and forth several times.

The isolation of the roofs was a particularly demanding job. But we had good men working on the job. Very capable and always cheerful. See them working on the roof, removing tiles and putting strong isolation plates in place, covering it with strong, black canvas and wooden beams for the tiles. Fortunately the weather was good, at least most of the time. Sometimes it rained a little, but with the sun shining we got a lovely rainbow. And what do you think? When it started pouring down at night, I even got my some wonderful Orbs. They were back. The must have followed me all the way from France.

The movers

Then, when the renovation was almost complete, two things happened. First of all the movers moved in, unloading all the stuff that they had taken from France and stored in their storehouses. My goodness, I never realized how much stuff I had. Incredible. The whole house, and all the attics were full of boxes, paintings, furniture, clothes, and kitchenware. It was a nightmare. Where to put all that stuff?

And the other thing was the closure of work on the roof by the local authority, people from the city council. We had to stop all the work immediately. And they also informed me that the two dormers that had been made to make my sleeping place habitable, were not conform the standard and might have to be broken down. Welcome to the county of Sudwest-Fryslan!


I couldn’t do anything. There was a fine of 10.000, - euro waiting for me if I started working at the roof again. So we left one roof uncovered with tiles, but covered with strong black canvas and one roof was not isolated and not strengthened. We finished the work in the house. And we built a shed in the garden, using the isolation plates of the roof, for my bikes, my garden equipment, my tools and all the other stuff that I couldn’t put anywhere else.

Then I started my correspondence with the city council. And started talking to civil servants and building specialists. All the time trying to be, and to stay gentle and nice and polite. Apologizing for the fact that I had not asked permission to use the somewhat thicker and stronger isolation plates than usual. But that was really needed to strengthen the weakened roofs. And stating again and again that I knew that my house was an ancient monument, and that I never intended to change its appearance. But he fact that the gutters now might have to be enlarged by 5 cm was apparently too much for the civil servants. It would change the appearance of the house, is what they said. Nonsense of course, for nobody would notice. And the gutter had to be enlarged anyway for they were too small to cope with heavy rainfall coming from those large roofs. Then the gutters would overflow and the water would damage the foundations of this ancient monument.

And the dormers were also not right. They were a few inches too close to the roof. Again I apologized, saying that I just came from France and had understood that nowadays dormers could be built without permission of the city council, but I was wrong again. There were rules. And even though there was really no other solution to make the small attic of that house into my bedroom, and even if the dormers were a piece of art, and even if they troubled no-one being situated at the back of the house and even though they were standing amidst a of lot of ugly sheds and roofs from farmhouses and the community center, and even though I apologized, it didn’t matter. It was all to no avail.

So I had to ask for permission again. I had to provide the civil servants with lots of drawings, from every wall of every house, with detailed drawings of special constructions. My correspondence with the civil servants had by that time grown to several inches and I still don’t know how it will end. For they have special committees for everything, committees who will study the documents carefully, and who will no doubt ask for more information and who then will need several months to make up their mind. And all I can do is wait, and hope that no accidents will happen as a result of heavy storms or heavy rainfall. But the joy of living here has diminished severely.

My health

One could almost wait for it. After my gentle divorce, but still a divorce, after leaving my beautiful Les Labadous, after living in various places, after spending a lot of money renovating my house, after ‘fighting’ the civil servants of the city council and after working too hard trudging up and down the stairs with heavy boxes full of books, I had to pay the price.

It started with two cataract operations on my eyes. Well three in fact, for one went wrong so I needed another operation.

Then I asked for a full check-up for I didn’t feel well. My blood pressure was far too high, I had problems with the heart, my lungs were not in a good state as a result of all the dust in the house. Then came problems with my teeth. Some old roots had to be removed and finally came the problems with my back. I had done my back in. I could hardly walk. A result of going on too long, carrying too many boxes that were too full of books and other things around the house.

Things are getting better now, I take it a bit more easy and I see my children and grand children more often. And I see Door regularly and we always have a good time. I am also enjoying Friesland and I love the people living in my village. And finally, the house is now more or less habitable on all the ground floors and I am beginning to enjoy the place.

In my next newsletter I will show you something of the beauty of Friesland.


Let me show you how things are looking like right now. The first house, the gruttersmuseum is almost unchanged. I put in a few cupboards in, using old panels, to house all the sentimental stuff that I collected during my life and during the past months in Friesland. And I installed a new, old Frisian stove, the Faber Grandeur, on the attic of the Grocery museum. The same stove that my grandmother had. I was just being sentimental. The kitchen is a lovely place, a big place, where I would like to give cooking lessons. My bedroom has a large bed, a cupboard for my clothes and a wonderful, old fashioned gramophone, with a beautiful sound. The guest room on the attic of the old school museum, has its own toilet and washbasin. Please admire the special central heating plates in the grocery museum and in the kitchen. Aren’t they wonderful? ‘Standing on their own feet’ so the beautiful tiles are not affected. And the corridors are full of books, paintings, portraits and helicopters. Sweet, sweet memories. Look at my working place with its old familiar desk, the sailing boats and the beautiful art-deco lamp. And finally have a look at the house from afar. And see for yourself that I am not far from nature.



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