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Newsletter 2015/2016

Newsletter 2015/2016

What a curious times, what a strange times. Difficult times for most of us. Uncertainty, anxiety, drastic changes everywhere. People are loosing their jobs, many are stepping into the unknown, trying to start a new life. And lot of our friends are tired, exhausted, or very ill.

What is happening? Not only here, but all over the world? It feels as if major changes are coming our way. For which we must be prepared. We may have to transform ourselves, to cleanse our bodies and souls and to solve negative karma from the past. As well as dealing with all the bad experiences from our present life.

Maybe it is because we are now slowly exposing all the criminal activities that are taken place all over the world. Activities that are becoming more and more manifest in our rapidly changing world. By the information appearing on the Internet. By the brave whistle blowers. By the many experts and professionals who have problems with their conscience. By the people who are giving lectures and writing books and articles.

Telling us about the powerful, invisible powers that are stirring up war in the Middle East. Filling the region with arms, setting people up against each other. Promoting, behind the scenes, terrorist attacks all over the place. Manipulating governments and media. Making us even more scared and dependent of our governments. Poisoning us with bad food, bad water, bad air, bad medicines and dangerous vaccines. Ruining farmers by genetic engineered food and seeds. And so and on. The list goes on and on.

We all know what is going on. And there is not much we can do. For what can we do? Let us first of all stand fast. And believe in ourselves. Let us go on exposing what all those criminal governments, corrupt politicians, criminal organizations and all too powerful people are doing to our world. And to their fellow men, all living on this beautiful, fragile planet. Let us fight back with love, unconditional love, for love conquers all. Let us never loose hope. Hope is what keeps us going. And we should, if possible, forgive. Forgive ourselves and others. And let us trust in the ‘Great Navigator’ living somewhere up there in the Spirit World and hopefully keeping an eye on this world. And helping us to live our lives in a good way. And the good news is that things will indeed change. They say that in the month of May the world will be a better place.

Sale of Les Labadous

This may be my last newsletter, at least sent from Les Labadous. For our place has been sold, as you know. And I am happy to say that is has been sold to good people. Very good people. To Christine and Martin from Switzerland. People who will take care of this place and will use it for the benefit of mankind. Use it to its full potential.

Axel can stay here. And our dog Rua and the cats Shiba, Nadia and Dikkie Dik they can also stay. Which is wonderful.

The ’compromis de vente’ the preliminary sales agreement, was signed on January 5th. Then there is a legal period of two months after publication of the sale where farmers can buy the place for the same price. That law was made to make sure that large pieces of land would not become unused, but would be used for agricultural purposes. It is called the ’SAFER.’ Fortunately Les Labadous has not so much land, so we need not worry that a farmer will step in.

The final transfer of the property, and the final payment, will be on March 29th. Then, somewhere in April, we will have to leave this lovely place. Joke and Franklin are going to Quillan and I am going to the Netherlands, to Friesland.

This year Les Labadous will still be open to the ‘public.’ Part of the time Les Labadous has been reserved for the organization that Martin and Christine are closely working with. It is called: “Choose Again.’ The rest of the time the place will be open for all those who love to come to Les Labadous and stay there for a while. My daughter Femke, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.will take care of the reservations.

La Source/Les Labadous

Now that we are about to leave the place, we want to enjoy it as much and as long as possible. It is such a beautiful place. People often ask: “Aren’t you sorry to leave this special place?” And then we say: “Yes of course we are, but we are also grateful for the privilege of having lived here for so many years.”

I am indeed sorry to leave France, and especially this area. For it is a beautiful, magical and mysterious area. I love the area and I love the people. They are very poor, but also very kind and they have a wonderful sense of hospitality.

I have written many books about the magic and mysteries of this area. Three books about Rennes-le-Chateau, two books about Mary Magdalene and two books about Orbs, those curious light bulbs. All in Dutch. I have sold over 10.000 of those books in the Netherlands and Belgium. I have also, for many years, guided people from all over the world in this area and later in the whole of France. And they loved it, as I did.

One of the reasons for me to go back to the Netherlands is that I sometimes have problems with large organizations and people in authority who are abusing their power. And who are getting away with it. They would never get away with it in Holland. But the most important reason is that I am convinced that I can do some good work in the Netherlands. Giving lectures, setting up a healing center, coaching and counseling people. There is a lot of work to be done.

Now, for your pleasure, some pictures of Les Labadous.

There is work to be done

Before the place was sold, and now that the place has been sold, we, of course, want to leave it in a good condition. We have been rebuilding and renovating the place for many years, but now a special effort has been made to hand it over properly. So the garden has been done. Cleaning away all the leaves, cutting away some branches, cleaning up my vegetable garden, planting new flower bulbs.

And the roof has been done. We have changed a lot of tiles and again, after heavy trucks loaded with trees passed our gite, resulting in more tiles breaking or slitting down, we renewed even more tiles. And dear friends, I am sorry to say, but it is no use to sue the community or insurance companies for the damage.

We cleaned out our two septic tanks. We had an official report on the condition of our septic tanks. Not bad, but nevertheless some work had to be done, mainly on making sure that there was a proper ventilation of fresh air. It was three days of hard work, but we, mainly with the help of Maarten, did it.

The electrical system was checked by Johan and his electrician. Maybe everything is not up to the present standard, but then the standards are changing all the time in France and we never had problems with electricity. Not here. The only problems we had, were the problems caused by the electrical suppliers themselves, the EDF. They often, without warning, switch off the voltage, sometimes for a few milliseconds, sometimes for hours, when they have to carry out repairs. It is not good for our WIFI’s, computers and other sensitive, electrical equipment, but that’s how it is.

The Netherlands/Friesland

After signing the “compromise de vente” things got really serious. For now I had to look for a new place to live. And I know where I want to go. I want to go to Friesland. My family comes from Friesland, I spent most of my youth sailing in Friesland, some years as a sailing instructor in Grou, I lived for a few years in Franeker and the Frisian people are really nice. It is not so crowded and stressed as in the “Randstad” (the middle and west of the Netherlands) and the houses are still, relatively cheap.

Fortunately there are several sites on the Internet where you can look for a house. Like “Marktplaats” like “Jaap.nl” and like “Funda.nl.”

So I started looking. And I found many houses that looked wonderful. Houses that were affordable. Houses with character. An old vicarage, an old school building, an old church. Or a farmhouse with a nice piece of land. Close to a gentle village. That’s what I am looking for.

So I went for ten days to Friesland and started checking out the places I wanted to see.

That was a major disappointment. What looks very nice on the Internet, can look totally different in reality. Houses along a busy road, houses in very a bad state, houses that were too small or too big, houses with no privacy at all, or houses with too much privacy, somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. What a shame. I felt so depressed.

Fortunately Door accompanied me on several of my tours and that took away some of my disappointment. And made me laugh when we visited some strange bedrooms.

But the end of the line was that I did not find one house that suited me. And maybe that was for the best, for I didn’t have a penny in the bank. So I will start looking again after Les Labadous has been sold. And it will still be in Friesland for it is a beautiful area.

Trips and tours

There have been just a few guided tours during the past months. To Rennes-le-Chateau, to the Cave of Mary Magdalene where some unknown person had stuck a knife in the rock, to the Pech Bugarach and the Pech Cardou, to Cubieres with these two Christmas penguins along the road, to the Gorges de Galamus, to the cave of Bethlehem in Ussat-les-Bains where some old memories and emotions surfaced again, to the source of the Mother Goddess in Campagne-les-Bains and to the cave of Mary Magdalene in Baulou. All very well known to my dear readers/friends.

And there were some private tours. There are times when you just have to get away for a day or even for a few hours. Visiting friends like Peter and Anneke and eating ‘boerenkool met worst.’ Or having lunch in that wonderful restaurant in Soulatge. Or visiting Joke’s shop ‘Renaissance’ in Quillan, which is getting more beautiful every day. Or visiting our dear friend Marie-France Lebailly who made another beautiful painting of Mary Magdalene. And of course going to the market in Esperaza, meeting old friends.


After celebrating Sint Nicolaas on December 5th we had our annual Christmas dinner organized by the community of Rennes-le-Chateau on December 21st . It is a wonderful happening. Almost all the people of the village, some with there friends, were present. There was so much to eat, so much to drink and such wonderful conversations. We really enjoyed ourselves. This is true, small-scale democracy. Wonderful. I wish we could have such festivities in the Netherlands.

And we had of course our own Christmas dinner at Les Labadous. With a beautiful laid table by Axel and with candles burning bright. Each of us had prepared one dish. It tasted great and we had a lot of fun. And of course Renaissance was

Orbs and beautiful skies

An ever-recurring topic in my newsletters. But then, they are here. When I get a feeling to go out and take a picture, I do. And when it is raining I go out and take pictures. And I always look at the skies and the clouds and at all other strange light phenomena. Like this light seemingly coming down on the Pech Bugarach. I almost always take my camera with me. So enjoy the pictures my dear friends and if you want to know more about Orbs and strange light phenomena, there is my English book: “The Beauty and the Message of Orbs” available at Amazon.com and my Dutch eBook “De Orbs Evolutie” available at Uitgeverij Aspekt in Soesterberg.


First of all I am very proud inform you about the birth of my first grandson, named ‘Rijkman Storm Rameijer’ on February 7th. He is the son of my youngest son Ewout Key Rameijer and his partner Madelon.

Then I was happy to visit the new house of my eldest son, Gjalt Friso Rameijer situated in Utrecht. He has got a beautiful place.

Then we have a gite full of the paintings of Luke Owens. He had to go to England and wanted to leave his paintings in a safe and dry place.

Some of you may have seen me on television. On February 6th at RTL 4 in a program called ‘Camping Life.’ There I was the expert showing the group the wonders and the beauty of Collioure, that lovely little port near the Spanish border.

And finally an updated version of my book “Men are Different” came out and a complete different version of “Jamie on his Cloud” came out. With a new title called “Jamie and Mary Magdalene,” with beautiful color pictures made by Marie-France Lebailly and with a slightly modified text. Written in American English and all the rape scenes were taken out, so it can now also be labeled as a children’s book. Edited by my friend Abraham Tol and available on Amazon.com.

You know that I have a lot of books. I am after all an author or an ‘ecrivain’ as they say in France. The books were stowed away in every corner of my gite. But now that I have to move, they have to be packed in carton boxes. The movers are expected to come on March 11th. For the moment the boxes full of books are stowed in the great hall of Les Labadous. It is an impressive sight.

NEW RELEASE: Jamie and Mary Magdalene
Info about Les Labadous Sale

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Guest - Femke on Sunday, 21 February 2016 17:06

Nice news letter! I love you

Nice news letter! I love you :)
Guest - Jan van Beijnen (Oud VGZ collega) on Wednesday, 30 March 2016 19:51

heel veel succes in Friesland.
Zou je wel eens weer willen ontmoeten.
Wie weet.

Jaap, heel veel succes in Friesland. Zou je wel eens weer willen ontmoeten. Wie weet.
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