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News Mid December 2012

One of the last, or the last newsletter of this year. This very turbulent year. When I read back my newsletters I almost get frightened. My goodness, so much has happened this year. And so much is still going on. For we are approaching the magical date of December 21st. The day of the Apocalypse. The day of the longest night, the winter solstice.


It will be a busy week for us. With the group of Nicolya doing ceremonies. With journalists visiting Les Labadous. With interviews for news programs. With Joke in Hospital in Toulouse for a small operation. With friends coming to visit. But they are all good things and we are all looking forward to a new world and to new times. Isn’t it exciting that we are living now? And that we will be witnessing all these exciting activities. What a privilege to be alive. So keep your eyes open dear friends, switch your mind to only good thoughts and keep a warm and loving heart.



At the end of the year there are always ceremonies, celebrations, parties, people getting together. We had a wonderful evening in Galerie de la Rose in Alet-les-Bains where “Viper” Gerard Santi played the guitar and sang some good old country, blues and gospel songs. Accompanied by Averill with her magic voice. {PIC 01}. After the concert I strolled into Alet and enjoyed the lights {PIC 02}. And especially the house where Nostradamus stayed, all dressed in red lights {PIC 03}.

We had another wonderful evening in the Galerie des Anges, also in Alet. Where Lorrie told part of the story of her life and where David played the piano while we were all sitting in front of our favourite Angel {PIC 04} and {PIC 05}.


The 12th of December was a special day. Why exactly I forgot, but it was special, very special. I was invited by my temporary neighbour Francoise Leskens, who twice a year rents a gite at Les Labadous for writing in peace and in good energy, to participate in a ceremony with crystal skulls. As part of a group of 57 people, all French. The ceremony was held on a special field at la Pique. We were all sitting in a circle around 40 different skulls and crystals. Beautiful words were spoken, such as light and crystal and multidimensional. All very relaxed. But it was icy cold, so I regularly stood up and walked a bit. To la Pique {PIC 06} where you have a wonderful view on the whole area, especially the Bugarach {PIC 07}. Back at Les Labadous Francoise told me that the skull that I had I carried for her, was very old. Over 4.000 years old. It came from Mongolia and was made of coral {PIC 08}. In close up {PIC 09}.

Les Labadous

There is always something going on at our domain. The eyes of the Financial World, the Spirit World and the Practical World all seem to be on us. This time the truck bringing firewood for Joke’s and my wood burners got stuck in the grass. {PIC 10}. Ankle deep or axel deep {PIC 11}. Franklin and I tried to get the truck out. Using the combined power of both our Nissan X-trails. But to no avail. We had to call for a tractor from La Maurine to pull out the truck {PIC 12}.

And then, ‘it never rains but it pours’. So a second accident was in the making. And indeed, suddenly the safety on one of our boilers started spurting. And a moment later another safety started spurting. This could only mean one thing. Too much pressure on our water system. And indeed the pressure reduction valve, the valve between the main water pipe and our own water system, was broken. Again, for this had happened before. So instead of a cosy 3 atm on our water system, we now had a not so cosy 10 atm on our system. And indeed, after half an hour something broke. The washbasin in my gite. Everything was under water. We, Axel and I, closed the main water valve, swept up the water and with much effort installed a new tap. Needless to say that the French could not help us. For it was weekend. We would have to wait until Monday. So we did with our fingers crossed. Mais c’est comme ca en France. Here some pictures of the broken pipe {PIC 13}, the mess in my gite {PIC 14} and the man replacing the main reduction valve on Monday {PIC 15}.

St Nicolaas and Christmas

But there is good news as well. For St Nicolaas did not forget this remote Dutch enclave in the French Pyrenees. Look at Axel reading his poem {PIC 16} with Joke and Franklin are looking on {PIC 17} and even Rua is lending an ear {PIC 18}. Immediately after St Nicolaas has left the premises Father Christmas enters our domain. And Joke starts to decorate her house.

Beginning with this lovely Christmas stable. {PIC 19}. And I got a wonderful package from Father Christmas, or rather Mother Chrismas from Austria {PIC 20}. 

In Limoux people are also preparing for Chrismas. Look at all these activities at the central square. {PIC 21}. And the coming of the magical 21st of December does obviously not bother the church of St Martin. {PIC 22}.


A big surprise. A really very big surprise. A gift from my good friend Abraham Tol, the website wizard from Holland. How he did it I don’t know, but he did it. He persuaded a lovely French friend, Christelle Schoettel, to translate Jamie on his cloud in French. Jamie sur son nuage {PIC 23}. And it is a very good translation. Exactly in my style. Wonderful. {PIC 23a}. She will even help me to find a French publisher, an editeur, for the book. For it should of course be published in France. 

I have also corrected my manuscripts “Mary Magdalene in France” and “The Wonderful World of Orbs”.  Adding new pictures, writing some new texts and deleting doubles and correcting, as well as I could, my English grammar. Abraham, who is coming this way in a few days, will then do the final editing of the books. And if I can’t find an editor, In England, America or France, then the books will be published as e-Books.


The world of Orbs never sleeps. There are always new phenomena to be admired. Beautiful light effects when photographing into the pale sunlight. But also real Orbs, like this golden Orb {PIC 24} and this yellow Orb floating over Les Labadous. {PIC 25}. I also got some very strange reddish-brown clouds hanging around Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 26}.


There is quite a lot to say about the Bugarach. The last few days we have been approached by the biggest Dutch newspaper, the Telegraaf and by the well known News progams Pauw & Witteman, EenVandaag, BNN/Serious Request and Nieuwsuur. Some camera teams are even planning to come this way. Others will interview me by telephone. And Femke will participate, life, on December 20th, in the BNN TV program on Nederland 3 from 1930 to 2020.

There is so much to say about the Bugarach, that I did some research. I went to Bugarach a few times, talked to several people, consulted various documents and used my own experiences. This resulted in an article of 13 pages. Too long to be part of this newsletter. It will appear on my website under the title “The Bugarach enigma, fact and fiction.”

Finally three pictures for you from the places you know so well.

Les Labadous in the early morning sun {PIC 27}, the colourful market in Esperaza {PIC 28} and Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 29}.


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Bugarach 21.12.2012 Minus Three
The Bugarach enigma, fact and fiction


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