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The Bugarach enigma, fact and fiction

How did it start?

 It is not quite clear how it all started. Bugarach has always been a special place. A place of magic and mysteries. So it is easy to start stories in high profile places like Bugarach. See {PIC 01}.

Maybe it started with plans for a windmill park in the Bugarach area. Windmills that would ruin the skyline. Windmills that would generate energy that would be exported to Spain. We don’t know. But there were protests, recorded protests against this Windmill Park as early as October 8th 2010.

Maybe it started with the Miviludes, “Mission interministerielle de vigilance et de lute contre les derives sectaires”, set up in 2002. Translated: Interministerial Mission for Monitoring and Combating Cultic Deviances. It falls under the Ministry of the Interior. The French are scared stiff of sects. That is why they set up strict laws against sects and cults.

Remember the massive massacre in Jonestown in British Guyana on November 18th 1978. Where 912 followers of the American cult leader Jim Jones committed suicide or were killed.

 And remember also the Waco massacre where on April 19th 1993 55 adults and 21 children died on the WACO compound in Texas. Set on fire either by the FBI who had besieged the compound for 50 days, or by David Koresh, leader of the sect Branch Davidian.

Miviludes, headed by George Fenech, France’s No. 1 sect-buster, published a report on June 16th 2011, where he stated that Bugarach was already experiencing an influx of esoterics. Some wanted to move in permanently which was already pushing up prices of real estate.

The report is picked up in newspapers in France, in England and the States. Here is a quote from a London paper: “A French Government agency is preparing itself for mass suicides ahead of an Armageddon scenario predicted by a cult that the world is to end on 21 December 2012. Miviludes the French government agency that monitors cults and suspicious spiritual activities has said that France is at risk of mass suicides by converts of prophecies of imminent Armageddon”.

Mr. Fenech also told Reuters that he had recently visited Bugarach and found that the American Ramtha School of Enlightment had set up six settlements in the surrounding countryside. Another group, active in the region, was the Swiss-based Raelian Movement, founded in 1974. This sect claims that life on earth was created by extraterrestrials. And there are more groups. 

Then there is the story that the mayor of Bugarach, Mr Jean-Pierre Delord, who was becoming so fed up with the protests against windmills, that told a journalist that the village was suffering from New Agers and esoteric sects. Dancing, performing rituals and ceremonies and disturbing the peace of the village. He said that “if this gets any worse, he would call in the help of the army”.

That could have been for real, but it could also have been a diversion from the protests against windmills.

And maybe it was meant to attract attention to Bugarach. Describing the Bugarach as the place where extraterrestrials lived and had a large UFO base in the mountain. extraterrestrials who might be persuaded, after performing the correct rituals, to take the true believers to safety in their UFO’s on December 21st 2012.

There are also stories that the Bugarach area and the surrounding area, some say with a radius of 10 kilometres, others say 50 kilometres, would be spared when the rest of the world went down.

 Or that the Bugarach Mountain holds a doorway into other dimensions.

But it could also be that the mayor was promoting his own interests. For he is the major landowner in the area. And was hoping to sell his houses and terrain for prices substantially higher than the current price.

Or he may have been encouraging tourism, which would be beneficial to his plans to build/renovate a large hotel. Making Bugarach into a second Lourdes. Just like the priest Berenger Sauniere who, after returning from a pilgrimage to Lourdes, wanted his place Rennes-le-Chateau, to be made into a new pilgrim site. He even had a name for it: “La Colline Inspire”. But whatever the reasons it was certainly good for the mayor’s ego.

Mr Fenech, who in 2012 was no longer president of Miviludes, wrote a book called “D’Apocalyps, menace imminente”. On August 23rd of 2012 he gave an interview to Le Figaro, where he poured some more oil on the flames of the Bugarach.

History of the Bugarach

It could be an ancient volcano that blew its top about 65 million years ago when a huge meteor, the size of Mount Everest, hit the Yucatán peninsula. Extinguishing almost all life on earth. The top of the mountain was blown skywards, turned 180 degrees and fell back upside down. A treasure for geologists.

The mountain is sometimes called “The upside down mountain” or “The Mountain with its feet in the air”. Some say its is a dormant volcano. And indeed there is volcanic activity in the area. Think of the hot springs of Rennes-les-Bains. The highest top of the mountain is also called Pech de Thauze.

The Bugarach is a male mountain. Possibly because of its rough features. Where the Pech Cardou, shaped like a pyramid or the breast of a woman, is called a female mountain. Both mountains are often compared to Mount Sinai in the Sinai desert and Mount Moriah, or the temple mount in Jerusalem. Which is why Rennes-le-Chateau is sometimes called “The New Jerusalem”.

Two dwarfs lived at one time at this location. Called Bug and Arag. When the area was invaded by foreign armies the dwarfs put up a fierce resistance. The Gods were so pleased with their braved act that they granted the dwarfs a wish. They wished for a mountain that would shelter the three regions where they lived. The Roussillon to the southeast, the Corbieres to the north-east and the Aude to the west. The mountain is a true cloud breaker. It was named Bugarach in honour of the two dwarfs. The mountain is sometimes called ”The crossroads of the four winds”. See {PIC 02}.

The Arc of the Covenant is said to be buried in the Bugarach. The name points to that. Bug coming from the ancient words of Borough, or Broug and Arach from Arc. The same applies to the village of Arques, close to the Bugarach. There are also stories that Jesus and Mary Magdalene are buried in the here.

Mary Magdalene came to this area. She fled Palestine, with a group of followers, after the crucifixion of Jesus in 33 AD. She could have come to Bugarach, to Rennes-les-Bains, to Alet-les-Bains or to Rennes-le-Chateau. Claire Heartsong, also known from her book “Anna, the grandmother of Jesus”, thinks that she came to the valley of Bugarach where she established an Essene community. See the book “Anna, the voice of the Magdalenes”.

Another story mentions a settlement of Essenes on the hill behind Couiza, called Le Camp Grand, where once 200 capitelles, small stone huts, stood.

The mountain is also said to house an entrance to the Underground worlds of Agartha, where the Annanuki live. There are other entrances to this underground world in the area, such as, in the Aven cave near Les Labadous.

The mountain has several magical caves. There are stories that there is a huge lake under the mountain. And that the river Sals springs from this lake. Or that there are mines, where iron was mined. And crypts where people are buried. Sometimes, on very hot days, flames can be seen erupting from the mountainside. Like in the Andes mountains in Peru. Where gasses from the bodies and their  garments caught fire.

Jules Verne wrote about this mountain in his book “Clovis Dardentor” and “Journey to the centre of the earth”. With captain Bugarach playing an important role.

And Steven Spielberg, who visited Bugarach, was inspired by this mountain in creating his famous movie “Close Encounters of the third kind”.

The Bugarach is said to house one of the five major UFO bases on earth. I have spoken with many, in my view very reliable people, including my daughter Femke and the well-known author Elizabeth van Buren, who have seen real UFO’s. Blue metallic objects hovering in the air above them or landing a short distance away. Several more people have seen real UFO’s and many more, including myself, have seen UFO-like objects silhouetted in the clouds. See {PIC 03}.

The Bugarach is said to house a portal to other dimensions. Others say it is a Time Portal. See the article called “La Porte du Temps” in the French magazine “Top Secret”.

The Bugarach is an important location in the sacred geometry of the area. Roughly the area covered by Alet-les-Bains, Bugarach, Serres and Brenac. With in the middle of this Holy Area the villages of Rennes-les-Bains and Rennes-le-Chateau and the Pech Cardou.

The area is said to encompass a virtual Temple of Salomon. See the books “Genesis” and “Geneset” by David Wood. The secrets of the Bugarach are closely related to the secrets, the magic, the mysteries and the treasures of Rennes-le-Chateau.

Inside the Bugarach are some special caves with beautiful crystals. There is also something in the mountain that is highly magnetic. Causing navigational equipment of aeroplanes to swerve and compasses to go haywire.

What has happened at Bugarach?

 The mountain, 1230 metres high, has an enormous energy. Measured in microvolts. Only one other place in the Pyrenees has the same, high energy. That is the famous Cathar castle of Montsegur. A mountain that is as high as the Bugarach and is located on the same latitude. See the book “ Haut Lieux d’Energy”.

The first time I climbed the Bugarach was in 1996. I was  together with my wife and our dog, called Mayday. A big Rhodesian ridge-back. A dog that feared nothing and no one. A dog used in Africa to hunt lions. This dog stopped halfway the mountain. Where the path comes out of the forest and starts up the rocks. Mayday refused to go any further. Nothing could bring him to climb that path. At exactly the same spot, a few years later, a woman stopped. She too could not go any further. And a good friend of mine, a famous Dutch cosmologist, stopped in 2011 only 30 metres under the top. He could not go any further. “If I go further, serious accidents will happen”, he told me.

Some people, who had bought houses in the vicinity of the mountain, could not live there. The energy was too high. It was driving them crazy. Their bodies were not able to “handle” the energy rising up from the earth. They had to sell their houses. Other people, like my daughter Femke who lived for a few years in Bugarach, could handle this energy very well and even liked it.

Close to the Bugarach is the Chateau Templiers, formerly called Chateau Albedun. See {PIC 04}. It was an important Templar commandery, where gold coins were minted and where the famous white gold powder “Ormus” was made. In the morning of October 13th 1307 all Knights Templar in France were apprehended as ordered by King Philip Le Bel, king Philip IV. People, reliable people have witnessed, in the night of 12th to 13th October, how ghosts dressed in white robes with a red cross, descended from the Chateau Templiers and walked to the Bugarach. There they disappeared in an ancient cemetery. Now, every year, especially when the 13th of October is on a Friday, lots of people gather at the foot of those mountains. Staying in caravans, campers and tents, or in the open air. They are there to witness this extraordinary spectacle. I have been there too, but saw nothing.

The mountain has many faces. The Pic Grosse sometimes looks like a bear. To others it is a sitting Buddha. See {PIC 05}. And very clearly a huge eagle can be seen ready to spread its wings and fly down to the village. See {PIC 06}. Many faces can be seen in the various rock formations.  See {PIC 07}. There is even a beautiful phallus, complete with impressive balls. See {PIC 08}.

The mountain is also called the mountain of God, for seen from the north the silhouette of the mountain resembles the face of Jesus, looking up in the sky.

Many times I have witnessed strange clouds near the mountain. Clouds that do not appear at other places. Some had the shape of a huge spaceship. See {PIC 03}. Others were like small UFO’s lining up for landing in the mountain. Just like aircraft lining up for an airport. I could not see the UFO’s themselves, but only their silhouettes. The UFO’s clearly operate in a different dimension or in different frequency spectres. But they somehow seem to interact with the clouds.

The village of Bugarach resting at the foot of the mountain, see {PIC 09}, has only 200 inhabitants. It also has a strange church. With stained glass windows where people have no faces and with one stained glass window that shows a ship at sea with a wheel of fortune attached to the mast and two people hanging on to the wheel. See {PIC 10}. There is even the story that a powerful ghost is living beneath the altar. Some people have heard him growl.

The Apocalypse, December 21st 2012

What will happen on December 21st. There are many stories. The all speak of the Apocalypse of the world. However the world “Apocalypse” does not mean catastrophe as most people think. It means Revelation.

The date is important in the Mayan calendars. It is the end of various time cycles. From short time cycles of 6 years to large time cycles of 13.000 years. In the eyes of the Mayans time is not linear but cyclic. But nowhere in their records is it mentioned that the end of the time cycles heralds the end of the world.

On the 21st there will be an important line-up of celestial bodies. The earth, the moon, Venus, the sun and the centre of the Milky Way, will all be in perfect alignment. Enormous cosmic and gravitational forces will be applied to the earth. Causing, possibly, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and tsunamis.

Some think that the earth will broaden at its equator. Or that the axis of rotation will shift up to 30 degrees. Or that the magnetic poles will shift and maybe even become inverted.

Then there is the danger of huge sun flares and solar winds. Where masses of electrically loaded particles and radioactive radiation can cause immense fires on earth. And disrupt all electrical systems.

The strange planet Niburu from outer space could pass the earth again. A close passage of this planet, that is almost as big as the earth, would cause huge flooding’s, all over the earth. And if the planet should enter the earth atmosphere, it would cause enormous fires.

Some say the earth will pass through a huge electromagnetic field.

The earth may also be struck by meteorites. Causing substantial damage, depending on how large the meteorites are.

What is happening now?

Many books, magazines and articles have been written about the Bugarach. Most in French and in several other languages.

From 2011 onwards the interest of the world is clearly focussed on Bugarach. Although other,special places are also claiming to be refuges for the coming Apocalypse. Like in Peru and Serbia.

I don’t know what will happen. At the moment nothing much is happening. There is no major invasion of New Agers or other esoteric groups. There is no major sale of houses and property. Several houses in Bugarach are still for sale for exactly the same price as three years ago.

There are no major reservations for busses and other means of transport by people or organisations that want to go to the Bugarach. With the exception of course of the gendarmerie and the military who have their own transport.

The local hotels, Chambres d’Hotes and B & B’s only have regular customers. No New Agers, no special groups, no sects. Only some journalists and camera teams.

The story now seems almost entirely to be kept alive by news programs like CNN and NBC and similar news programs and news agencies in Europe.

Journalists too keep the story alive. Every two days a new article is published in the local newspaper in Limoux. And then quoted by other newspapers in France and the rest of the world.

Camera teams are coming to this area from all over Europe. News agencies are calling residents of Bugarach and the surrounding villages almost every day to provide them with up to date news.

In Bugarach there is, up till now, December 14th, no major activity. However people expect things to start heating up from December 18th onwards.

The village will be closed off from December 19th to December 23rd. About 200 gendarmes will be there and 50 pompiers, firemen who are also first aid workers. There will be police on horses to patrol the footpaths leading to Bugarach. And a substantial amount of military personal. There will be helicopters and airplanes. They are already flying over the area.

 The gendarmerie and military will be housed in schools and holiday parks like Ribambelle.

The inhabitants of Bugarach and the people who need to pass through this village, can get special passes at the Marie (town hall).

It all seems a bit heavy, to put it mildly. There are stories that the real motive for closing off the village and for preventing people to climb the Bugarach, is a military and or scientific motive.

Some fear that the military will use this opportunity to investigate the caves of the Pech Bugarach. Searching for the source of the immense energy of the mountain. And the source of the immense magnetic power, embedded somewhere deep in the mountain. The locals and guides fear that the military will harm or destroy the caves and the crystals.

But it is of course entirely possible that several hundreds of doomsday believers are hiding away in the area waiting for the moment to come en masse, or individually, to the mountain. Hoping to be saved by UFO’s when the world goes down. Or hoping to pass through special doorways into other dimensions.

Several news agencies in Holland have shown an interest in what is happening in the region. Among them the newspaper Telegraaf and the news programs Pauw & Witteman, BNN, EenVandaag and Nieuwsuur. Some of them are even coming this way.

The foremost question they ask is if I know people who really believe the world will come down, and who are willing to say so in front of the camera. The second question is if can they participate in or film the ceremonies that will be held in this area. So far I have not been able to find a person who really believes the world will perish. The Dutch are, generally speaking, far too down-to-earth for such stories. And if there are believers, then they will be extremely reluctant to say so in front of a camera.

In the USA things are different. There are many who really believe that the end is near. And they are not afraid to say so. Very popular TV programs closely follow these so-called “preppers”. Maybe the Americans are a bit easier to manipulate, maybe they know things that we don’t, or maybe their government and secret societies have had more time and experience of putting fear in them.

My views and advice

Again, I don’t know what will happen. But I have a feeling that something will happen. Something extraordinary. It is just a feeling, no more then that, just a feeling. Something will happen, something important and something good. A clear sign will be given to the people of the Earth.

Maybe it will be a real Apocalypse. After all Apocalypse means Revelation. And there are many, many secrets “buried” in this region. For the Bugarach enigma is closely related to the secrets, magic, mysteries and treasures of Rennes-le-Chateau. The village where bestsellers like “The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail” and “The Da Vinci Code” found their origin.

Those secrets could be the discovery of a virtual Temple of Salomon in the area. Or a real Temple of Salomon under the Pech Cardou. Where the Arc of the Covenant might be buried. Or where Mary Magdalene and even Jesus might be buried. Important documents could be found, like a booklet written by Jesus or the genealogy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene.  The secrets of the Cathars and Knights Templar might surface. Or explosive secrets of early Christianity, of the preaching of Mary Magdalene in this region. Or maybe signs of previous civilisations like Lemuria and Atlantis. There are many possibilities.

It could be a shift in the frequency level of the earth. Where we could all move up to a higher frequency. To a higher vibrational level. And a higher consciousness. And become more aware of who we really are. Or even move into another dimension.

We could all undergo some kind of transformation. Changing our attitudes and our view of life.

It could mean a change in our religious beliefs systems. Where the Church, in order to survive, would have to undergo drastic changes. Letting go of ancient dogma’s, abolishing ancient power structures and foregoing their strive for material gain and secular power.

Where concepts like original sin, the inferiority of women, excommunication and many others would have to disappear. And where they Church would no longer condemn as sinful all that makes life worth living. That gives us joy.

It could be a change of attitude, world-wide. With more respect for nature, more respect for our the environment, more respect for mother Earth

It could be a change in values. No more patriarchy, no more materialism, no more search for power and going for results, ‘n’importe’ the consequences. No more hatred, no more violence, no more intolerance. Other values would become important. And Love will be our guiding factor, Universal love.

Sacred femininity will become important. New spiritual values will be adopted. Male and female energies will be harmonized.

We will all be grateful for our lives we have been given and we will learn that we have a destiny here on earth, that we have a task to perform. Working  more from the heart then from the head.

However these things are already happening. Spurred by the most violent century in human history, the twentieth century, where more then 200 million people were killed.

Spurred by the many catastrophes that now plague the earth. Like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, radioactive poisoning, abusing our natural resources. By the poisoning of our food and our seeds and the atmosphere. By large-scale pollution. And by the many wars that are still raging on.

And most certainly by all the man-made crises. The financial crises, the economic crises and the many other  crises.

Maybe things will take a turn for the best. Maybe the all-powerful secret societies, the powerful government officials and the powerful multinationals will finally be exposed. And their manipulations will stop. So that the people need no longer be afraid and will be able to enjoy life.

New forms of energy may become available, like the free energy of the earth magnetic field and the free and clean energy of the Torus fields in the Universe. See the film “Trive”.

So many wonderful things could happen

My advice would be to stay inside. To rest. To meditate and be at peace. To have sufficient clean drinking water in house. And, most of all to have positive thoughts. For thoughts will have power in our new world.

Then the sun will come up again over the Bugarach. See {PIC 11}.



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