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News January 2013

News January 2013

First of all Happy, happy New year. And this will be a good year. A special year. For all of us. I can feel it in my bones.  Be happy, be grateful to be alive, certainly after all the Apocalypse of December 21st 2012. For it was a real Apocalypse this time, a Revelation. Which is the true meaning of the word Apocalypse. A wake-up call for the world. With all the Press present. A call to change our way of life. To make Love and Compassion our guiding factors, instead of material gain, fear and guilt. And to enjoy life. The spirits love it when we  enjoy ourselves. Look at the Orbs visiting us when we have fun. So dear friends: “Thrive!”

The Netherlands, 4–9 of February

Especially for my Dutch friends. Please know that I will be in Holland from 4th to the 9th of February. Basically to give a presentation on February 6th, starting at 20.00 hours, at a beautiful old church called “Op Hodenpijl”, near Delft. A presentation about Mary Magdalene. With 200 pictures! You are all invited.

But also to bring ‘stuff’ to my daughter Femke and my friend Abraham who stayed with us for a few weeks {PIC 00} and works with me on the continuous edits of my manuscripts while here and there. And to see my sons and granddaughters.

And my friends and my publisher and my bank and my accountant and my car mechanic and many others. I have already made some arrangements, but if you want to see me, or meet me, or talk to me, or whatever there is always room. Please let me know at my e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  And if you want me to bring over some goods from France, just let me know. That could be books, Blanquette de Limoux, home made sambal, or a just a big smile and friendly hug!


Winter tours

Most people think that it’s cold out here. That we live in a harsh environment, the rough French Pyrenees. Snow, ice, freezing cold, stormy winds. Well it can be like that, but it is very rare. Here at Les Labadous {PIC 01}, at a height of about 350 metres, the temperature is always 6 to 7 degrees higher than in Holland, England or Germany. And the sun is shining far more often. The skies are clear. You can sit outside and read a book, or drink a cup of tea, or have a glass of wine. You can go for a walk and meet the most beautiful sceneries, like this view of the Pech Bugarach, taken from La Pique {PIC 02}. You can even get a suntan while walking the land {PIC 03}. It is magic. And it is quiet. You can visit places that are crowded in the summer. While this time there is no one to be seen. You have the place all for yourself. Wonderful.

So if you feel like it, don’t hesitate and contact my daughter Femke , e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for a week, or longer, at Les Labadous. And tell her what you would like to see, or do and where you would like to go. I will be happy to be your guide.

I will now show you some pictures of the daytrips I made last week with my friend Door. So you have an idea what it is.


Daytrips with Door

She came here to be away for a week. For some rest. To get rid of the stress of her work. Staying in a quiet place with good facilities and a wonderful energy. Far away from Holland. Les Labadous is an ideal place to rest, to read and to write. For some it is like a retreat. Like for Abraham who had to get a way for a while. Or Francoise who is staying here twice a year to write her books. But you can also explore the countryside. The magic, Cathar Country. Join me on some of the trips.

Walking to La Pique {PIC 04} and Les Dents, the rock formation on top of the hill south of Les Labadous {PIC 05}.

Going to Alet-les-Bains, with the River Aude {PIC 06} and the famous bridge made of the yellow and red sandstone from Alet {PIC 07}. Visiting ‘Le Galerie des Anges’ on Lorrie’s birthday {PIC 08}. And the beautiful abbey {PIC 09} and {PIC 10}. Then up the hill towards the magic place of St Salvayre, passing the white rock {PIC 11}, and enjoying the view of three Holy Mountains, the Pech Cardou, the Pech Bugarach and in the far distance, some 50 miles away, the Pech Canigou {PIC 12}. And the mysterious, purple hills {PIC 13}. The church of St Salvayre is pure magic. There are many stories about that place, one of them being that Jesus is buried there. See the church {PIC 14}, the inside of the church {PIC 15} and a naughty, special effect picture of Jesus {PIC 16}. A little further east you will see a strange rock formation, where even I get the shivers {PIC 17}.

Back by way of the Camp Grand, east of Couiza {PIC 18}, with a magical view on Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 19} and the well known capitelles {PIC 20}.


The next day we go east. To see the sun rise over the Pech Bugarach {PIC 21}. First to Cubieres, the birthing place of Guillaume de Belibaste, the last Cathar priest (bonhomme). With its lovely church {PIC 22} and its chapel of Mary Magdalene and this strange painting {PIC 23}. Then through the Gorges de Galamus {PIC 24}, past Tautavel and Vingrau, to the castle of Opoul Perillos and the cave of Perillos. Parking the car at the pick-nick place in the valley {PIC 25}. Now look at the pictures of the entrance and the inside of this magical cave. The colours are astonishing. What a beautiful place. See {PIC’s 26 – 31}.

The following day we go east. First to the source of Isis or the Mother Goddess at Campagne-les-Bains, where Door is playing with the water {PIC 32}. Then to the church of Brenac, where the light of the stained glass window put a nice frame around my head {PIC 33}. Then past places well known to my faithful readers, such as the labyrinth of Nebias, the Chateau des Troubadours in Puivert and de ND du Val d’Amour in Belesta. To Lavelanet, to the chapel of Bensa. With this strange portrait. A woman weaving, which could be a female freemason, and in the background the castle of Montsegur {PIC 34}. Not a sight often seen in Christian churches. Then to Ussat-les-Bains, to the Sacred Mountain, with the initiation caves of then Cathars. Huge, very impressive caves, with Orbs and strange light effects {PIC 35} and {PIC 36}. Finally to the most impressive sight of all, the statue of Mary Magdalene,  deep in the cave of the destroyed monastery of Carol in Baulou, north-west of Foix. Everyone gets emotional when we get there {PIC 37} and {PIC 38}.

Finally, it is almost an obligatory visit, we went to the cave of Mary Magdalene {PIC 39} and {PIC 40}, the cave of Jesus and the birthing cave {PIC 41}.



Strange pictures and portraits

If you want some special pictures, pictures with wonderful light effects, or beautiful portraits of yourself, or just lovely,  strange pictures, then I am your man. Let me show you a collection of the pictures taken during the last few weeks. Where Door was often my ‘lightning’ model.

See Door with Buddha {PIC 42}, Door bathed in light {PIC 43}, Door ‘opening up’ {PIC 44}, the two of us {PIC 45}, Door at the River Aude {PIC 46}, her silhouette, all curved, in the Hermitage cave {PIC 47}, bathing in the light in the same cave {PIC 48}, David Bailey, the famous pianist, here with a lion, it sounds like a biblical story ‘David and the lion’ {PIC 49} and standing in front of the River Aude {PIC 50}.

We could even organize special photographic tours. For the light is uncommonly clear now and exceptionally beautiful. And in January, February and March we have most places almost to ourselves. So if you are interested then please contact my daughter Femke, who will gladly make the necessary arrangements.


David Bailey proposed to make several, special DVD’s. DVD’s with my pictures, pictures about Mary Magdalene, Black Madonna’s, Orbs, Rennes-le-Chateau or Cathars, accompanied by his music. His magical piano play. Doesn’t that sound great? Well what do you think, dear friends?




Every newsletter has Orb pictures. As my faithful readers know. New Orb pictures and strange Orb pictures. And every time I am  amazed at the growing variety of Orbs. As if some kind of evolution is going on. I can’t keep up with that in my book. Maybe I should start writing Orb articles on a regular basis. Again we see Les Labadous covered in Orbs. In the fog, but also in the clear night sky. And we see a strange creature flying off in the air. And watch the River of Colours, full of stormy, brown water. There are always Orbs over the water, but some of them now have really strange shapes. Well look for yourself. See {PIC’s 51 - 57}.



This beautiful land


A few more pictures of this magic and beautiful land. For your pleasure! And some pictures of me. Also for your pleasure, I hope. See me sitting on the chalk rock at Alet {PIC 58}, the Tour Magdala floating above the clouds {PIC 59}, the Bugarach again {PIC 60}, and me again carrying two crystals to the fountain with the lions {PIC 61}, the sky opening up above Soubirous {PIC 62}, Les Labadous wedged in by the clouds {PIC 63}, the roaring Ruissau des Couleurs after two days of rain {PIC 64} and the strange skies above the Bugarach {PIC 65}.


Pommes Blues

Finally an impression of the day of the Blue Apples, Les Pommes Blues. On January 17th. A special day. The feastday of St Anthony the Hermit, of St Sulpice, the day the lady of the castle, Madame Hautpoul, died and then day Sauniere got an attack. The word ‘Pommes Blues’ is mentioned in one of the decoded, sacred documents that Sauniere discovered. But nobody knows what their meaning is. We are not even sure if Sauniere really discovered these documents, or if they are later falsifications. Anyway, it is a special day for Rennes-le-Chateau. The village is filled with people, I guess more then one hundred. See their cars {PIC 66}. And the church was full of people, all with their camera’s {PIC 67}. Fortunately the sun was shining, so we could capture some blue apples on the opposite wall {PIC 68} and {PIC 69}. And then Franklin took this picture of me, kneeling next to Asmodeus, trying to capture his awesome face in the light of the sun {PIC 70}.




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