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News February 2013

News February 2013

Time flies. It is February again. And slowly, ever so slowly a new world is surfacing. People are more and more aware, and more and more conscious of what is happening in the world. They are using their own mind again. Changing their attitude. Re evaluating our basic values. Appreciating life. Grateful to be alive in these special times.  It happens in times of crisis. When we are all down, deep down. Then and only then, we start thinking again. About ourselves. And what is really important to us. Then we often start a new way of life. And start living again. Really living. It is what I see happening now. Slowly, ever so slowly, but it is there. Keep it up!


First some news from the area. The weather is fine, most of the time. Today I sat outside, in my shirt, reading a book. For a couple of hours. Being careful not to be burned by he sun! It is good to be here, even in wintertime. Do not hesitate to come over if you need some rest, or want to reflect on your life, or if you want to write a book. Or if you want to visit the places that are crowded in summertime. Now is the time. Visit Les Labadous, sit by the river {PIC 01}, and watch the first anemones coming up {PIC 02}. Join us at the market in Esperaza. To talk, exchange news, to buy some wonderful, tasty homemade food, to watch the people and listen to the music. And to drink a cup of coffee on the terrace {PIC 03}.

Or come inside and sit at our table and see how much our cats Dickie Dik and Nadia enjoy the warmth of our wood burner {PIC 04}. See the sun setting over Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 05}. And stare at night in awe at the sky, full of stars. Where the Milky Way is running straight over your head. Or watch the moon shining through the clouds {PIC 06}.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene

Come to Limoux. The city of the Blanquette de Limoux, better than the ‘real’ Champagne and the Carnival that goes on for three months. Every Saturday and Sunday evening in February, March and April. Visit the magic basilica ND de Marceille. With its new Black Madonna. Or the famous church of St Martin, right in the centre of Limoux. With the stained glass window where Jesus and Mary Magdalene are sitting at equal height {PIC 07}. Even though the Church says that she is the Virgin Mary. Watch Mary Magdalene anointing Jesus’ feet {PIC 08}. And who is this woman, with the string of pearls and roses in her hair, sitting at the table during the wedding feast at Cana. Surely it is Mary Magdalene {PIC 09}.

Another interesting place to visit is the church in Esperaza. Recently renovated. Look at the grotto where Jesus is laid down {PIC 10}. Did you notice that his eyes are open {PIC 11}. Would that be another sign that he was still alive?

Trip to Holland

From 2nd  – 11th of February I was en route. My twice yearly visit to the Netherlands. But I will be going more often. Acting this time as a transport company for my daughter Femke and my friend Abraham {PIC 12}. Bringing all the stuff they had left behind. But also some bottles of Blanquette de Limoux and my famous home made sambal. On the return voyage my car was full as well. With shag, coffee and alcohol from Luxembourg, with luggage from friends full of clothes, with a computer, with cheese, liquorice, sausages, lovely Indonesian products from the Toko in Utrecht, DVD’s, books from my publisher, a few bottles of a very strong drink made by Maria Treben, and of course with lots of sweet memories.


First I paid a visit to Avignon. I had never seen the cathedral, the bridge, le Pont d’Avignon, or the palace of the French popes. So I went to the city, parked my car outside the walled city and walked to the palace. And indeed there is the famous bridge, halfway the river Rhone {PIC 13}. On top of the cathedral is a beautiful golden statue of the Virgin Mary {PIC 14}. There was nobody in the cathedral. It was not as rich as I thought it was {PIC 15}, but of course there was the golden eagle as a symbol of the power of the Church and the pope {PIC 16}. But what surprised me most was that at the entrance, inside the cathedral, were two statues, one of Martha with the cross {PIC 17} and one of Mary Magdalene with the jar {PIC 18}.

When driving to Luxembourg I had a nasty accident. In order not to loose too much time I take, and make, my lunch in the car, while driving. Yes I know, I know. This time I used a very sharp knife to cut a piece off the bread. The knife suddenly went through the bread, through my trousers, and deep into my leg. I was bleeding quite nicely. I stopped at an Aire, went to the toilet with a handful of bandages, and tried to stop the bleeding. Then I drove on to an official parking place, with a restaurant and lots of tourists. There I asked if there was a first aid station. There wasn’t, so they called the Pompiers for me. They arrived 10 minutes later in a big red ambulance. I was placed in a wheelchair and in front of 75 very interested spectators, wheeled to the ambulance. They treated me well. After 15 minutes I was allowed to leave. They gave me some medicines and plasters for the road. And all for free. That too is France!


The main reason for going to the Netherlands, at this time, was to give a presentation on February 6th at a beautiful place called “Op Hodenpijl.” An old church in Schipluiden, near Delft. The church had lovingly been restored and is now used for presentations and several other, wonderful activities. I talked for more than two hours about Mary Magdalene and showed over  150 pictures of that special woman. There were 62 paying guests, which is not bad considering the weather conditions and the fact that Holland was playing soccer against Italy that evening. It was a great success if I may say so. The audience was very quiet, listening with rapt attention. I sold many of my books. “Maria Magdalena in Frankrijk” and also “Jamie op zijn wolk.”

Then another opportunity arose thanks to my dear friend Lidwien. A presentation about Orbs. To be held on February 10th in Baarn. Organized by the Mec Spirit Foundation in Baarn. The presentation itself was a success, but alas there were not so many customers. Presentations like that have to be announced at least three months in advance, so Monique told me. So for all the people who were not able to come that day I announce that a new presentation about “The Wonderful World of Orbs” will be held at Op Hodenpijl on November 13th 2013. With many, really unbelievable pictures and hopefully also with my new book on Orbs. Mark it in your agenda, dear friends!

Family and friends

But I did not come just for the presentation. Of course not. I also came for my family. For Femke and Simone. Bringing over the rest of their household. And taking a look at their new house, also in Egmond aan Zee. And I went to Ewout, Madelon and their lovely daughter Lola. I bought, when I was in Luxembourg, a big plush donkey for Lola {PIC 19}. I just couldn’t help it. Here she is with Madelon {PIC 20}, with Ewout {PIC 21}, they are always making fun and with me {PIC 22}. I missed my other son Gjalt. We both had too busy schedules. Next time better.

I met a lot of friends and we had wonderful times. Thank you dear friends. Ah, it was good to be in Holland again. I also went to my old friend Thomas Ouendag, a famous cosmoloog, who painted a better future for me for this year than for last year. He also advised me to drink, as medicine for cleaning the body, an herbal drink called ”Kleine ZWEEDSE kruidenbitter” according to a recipe of Maria Treben. It is very strong and very bitter, but I love it.

Differences between men and women

And of course I went to my publisher, Uitgeverij Aspekt in Soesterberg. Still surviving and doing relatively well in a shrinking market. But then they publish special books, like my  books! I showed him my new manuscript called “Verschil moet er zijn.” Meaning “There must be differences.” With forty columns highlighting the many, wonderful differences between men and women. My message is: how is it possible that we, men and women, so much enjoy our physical differences, while having so many problems with our non-physical differences? So much so, that often these non-physical differences are viewed as shortcomings, as designer faults. Faults that must be corrected.

If people are not aware of these natural, these ‘built-in’ differences between men and women, they will fight and argue all the time, not accepting that the other person is different. Loosing lots of energy. When they then try to change their partner, his views, his behaviour and even his character, they will loose even more energy. For you cannot change a grown-up man or woman. And finally, when nothing works, they will start complaining. Having given the best years of their life to him or her and look what they got. Becoming victimized.

For some this can even become some kind of vocation. And all that because people do not accept that men and women are basically different. There is nothing wrong with either men or women, they are just different. If only we could accept that men and women are different, basically different and even appreciate the differences and make use of them, life would be so much easier.

We would accept each other, we would love each other and we would have wonderful, strong and healthy relationships! Wow! I hope Aspekt will publish my book.

Other books

“Jamie on his cloud” is now published in England. The publisher is Local Legend. The cost of the book is 6 £ for UK, 9,99 $ for the USA and 7 € for Europe. A good price. Look at the cover {PIC 23} and the back page {PIC 24}. It looks nice.

Jamie on his cloud has been translated in French by Christine Schoettel. A wonderful translation. Val Wineyard will edit and publish this book in French. And Marie-France Lebailly, who painted the cover and made all the drawings, has offered to colour some of the pictures {PIC 25}.

Val Wineyard is also working on a slimmed down version of my Orbs books. Leaving out most of the redundancies, a few of the arguments and many double pictures. That book should be on the market before May 2013. It looks very good.

My friend Abraham has settled down in a new house in Dirkshorn. An old farm {PIC 26}. Were it is very quiet and where he can work at ease on his many websites and on my two e-books. Being “Mary Magdalene in France” and “The Beauty of Orbs.” So work is fully in progress dear friends.

Orbs and light effects

Orbs do not only appear at sacred places like Les Labadous, or in caves, crypts, graveyards and other spooky places. They appear everywhere. Even here in the Bungalow park Bloemketerp in Franeker. The place where I always stay when I am in Holland {PIC 27}. The house is very small, like a garage, but there is a kitchen, a bathroom with a bath, two beds and safe parking right in front of the bungalow. Here I took some pictures showing Orbs {PIC 28} and even a cloud {PIC 29}. And another nice picture full of light effects in Egmond aan zee, close to the sea {PIC 30}.


It is such a beautiful country. One of the few places in the Netherlands where there is still room to live and to enjoy life. Not too much traffic, people are friendly, life is safe and goods are cheap. Let me show you a brief view of this wonderful land, the land of my ancestors. Starting with a small graveyard in Oldeholtpade where my grandparents are buried {PIC 31}. Then look at those lovely churches. Even the smallest village has a church, as here in Hettinga {PIC 32}. Or this church near Holwerd built on a mound {PIC 33}. And then this mill in Dokkum {PIC 34}, or this bridge in Franeker {PIC 35}. Aren’t they beautiful?

And there is water everywhere. Friesland is both surrounded by water, the IJsselmeer and the Waddenzee, and filled with water, the lakes and canals. Look at the sun setting over the Waddenzee with Ameland in the distance {PIC 36}. Or the reeds near the Tjeukemeer, the largest lake in Friesland {PIC 37}, where this imposing bridge stands {PIC 38}.


But Holland is not so bad either. It is always a pleasure to drive over the Afsluitdijk, separating the IJsselmeer from the Waddenzee, going from Friesland to Noord-Holland or back.

Look at the rainy clouds over the IJsselmeer {PIC 39} and the statue of Lely, the designer and builder of the Afsluitdijk, silhouetted against the setting sun {PIC 40}. The sea has always been a fascination for me. We lived for over 12 years in Petten, in a house behind the dunes, less then 100 metres from the North Sea {PIC 41}. And I served for almost 20 years in the Royal Netherlands Navy. Finally I took some pictures of the windmills in Flevoland {PIC 42} and this curious colour combination, also in Flevoland {PIC 43}.

Duilhac and Cubieres

Every now and then I tour the Pays Cathare with my good friend Val Wineyard. These are always special tours. For every time we discover new things. Val is working on a book describing the route Mary Magdalene took when she landed in France. A route from Fitou on the coast to Rennes-les-Bains, as she thinks, or to Rennes-le-Chateau, as I think. It is a special route. A route that could very well, in the near future, become a pilgrim route

We started in Couiza and travelled east. Past the Pech Bugarach, acting again as windbreaker {PIC 44}. Then on to Cubieres, Soulatge and Duilhac at the foot of the mighty Cathar castle Peyrepertuse. In the middle of the village stood the church, built as a fort {PIC 45}. We got the key from one of the inhabitants, they are so nice and so trustful, and entered the church. Where we found this strange picture of the crucifixion {PIC 46}. At the foot of the village close to the road, is a special fountain. Water is coming out of the rock {PIC 47}.

A sacred place and a place full of love. For all who drink from this fountain will become “amoureux!” See {PIC 48}. Val loved the place and is convinced that Mary Magdalene and her group rested here and drank from the water {PIC 49}. On the way back we stopped in Cubieres. The place where Guillaume the Belibaste, the last Cathar priest, was born. It has a lovely church, beautifully renovated. With in a niche this lovely statue {PIC 50}



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