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My Navy visit in Holland ~ 50 year Anniversary

My Navy visit in Holland ~ 50 year Anniversary

50 years ago I finished my gymnasium in Utrecht and went to the Navy. In September 1964 I was installed at the Royal Navy Academy (KIM) in Den Helder as a naval cadet (Adelborst).

In 1967 I was sworn in as a weapons engineering officer. I served as an officer for 15 years. It was a wonderful time. I went to many places all over the world, including Odessa in then the Soviet Union, Constanta in Romania and the Caribbean. I had many interesting jobs. My last job was staff officer at the Naval Command Centre in Den Helder. I left the navy as lieutenant commander

Now, 50 years later a new group of young people were installed as naval cadet, both men and women. Yes times have changed. But traditions do not change. Every year the people who were installed 50 years ago, are invited to attend the installation of a new generation of naval cadets.


Showing us around

It was good to see so many of my old colleagues. Here a lot of memories were triggered and much information was exchanged. We were received with full honours by the commanding officer of the naval academy. And were shown around by him and his officers. Wow, so much has changed in the past 50 years. Incredible. Mainly new simulators and better accommodation. But lots of things were still the same. Such as the place where we stayed (het zaaltje), the Standard (vaandel) of the Adelborsten and Michiel de Ruyter with his famous words to the Lords (Heren) of the Seven Provinces (Nederland).

In a presentation by the commanding officer we were also shown a picture of the NH-90 helicopter. The helicopter I had worked on as program manager helicopters at Fokker Aircraft Company from 1986 to 1991. Small world. And of course I went to the Marina, where the sailing boats of the Royal Netherlands Yacht Club (KMJC) are stationed. Sailing boats that I have been using for over 40 years. I a man enthusiastic sailor of the high seas. So now you know a bit more about me!


The installation

The next day was the official installation. A very impressive ceremony. With the Marinierskapel, the parents and friends of the naval cadets, the colleagues from 50 years ago, some high officials and of course more the more than 100 men and women that were to be installed as naval cadets. The weather was beautiful. After he installation there was a march by the naval cadets. And it was good to see many women in this group. And some pictures were taken of all the people, most of them were present, in our class of 1964 and of me and my weapon-engineering colleagues who were all present. It was a beautiful and very impressive day.


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