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Newsletter November/December 2014

Newsletter November/December 2014

It is cold outside. But inside it is warm. The fire is burning and my heart is burning as well, with love. Winter is coming. Time for reflection. Time for all the many things that have to be done. Maintenance, repair, administration, writing, you name it.

I wasn’t going to write another newsletter this year, but you know me. So much has happened in the last few weeks, so many beautiful pictures, so much to share with you.

And the world, what is happening to the world? It is quiet now but I feel that a lot is still happening. Below deck, or behind the screens. And I feel that people are getting stronger, and are getting to know themselves better.  And are slowly changing their attitude, their focus. Things are happening at last. And we are part of it. Isn’t that wonderful?

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Jaap Rameijer
Mooi nieuwsbrief Jaap, heb weer prachtig kunnen mee reizen met jou en dit dankzij je wondermooie foto's die me weer overal meenam... Read More
Wednesday, 10 December 2014 19:38
Jaap Rameijer
A dear friend guided me here; I am so grateful. I see us coming to be with you for a time; open to possibility. Best, Lois
Monday, 15 December 2014 16:28

NOTICE: New Email Account

NOTICE: New Email Account

Dear friends,

As you may have noticed I had some problems with my mail.

My mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.has been hacked twice. I could not send pictures by this e-mail, but worst of all was the fact that I did not recieve any return mails on the mails I sent to you. They all went to a different provider, I don’t know why this happened, I have no account there, and I have no password.

So it is quite possible that I have not recieved your answers on the mails I sent to you. I apologize for that. I only found out recently. If you wonder why I did not respond to your answers on my e-mail, you now know why.

I have changed my e-mail. Now it is: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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NEW EDITION: The Beauty & Message of Orbs

NEW EDITION: The Beauty & Message of Orbs

The Beauty and Message of Orbs SECOND EDITION is available as Ebook (pdf) and Paperback on Amazon. I am happy with the new edition with help from Tina Witte Harzell as editor. You may buy on Amazon and on Black Friday (TODAY) in the USA,  they may even give a 30% discount. Enjoy!




Jaap and the Clouds

Jaap and the Clouds

We are visited recently by simply amazing clouds. Just to share with you, have a wonderful day!

News October 2014

News October 2014

As you can see I am back home again. Having some time to write. This will probably be the last newsletter of 2014. But then you just had four of them in a row.

This is about our trip to Bretagne. Where Franklin had to attend a seminar by Annie Sloan. The woman who is selling that wonderful, biological, magical paint all over the world, including in Joke’s and Franklin’s shop ‘Renaissance’ in Quillan.

It was good to travel together. For it was over 900 kilometers. And during the time that Franklin was studying paint, I was studying churches, cathedrals, Black Madonna’s, Notre Dame’s, magic places, menhirs and dolmens. You could say it was a MM & MM trip, a Mary Magdalene and Megalith Menhirs trip. So dear friends, please enjoy!

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wonderful times for you...in my heart..love, elizabeth
Thursday, 22 January 2015 22:48

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