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NEW RELEASE: Men Are Different

NEW RELEASE: Men Are Different

Hapy to Announce that my book MEN ARE DIFFERENT is now available on Amazon/Kindle. Thank you Tina and Abraham for getting the book in its proper content, format and design as I liked. Hope you all will enjoy!

Why have men and women become so estranged from each other? Why are there so many arguments, disapprovals and misunderstandings in relationships? This book is written with compassion for all the men and women who have become entangled in the complexity of human relationships. We all know that men and women are different. But do we really understand what these differences are and why they even exist? In this modern, western society we have been so deeply programmed that we no longer live authentic lives which leads to disastrous and failed relationships. In this book, Jaap Rameijer approaches this subject from a man’s point of view. This is a book for men, written by a man in the language of men, with a lot of humor. Women are of course welcome to read it and Jaap has even dedicated some special chapters to them. He draws from his personal experience to show us in a gentle and humorous way the many pitfalls that are found in male-female relationships and he offers great advice as to how to solve these problems. But, most importantly, he shows us how to have a bit more fun and bring joy back into our relationships. It is a book worth reading. It may save your relationship and it will bring joy and love back into your life.

Read it and take it to heart!

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