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Trip Cambodia, 16 days, March 19 - April 3rd, 2017

Trip Cambodia, 16 days, March 19 - April 3rd, 2017

A new journey, an adventurous trip, a journey that took place just in the nick of time because of my last entry. We are a small group, a select group, a group of nine people, not counting our tour guide.

Here is a personal account of this particular trip, primarily for the group itself. The official itinerary is in the brochures and on the website of Djoser.

Note: Please be aware that the text was translated by computer from Dutch into English, It was a great job, but some of my personal style got of course lost.

Please click on the tab with date below to see the days stories. Enjoy.

March 19

March 19

An adventurous journey. You can say that. The adventure began at Schiphol. I had not been at Schiphol for several years, but it was incredible, what extensions and what a change. I now understood why we had to be there three hours before flight time. There were quite a few "hurdles" on the road. First, a long serpentine path between steel fences before we reached the check-in counters. Then an even longer ride for security where we had to half and half to undress and were scanned with raised arms and finally a passport control where the passport disappeared into a machine and where a picture was taken of us. I don’t envy the people that stand in line and need to go to the toilet.

The Boeing 777-300ER Cathay Pacific flight CX270, received us warmly. The cabin was not completely full, here and there were some open seats. I sat next to an experienced fellow passenger from Djoser, who recognized me right away because of the label hanging from my backpack. He gave me an update about the in's and out's of a trip with Djoser. The adventure could begin. But it took a while. It took nearly two hours. At that time the aircraft was driven first to a parking halfway the runway because another plane was "mooring" at the gate. Later it turned out that the delay was due to the crowd at the airport and to the work carried out on the airport. That was just too bad, because we had just over two hours in Hong Kong to transfer to our flight to Phnom Penh. We would not fetch that flight.

The flight itself went smoothly. We were well equipped with pillows, blankets, headphones, meals, drinks and a lot of movies on our own private screen on the seat in front of us. Sleeping in economy class, is not for every-one. Looking out the window also did not help because it was pretty cloudy. And night time.

We went during the flight from Saturday 9 to Sunday, April 10.



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