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Pays Cathare

Things are heating up in the Pays Cathare! Heating up and speeding up. Things are heating up, not only in Bugarach, but also in Rennes-le-Château. And not only in Rennes-le-Château, but in the whole Pays Cathare. And maybe even worldwide. And not only are things heating up, but they are speeding up as well. 

Heat in Pay Cathare


As if certain discoveries must be made, made before the end of 2012. As if certain information must become public before 2012. Discoveries that are needed to make us change our minds, look with other eyes at world and facilitate our transformation process. To prepare us for December 2012.

For some years now I had the feeling that soon new discoveries were going to be made in this area. Discoveries like the Arc of the Covenant, or the Menorah. Discoveries like the Temple of Salomon under the Pech Cardou. Discoveries about Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Coming to France. Preaching here and baptizing people. Discoveries about a book, written by Jesus himself, The Book of Love. Or maybe one of the gospels written by Mary Magdalene. Or the truth about the beloved disciple. Was that really John, or was it Mary Magdalene and did she write the Gospel of John? Or was the beloved disciple none other than Mary’s brother Lazarus. Discoveries about the desposyni, the descendants from the Holy Family, the house of Mother Mary and father Joseph. And maybe even discoveries as to where Jesus and Mary Magdalene are buried. Somewhere in this area. There is so much “hanging in the air.”

But there is more. Discoveries about the manipulations and malversations of the Church. About the secrets of the Vatican. About the wrong doings of the Church, even in the present time. About the predictions of Nostradamus and St Malachy. See the book The Last Pope by John Hogue. About the Cathars and their treasure. About the Knights Templar and their secrets and their treasures. About the Royal Houses of Europe, the Bourbons, the Hapsburgs and the kings and queens of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.

Information about ancient civilizations. About the empire of Lemuria. And Atlantis. About the Egypt and Sumer. About Greece and Crete. About the Inca’s in Peru and the Mayas in Mexico. About their secret messages, carved in stone. In Machu Picchu in Peru, in Palenque in Mexico, in the Pyramids in Egypt. Maybe warnings for the times to come. And secret chambers beneath the pyramids, Sphinx and other places. Containing all the knowledge of he ancient world. We are talking about extraterrestrials, watching us, coming to visit us, helping us with our transformation. And maybe even extraterrestrials, living below the surface of the earth in Tibet, Nepal, Peru, Mexico and Rennes-le-Château. Coming to the surface when they are needed most.

New books are being published. Another sign that things are heating up and speeding up. Books about the magic and mysteries of the Pech Bugarach. Books about the Holy Grail. Will we finally know what it is, what it stands for Holy Grail. Holy Books about the descendants of the Holy Family. Like the book The God-Kings of Europe, by Hugh Montgomery and the book Bloodline of the Holy Grail by Laurence Gardner. Books about the anomalies in the church of Rennes-le-Château and the messages contained in those anomalies. Books, about Mary Magdalene, including my own book called Mary Magdalene in France. With new insights and 450 beautiful pictures. Books about Sacred Femininity. Books about spirituality. Channelled books. So much is coming up now


And lots of things are happening now. UFO’s are being sighted more and more often since World War II. More than 60 years ago. Crop circles are being made, more than 40 years ago. Appearing at sacred places. And quite recently, no more then 20 years ago, Orbs are being detected on our digital cameras. And I feel that they all carry a message. An important message. We only don’t know what. But it won’t take long before we will understand. Natural disasters are happening with increasing force. Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, and climate changes. And man made disasters, like financial crises, radioactive radiation and tampering with food, medicines and seeds.

It feels as if were are being carried away, carried away in rapids. Forced to go with the flow. Unable to grasp all that is happening around us. Unable to stop. Some people won’t notice what is happening. Caught up as they are in their daily life’s. Their jobs, their children, their family, their financial problems, their TV and games. Others feel that things are moving, changing. That we are heading towards some kind of climax. Some of them are frightened, some reluctant, some take it easy and some are quite happy and confident to go with the flow. Let us join those people!


Visigoth treasures


The newspapers are full of it. The treasure of the Visigoths has been found. In Rennes-le-Château, or to be more precise 13 kilometres east of Rennes-le-Château, as the crow flies. And 20 kilometres by road. Huge headings in the newspapers, especially in La Dépêche. “Ils ont trouvé la grotte du trésor”. And “Ce tresor qui rend fou.” But what is the treasure? It appears that the treasure is Visigoth in origin. And that the cave in which the treasure is buried has not been disturbed. Rumours circulate that the treasure might include the Arc of the Covenant!

When the Temple of Jerusalem was destroyed in 68 AD by Titus all the Temple treasures were carried to Rome. And safely stored. But when the Visigoths sacked Rome in 410 AD they made a proper job of it. It took them 3 day to thoroughly sack that wicked city. They found the Temple treasures and brought them with them to France, first to Toulouse, then Carcassonne and finally, their last capital in France, to Rhedae, as Rennes-le-Château was called then. And it is not unlikely. For stories about a Visigoth treasure buried in or near Rennes-le-Château have been going around for ages.

The cave is located on the Pech d’en Couty, a small hill 2 kilometers east of Sougraigne, near the salty source of the river Sals. The site is now being protected by the gendarmerie. I hope this is done effectively, for if it is indeed the treasure of the Temple of Salomon, the Jews would go to any length to recover that treasure.

If you want to know more about this treasure, or other interesting topics related to Rennes-le-Château and the land of the Cathars, I would like to refer you to the site of my good friend Val Wineyard. Writer and researcher of several very interesting books. And specialized in Visigoths. And, most important of all, an enthusiastic Blog writer.

See her site: http://writingaboutrenneslechateau.blog4ever.com



Was Dan Brow right after all?


That is the main topic of the story that will be printed this week in the Dutch magazine “Story.” A magazine with over 1,5 million subscribers and a much larger audience as part of the circulation in the books and magazines portfolio. There is not much news in the article. Not for the “connoisseurs” of Rennes-le-Château. Or the readers of my books about “De Geheime Boodschappen van Rennes-le-Château.” But for many other Dutch and Belgian people, it might be a revelation. In this article I am being interviewed by the well know Dutch journalist Karel Hille. And there is even a picture of me in the article! So buy the magazine and enjoy the story!


Jamie on his cloud


After writing three books about the secret messages of Rennes-le-Château, I wrote another book. About another, special site in Europe. Another sacred place, Glastonbury. It is called “Glastonbury en de Heilige Graal.” The book is in Dutch, like my three books about Rennes-le-Château. I hope that one day they will be translated in English. They are, if I may say so, the most complete books about the secrets and mysteries of these two holy places. With useful information, maps, pictures, spiritual background info and funny stories. When writing the last book about Glastonbury it occurred to me how many similarities there exist between these two sacred places. So I wrote an article about those similarities. It was published in the English magazine Kindred Spirit of Jan/Feb 2011. With the heading: “Sacred Twins.” This was followed by three articles in Dutch about the same topic, with lots of colourful pictures. It appeared in the spiritual magazine Frontier, issues maart/april, mei/juni and juni/juli 2011. This time with the title “Heilige Tweelingen.”

But it didn’t stop there. Once you start writing, you keep writing. Especially when living in such a wonderful, sacred area as Rennes-le-Château

So I wrote a new book about “Mary Magdalene in France”, with 450 beautiful pictures. Of Mary Magdalene, Black Madonna’s, sacred places, caves, churches and basilica’s all over France. And I wrote a book about Orbs. A relative new phenomenon. Orb’s are light bulbs appearing mostly at night, often in humid conditions, “coming to light” in the flashlight of our digital camera’s. The Orbs are not visible by the naked eye. They are in the infrared light frequency spectre. Where they can be recorded by cheap, digital camera’s, cameras without infrared filters. That book is called “The world of Orbs” and has 300 pictures of the most fantastic light phenomena, including shooters, being comet like Orbs and even UFO’s. You won’t believe your eyes. Those two books are still manuscripts. The book on Mary Magdalene in France will however be published by my own publisher Uitgeverij Aspekt in Soesterberg in the spring of 2012. For that I had to retranslate the original English version back into Dutch!


The last book I wrote is about “Jamie on his cloud.” It is lovely book with wonderful illustrations made by the Belgian painter Marie-France Lebailly. She is a good friend, living close to Rennes-le-Château. This booklet is so beautiful that I just could not let it gather dust. This is what my friend Val Wineyard wrote on the back cover of the book:

One of the most moving books you will ever read.

“You will love the adventures of the adorable Jamie -

so young, so passionate, so innocent, so kind, so human.

It will set your imagination alight.

Human truths have never been told so simply as in the story of Jamie on his cloud. I was riveted and couldn’t wait to see what happened yet. Sometimes I laughed - sometimes I cried with Jamie - but I never stopped reading!

When I looked up from the book I was quite surprised to find myself in an ordinary room.

I’ve heard Jaap is going to write more about Jamie and I can’t wait!

The book has been edited by my friend Franklin Wolff of the Artline company in Clairvaux in Luxembourg. It will be printed in Germany. This booklet will be available in September 2011. The price will be 15 euros. A wonderful Christmas present!




Les Labadous now is a Domaine d’Amis, a house for friends.

And we have received many friends during the past months. It was wonderful. Talking to hem, taking them to Rennes-le-Château, or to the Cave of Mary Magdalene.  Or the “Birthing Cave”, the cave next to the Cave of Mary Magdalene. A cave with a special energy. Where many people experienced their birthing process.

Or we went up to the field of Ellizabeth van Buren, as we call it. With the fountain with the four lions and the pillar. The place where once, 46.000 years ago stood a Temple of Lemuria. Over a sacred spring. The place where a UFO is said to be buried, waiting to come to the surface when the time is there. A doorway to other dimensions as Elizabeth van Buren called it in the book “Refuge of the Apocalypse.”

So if you seek a safe heaven for December 2012, come to our place. It is only 10 minutes away from other dimensions!




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