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Newsletter March 2016

Newsletter March 2016

 It is done. It is finally done. Les Labadous has been sold on March 29th 2016.

And we are both happy and sad that is has been sold. Happy that it finally has been sold, after being for sale for nearly 6 years. We had several interested parties but Les Labadous just did not want to be sold to them.

Happy that it has now been sold to the right people. We could not have wished for better people. Happy that it has been sold for a fair price.

Happy that Axel and our dog Rua and the cats can stay. And happy that Les Labadous will be open to every person or group who wants to come here and that it will be used to its full potential. But we are also sad that it has been sold. For it is such a wonderful place. Situated in the valley at the foot of the magic village of Rennes-le-Chateau, in the heart of this sacred country .Next to the River of Colours. A place full of the loving energy of Mary Magdalene.

Sad that we will miss all the wonderful persons who came to see us, who stayed at Les labadous and who I guided to the sacred places in this area.

Sad to miss all the wonderful ceremonies, all the healing that was done here, all the love that was found here. And it is especially sad now that all the trees are blossoming, now that the daffodils and tulips are shining and all the young, green, fragile leaves are coming out. And all he birds are singing.

But I feel that I will be back here, to guide groups from the Netherlands or from other countries. Staying if possible at Les Labadous. And I can of course always stay at the house of Joke and Franklin in Quillan. The first of April, and that is no joke,

I will be in the Netherlands, in Friesland. Staying there for about two weeks. Looking for a new house. And starting a new life. Buying a new, second hand car.

Starting new activities. Writing, giving lectures, coaching, healing people who have been badly damaged in this life or previous lifes and setting myself up as a relationship counsellor. I am not quite sure yet what I will be doing but it will unfold itself.

As soon as I have found a new place, probably somewhere in May, and after I will have settled in, I will tell you about it and invite you to come and see me. Open house. Until that time I will be drifting through Holland, seeing my children and grandchildren, taking care of all the necessary paperwork like taxes, permits, insurance, all kinds of registrations and whatever more has to be done when one is returning to his own country.

It will be difficult to contact me, but Joke in Quillan and Femke in Egmond-aan-Zee will most likely know where I am. If you really need to contact me, then try my mobile phone number: 00 33 7 85 38 92 15. Some last pictures to wave goodbye. With love. 

Newsletter April/May 2016
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