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Newsletter June/July 2015

Newsletter June/July 2015

Incredible, so much has happened in the last two months. I hardly know where to begin.

I will make this a relatively short newsletter, but I will, later on,  surprise you with some extra blogs!

We have been guiding many, many groups and lots of individuals. It was wonderful, but it was at times a little exhausting. Driving, talking, smiling, coaching, days on end.

And how Joke managed to feed all these people, these hungry, spiritual people, is beyond my imagination. Chapeau dear Joke!

Temperatures are for weeks now above 30 degrees Celsius and there is no rain. The beautiful green grass is slowly turning yellow, the river is drying out and it is too hot to work in the garden! But the guests love it! Of course they do.


Groups from Sweden, let by the lovely Kristina. Groups from Germany let by the wonderful Thomas Young. A group about  sacred femininity led by Jan Cercone. Groups from Canada, Switzerland, Russia, and Argentina. And of course the groups from Stavoor, the ‘pensionados.’ And the ‘Goddesses from the south of Holland. How could I forget them? Sitting in the garden, having meetings in the big room. Going out to visit special places. Listening to Ani Williams playing the harp, or David Bailey playing on the piano. They had so much fun. And so much happened during all the ceremonies that were being held. Much healing, much forgiving, much crying and much joy. I was honored and grateful to take part in some of them.

Special moments

I have shown you numerous pictures of the most beautiful places in the area of Rennes-le-Chateau and beyond. But every time new wonderful, lovely, beautiful, emotional and hilarious pictures come up. They just appear in front of my camera!?  Just like that. Let me show you some.

Les Labadous

Or ‘La Source’ as we should call it now, in the valley of Les Labadous. We were happily surprised by the visit of our son Ewout and his partner Madelon and our lovely granddaughter Lola. She really loved the place!

Special places

There are so many special places in and around Rennes-le-Chateau that I don’t know where to begin. Besides you have already seen most of them. So let me show you a few of the places that have not been mentioned before. Or that are in a special light. Such as this delightful lunch of Crevettes (Shrimps). Or being born again n the birthing cave. Look at the Fontaine des Amours, the magic waterfall. Or the lighting up in the cave of Mary Magdalene. Take a look at the vultures flying over the area. Admire the sunset at Les Labadous. Admire this lovely lady sitting near the Pic Canigou. Feel for Jesus in his lonely cave in Baulou. Enjoy the ‘Vide Grenier’ at Esperaza. There is so much to enjoy!


I have taken you on many, many tours. But every time something happens. Something new, something unexpected. And then some special pictures are taken. So for your pleasure pictures of some old and some new places and of course some new pictures. It is such a magnificent area!

There was a trip to the Chateau Templiers, also called Chateau Albedun, with a sunning view on the Bugarach. And of course a trip to the Gorges de Galamus with the Hermitage de St Antoine. See the kneeling of the true believers and see some of the astonished faces. And the cave of Perillos is almost a must, see how the women spread their ‘wings’ in the cave. And see how this little green frog is enjoying their attention. On the way back we always stop at Duilhac s/Peyrepertuse, to drink from the source that will make you ’amoureux!’  Feeling in love, feeling full of love.

Then I visited Door who was staying with her friend Ellen, writing an article about vaccines. On the way to the airport of Montpellier we visited the walled city of Aigues Mortes and sat down looking at the Blue Mediterrenean Sea near Maguelone, where some nuns were just walking by. With the ‘Sacred femininity” group we travelled to Villefrance de Conflent where we visited the famous Grottes les Canalettes. See my special blog about this topic. We also paid a visit to the lovely little church of Castel and went even further up the mountain close to the Pech Canigou . On the way back we crossed the beautiful lake of Caramany and passed the aqueduct at Ansignan.

Almost mandatory is a visit to the Montsegur, where we will always remember and honor, at the monument set up in 1960, the 225 Cathars that were burnt there alive in 1244.

Another popular visit is of Course Rennes-les-Bains, with the Fontaine-des-Amours with this strange sign carved in the rock, with the Fauteuil du Diable, called by some the Seat of Isis and with the Roches Tremblantes where we keep seeing all kinds of different faces.

Carcassonne is of course another  ‘must-see-place.’ Mainly the Cite, a Unesco World Heritage site, a beautiful walled town but very, very busy in the tourist season. A special treat is the signing a capello of 4 or 5 Cossacks from Russia in the basilica in the Cite. What an incredible voices. And in the city itself, on the left border of the river Aude, are several impressive churches and basilica’s. My favorite is the church of St Vincent, so favorite that I even climbed its tower, 253 steps! And last but not least, the labyrinth of Nebias where I was crowned with this beautiful branch.

Orbs and light effects

Orbs, light effects, sunsets, strange cloud formations, they all keep coming to this magical area. And they all are special. Like little, precious paintings. Look at this lovely Canadian women, taking her baby with her to the Cave of Mary Magdalene. Or this woman, touching the Pas de la Roque stone. See the light shining through the hole in the Cave of Perillos. Or through the window in the chapel on top of the Cathar castle of Peyrepertuse. See the cloud formations over the Pech Cardou and over Arques. Watch the strange cloud hovering over Les Labadous. And some real Orbs, on the last day that it rained here, on June 12th. Now there is a very strange Orb in the cave of Mary Magdalene, immediately after a ceremony was held. And of course I could not stop myself from taking this fake Orb picture in the church of St Salvayre.


There is not much to tell about my books. Other than that my book “Mary Magdalene in France,” second print, is selling very well indeed. I just placed my third order to Amazon.com in two months time, for 20 books each.

I also heard, and this is for the Dutch readers, that my e-book “De Orbs Evolutie” can be ordered on Amazon.com.

Now I am busy translating my book “Verschil moet er zijn” from Dutch into American. All with the help of some great friends in the States. I have asked a few people what they think about the book. The men were saying that it is a great book and that I make some excellent points. The women gave different opinions. Most were positive, but they all warned me that this book might ‘piss off’ quite a lot of women in the USA. For it it still not ‘politically correct’ to be critical about women, even if it is for their own good. Just like it happened in the Netherlands some 20 years ago. Well, we will see.


Again, all for your pleasure. A picture of the altar in the Bethlehem cave. See the love and happiness of these two women, taken in the cave of MM. So beautiful, so exciting. The face of Jesus in the cave in Baulou never stops to amaze me. And here our poor dog Ruah, coming back from his trip to the cave of MM, where he accompanied us. Maybe for the last time. And finally our main electrical supply board, as it was before our good friend Arnold set things straight.


NEW EDITION: De Orbs Evolutie
SAMPLER: Mary Magdalene in France


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