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News March 2013

News March 2013

Happy Easter. For this newsletter was written at Easter. It may arrive a little later, but it was written at Easter. When I was thinking of you. And wishing you well. For these are strange times. Times with bad weather, cold in the north and unpredictable here, in the south of France. Times where time seems to flow by. Where days and weeks seem to pass by without notice. Vague times. Unpredictable times. Times where things are changing. Where the world is changing. Where we are changing.  Preparing for some distant, unknown future.



Les Labadous

We had our share of good and bad luck. Think of Joke, where after several months of going from one doctor to another and from one hospital to another, it was finally discovered that she had broken her leg. So 6 weeks after the accident she was cast in plaster and had to rest. No easy task for this busy bee. But, who knows, maybe it was all for the best. Maybe she really needed a rest. Sometimes we need strong signals to do the right thing.

And poor Ruah, our dog. Who one night suddenly started to bleed. It came from deep inside his ear. He shook his head to get rid of it. The whole room was full of blood. And later my car suffered the same fate, as did the room of the veterinarian on duty that night in Limoux. Ruah stayed there for one night. He came home the next day with a tight bandage over his head and a protective, plastic bracelet. See {PIC 01}. He is fine now, although we still don’t know what caused the bleeding.

But we had some good times as well. For not only are we living at the most beautiful place in France, we had some wonderful visitors as well. And the weather was, at times, wonderful. Clear skies, temperatures up to 19 degrees. Then I was just sitting outside, drinking a cup of coffee, reading a book and watching the spring come alive.



Yes, spring is here. And it is amazing. You can feel the energy of the earth, giving birth to all the trees and plants and flowers. Hundreds of birds are singing their magic songs. The air is full of it. One of the birds, a Cirigors {PIC 02} came to my door. And sat there for over 10 minutes. I could even touch it.

But March is still March, the most unpredictable month of the year. So it has also been snowing for a few days. A great opportunity for taking pictures of Orbs. See this picture where the Orbs seem to be blazing away {PIC 03}. And this one with its nice colors {PIC 04}.

And it has also been raining for a few days. Another opportunity for taking pictures. Of the roaring River of Colors {PIC 05}. And at all that water under the bridge {PIC 06}. And see the beautiful, violet colored waterfall {PIC 07}.

Then there is our own little Keukenhof. A place full of daffodils growing along the river {PIC 08}. And our guardians, being this frowning gnome {PIC 09} watching out over Les Labadous and our own Buddha {PIC 10} blessing the place.

And of course my garden. Kept ship-shape by Franklin and myself. It is now fully stocked with roses, dahlias, gladioli, salad, onions and broad beans. And more will be planted later. It is such a joy to work in this garden {PIC 11}.

Maintenance and repairs

This is not so funny. The last couple of years have been hard. It looks as if Les Labadous has undergone and still is undergoing a mid life renovation. Many water pipes have been replaced. Many safety valves have been replaced. Many leakages have been found, some of them ‘working’ for years. Under toilets, under shower cabinets, under washbasins. Lots of tiles have been replaced. And more work is still needed and is being done. Not so bad in itself, but most of the repairs are costly and some of them are a result from poor workmanship in the past and using cheap materials. Which is not so nice. But we will continue!

Getting away

Every few months so many things, bad things and unexpected things happen in such a short time, that it is becoming too much. Huge taxes that have to be paid, within a few weeks. Additional assessments from Dutch organizations responsible for the costs of health care (CVZ) have to be paid, within a few weeks. The gas tank that has to be filled. And now we are all talking about thousands of euros! We need wood for our wood burner. There are urgent and costly repairs. And many other things. It never stops. At such times I just have to get away from Les Labadous. If only for a day.


So I went east. First to Les-Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer. A place that always held a special attraction for me. The wild nature of the Camarque, the blue Mediterranean Sea, the white houses and the magic church. There was a special service in the church. Men in white were carrying banners, even one with the famous words “Deus lo vult” {PIC 12}, meaning “God wills it.” Words spoken by pope Urbanus II in 1095 when he called for the First Crusade to the Holy Land. How easy it is to say that God wants it!

The church itself is built like a fortress {PIC 13}. It is a special place, built over a sweet water well {PIC 14}. In a show window are some amazing women, like this woman, looking like Kali {PIC 15}. And in the crypt the beautiful statue of Sarah, dressed every time in different robes {PIC 16}. Outside the sun is shining. And from the seaside we have a nice view on this magic place. A combination of sea and salt, of horses and flamingos, of gypsies and music, of shops and restaurants and a fair and a church {PIC 17}.

The cave of Mary Magdalene

Next I went to the cave of Mary Magdalene in the Baume Massif, to the northeast of Marseille. The roads leading to Plan d’Aups, where the Hostellerie La Ste Baume is located and from where you start climbing to the cave, are dangerous. Dangerous in itself because they are small, steep and curving. But extra dangerous because they are frequented by hundreds of motorbikes. Driving too fast and recklessly overtaking cars. Be careful please!

The climb starts at the ‘place of the three oaks.’ Only one is surviving now. It was busy. Many families were there with old people and with children. It was no easy climb for there was still some snow and it was slippery. After half an hour you reach the cave. Have a look at the caretakers of this place, a very special place, a sacred place, well before the time of Jesus and Mary Magdalene {PIC 18}. Then there is a very realistic crucifixion scene {PIC 19}. The inside of the cave is wet and lit by many candles. It is magic {PIC 20}. There are several statues of Mary Magdalene {PIC 21}. And the stained glass windows over the entrance are magnificent {PIC 22}. In one of the corners is a small water pool. Water is dripping in, causing these wonderful ripples {PIC 23}. There is also a chest with a bone of Mary Magdalene. And a curious scene below. Where it looks as if Mary Magdalene, fleeing the Holy Land in a boat, is tending to Jesus who is still suffering from his wounds {PIC 24}.


Good news. The castle in Rennes-le-Chateau, Chateau Hautpoul, where according to some the foundations date from the 6th century, has been sold. To a young Parisian Couple. The present owners, Marius Fatin and his sister, can stay in the castle. It sounds a bit like Noel Corbu who bought the domain of Sauniere in 1946 from Marie Denarnaud and allowed her to stay in the Presbytere until her death in 1953. Anyway the first repairs are carried out on the roof of the castle. And the garden around the castle looks a lot nicer.

The roads around Rennes-le-Chateau also undergo a facelift. The road at the back of Les Labadous, going up the hill to the farms of Soubirous and Pailheres, has been rerouted and is now paved over. Making it much easier to go to the cave of Mary Magdalene {PIC 25}. The road from Les Labadous to Le Carla and the road from Rennes-le-Chateau to the EDF building opposite the Intermarche in Couiza, will also be paved.


Even during wintertime we have people visiting Les Labadous. Friends of course. And people who are planning to stay at Les Labadous with a group. For seminars, healing sessions, spiritual activities or sacred tours. Like Chloe who just came out of the birthing cave {PIC 26}. Or people like Myriam with her husband Hans, who were very much drawn to this place. Especially to the places where Mary Magdalene stayed. And the places where she could still feel the energy of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Those are special encounters. It was as if, after almost 2.000 years, I met Mary Magdalene again! Here in the cave of Mary Magdalene {PIC 27} where she held this beautiful crystal skull, made of amethyst, next to this fearsome head {PIC 28}. And here in the enigmatic church of St Salvayre {PIC 29}.

An old schoolteacher of Franklin accompanied by his sister in law also paid us a visit. Together with Paul Labohm, who lives in Sougraigne. At dinner they recalled old school memories. It was great fun. Later we made a short tour through the country. Past the impressive, male mountain Bugarach and the village of Cubieres. Then we came to the Gorges de Galamus. Always a magnificent sight. Then onward to St Paul de Fenouillet, for a cup of coffee in the lovely village square. Next to Maury and then to the Cathar castle of Queribus. An awesome sight {PIC 30}. Down to Cucugnan with the Mill of Omer {PIC 31} and Marie Enceinte in the church {PIC 32}. We walked through the village {PIC 33} and had a great lunch in the restaurant at the entrance of the village. Sitting outside in the sun. Then we turned back. On the way back we had a look at Peyrepertuse, the largest Cathar castle {PIC 34}. And in Duilhac s/Peyrepertuse we drank some water from their famous source. Where it is written that drinking this water will make you amorous {PIC 35}. Well who knows?


My book “Verschil moet er zijn” meaning “There must be differences” will definitely be published by Uitgeverij Aspekt. They love it. I only had to rewrite the Introduction. It will be published this autumn.

Abraham Tol has almost finished my two e-books. Written in English with hundreds of pictures. About Mary Magdalene in France and about Orbs.

Franklin will publish my book “Jamie sur son nuage.” The beautiful French translation was made by Christelle. It will be printed in Quillan.

I went to Peter and Anneke in Belvianes to learn a bit more about the way of American tourists and especially about professional American tourist companies. That was very useful. Thank you so much, dear people. Here a picture of Anneke who had just returned from the USA {PIC 36}. And in their garden I found this lovely statue of Jesus {PIC 37}.

The first Vide Grenier, or Car Boot Sale was held in Quillan {PIC 38}. It was organized by the English Library. So now I have plenty of books to help me through the season!

And to conclude this newsletter a picture of the beautiful skies over our place {PIC 39} and a picture of wild daffodils and black grapes, all in Eastern colors of yellow and blue {PIC 40}.


News April 2013
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