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News and Pictures November 2012

The days are getting shorter. Night stretches into morning. Colours are sharpening. Mist is creeping in. The rain is flowing. Clear skies turn into clouds. The wind is strong. And we, we too are changing. Preparing for the winter. Preparing for the Apocalypse, the Apocalypse that will never come.

The world at La Source did not stand still. Much has happened here and much is happening. Let me tell you what happened in October and what our plans are for the winter and for 2013.


If you want any of these pictures in higher resolution or if you want a further explanation, be my guest and mail me.


To see all pictures in a slide show just click on the image.




Autumn is setting in. Starting with beautiful clear skies. And colours so bright that they hurt the eye {PIC 01}. The clouds sharpen up {PIC 02}. Then mist appears. Drifting over the valley. Caressing mount Cardou {PIC 03}. And gently stroking the Camp Grand at Couiza {PIC 04). People go out, looking for mushrooms and chestnuts {PIC 05}. Then the wind comes, and the clouds {PIC 06}. Stormy clouds, breaking up over the mighty mount Bugarach {PIC 07}.


La Source/Les Labadous


Our place is beautiful. Beautiful in all seasons. But October is special. When the ivy on the big house turns red {PIC 08}. And the big black poplar trees shine for the last time this year {PIC 09}. When the fruits and berries come out for the birds {PIC 10}. And the birds return, hundreds of them. When the light plays tricks on us. Producing beautiful straight rays {PIC 11} and UFO-like objects in the sky {PIC 12}. When the river roars, coloured brown {PIC 13}. When strange clouds appear overhead {PIC 14}. And the leaves in the river produce wonderful, patterns {PIC 15}.



My garden

My beautiful garden. I am so proud of my garden, or rather the garden of Franklin and me. It has been so generous. My freezer is full of tomatoes. We have eaten lots of berries, French beans, melons, salads, courgettes, herbs and more much more. And the flowers. The roses {PIC 16}, the dahlias {PIC 17} so beautiful. Look at the harvest of one day {PIC 18} and the flowers gracing my little altar table {PIC 19}. Thank you, dear garden, thank you Mother Earth.



It’s been a busy month. With Femke and Simone moving back to the Netherlands. They found a house in Egmond aan zee, a nice, little house, close to the sea. A house that reminded her of the house where she spent her youth in Petten. Dunes, fresh and salty air, the sound of the sea and not too busy.


Here a picture of Femke, visiting for the last time, this year, all those beautiful places of the Pays Cathare. In this case the Fontaine des Amours {PIC 20}


She is settling in quite well and I am confident that very soon she will have a large clientele for her wonderful light therapy. Femke, together with her sophisticated Chiren equipment, really works wonders. Do not hesitate to contact her.


At this moment Joke and Franklin are in the Netherlands. With a car full of stuff for Femke {PIC 21}. And a whole lot of friends and family to visit. They will be back on November 4th.


Then it is my turn to go to Holland. With another car full of stuff. Like a miniature furniture van. To visit my sons and sisters, my bank, my accountant, my publisher and lots of friends. I will be back at les Labadous on November 18th.


If you need anything from France or me, just tell me.



Domestic problems

Not a month passes by without domestic problems. Or financial problems. They keep popping up at the most unexpected and certainly the most unpleasant moments. But that is life. Life on a large domain in the south of France. And, according to some of my psychic friends, these are all lessons. Useful lessons that we still had to learn.


It is funny, but it is as if all things that are not perfect, are now being removed and corrected. Copper pipes that were not well isolated, sprung in the uncommonly freezing cold and harsh winds of last winter. Mowing and sawing machines had to be replaced. The septic tank has to be replaced. Hundreds of roof tiles had to be replaced. Old copper pipes on the ceiling started to corrode and leak. The list goes on and on.


Maybe our domain is acting like we are. Clearing its karma.



Every year we have several groups of the Stavoor Company. Following training courses to prepare them for a new life. The life of the pensioners, the famous “pensionados.” So the people who are about to quit their work, come to us with their partners. Preparing for a new life. It is a useful training and the people love it. And Joke and I, we each play our part in the process.


I will take them to the church in Rennes-le-Chateau, the church of the Million-dollar priest Sauniere. The church with the 96 anomalies. And I will tell them about the magic, mysteries, treasures and secrets of Rennes-le-Chateau. Wonderful stories. Next I will take them to the Cave of Mary Magdalene, a stiff 3-hour walk. But they fix it, all these 60+ people. Chapeau! See {PIC 22}.


And Joke teaches them how to work with clay. Creating their present (2012) and future (2017) situations {PIC 23} on clay tablets. Wonderful, giving them a touch of spirituality and playfulness and having a lot of fun {PIC 24} when viewing and discussing the results.

Guided tours


We have still done a few guided tours. Most of the time in the vicinity of Rennes-le-Chateau. With the days shortening we can’t go too far away and be back before dark. But there is much to be seen in the area. Let me take you to some of the well-known places. To Coustaussa with the Camp Grand, the capitelles and the castle {PIC 25}, to Serres with its beautiful bridge and its view of the Pech Cardou {PIC 26}, to Arques with its enigmatic castle {PIC 27}, to Rennes-les-Bains with its warm water spring {PIC 28}, its lovely square {PIC 29}, its Fontaine des Amours {PIC 30-32}, its eerie plateau with the Roche Tremblante, the silent trees {PIC 33} where time seems to stand still and the magic forest with its strange curves {PIC 34}, the Hermitage de St Antoine in the Gorges de Galamus with the statue of Jesus {PIC 35} and the church built in the rock {PIC 36}, the Cathar castles of Queribus {PIC 37} and Peyrepertuse {PIC 38} and Marie Enceinte, the pregnant Mary in Cucugnan {PIC 39}.

Old friends


May old friends and many family members have visited Les Labadous this year. As if the wanted to say goodbye to the place, or maybe to renew their friendship. Or because they wanted to see it before it might be sold, or before the Apocalypse on December 21st. Among them Lodewijk the eldest brother of Franklin. He really enjoyed the place, as well as the wine {PIC 40}. And loved to help us with cutting up this dead old tree {PIC 41}.

The weather


Now it is getting colder. The weather is changing. So strange. It is much colder then usual and there are many days of stormy winds. It is as if El Niño is coming again. For not only here, but also elsewhere in Europe and America the weather is playing up. I hope that we will have fixed our roofs before the rains really hit us. Well our friend Maarten, another Dutchman living in France, is certainly doing his best {PIC 42}. But now, at the end of the month, most leaves have fallen {PIC 43}.

Photographic tours


As you all know I love to take pictures. There is so much beauty in this land of the Cathars. Several times I have been touring with friends who just loved to take pictures of the places I showed them. But now there may be a new opportunity. Taking pictures of people, especially women. I love to take pictures of women.


They are a thing of beauty. And somehow I have learned to take pictures of them in their “natural” state. Meaning not posing or freezing in front of the camera, but natural, relaxed, serious or smiling. Pictures that come out more beautiful when taken in this beautiful landscape. Let me show you some examples of my friend Nicolya, taken at the Fontaine des Amours {PIC 44}, amidst autumn colours {PIC 45}, in the enchanted forest of Rennes-les-Bains {PIC 46}, the Roch Tremblante {PIC 47}, in front of the Pech Cardou {PIC 48}, at one of the capitelles, {PIC 48} and at Labadous with our friendly gnome {PIC 50}. So if you want to make a nice Photo reportage of yourself or one of your friends, just let me know!



You won’t believe it but it is true. Really true. No tricks. The pictures I took this month took my breath away. It looks indeed as if there is some kind of evolution going on in the way the Orbs present themselves. Now with more colours then ever before. First another picture of Labadous in the rain. Always a wonderful time to “catch” Orbs {PIC 51}. But then, on the spur of the moment, or maybe I was spurred on by the Orbs, I took a picture, in the rain, with my camera pointing straight up in the sky. And here the most beautiful colours appeared. Look at this enlarged section {PIC 52} and at this full-scale picture {PIC 53}. Of course you have to clean up and dry your camera and yourself afterwards, but it was well worth it.

Special events and special prices


Please look again at Winter Program 2012 for La Source. There we made some special offers for the magical days in December. The days of the Apocalypse. The gites and B&B’s in Bugarach are all fully booked. But we still have place.


And also note the offer we made with respect to our gites. Special prices for January, February and March 2013. That is of course, if we survive the Apocalypse.


Our 2013 Program

We have several reservations for groups in 2013. And we expect a few more. However for the weeks in between those reservations we have developed two very special tours. Tours based on the success of our guided tours in the past years. Tours to places that are hard to find. Tours to relatively unknown places. Tours to places with a special energy. Tours to places where we can meditate. Tours to sacred places. Tours to places of great beauty. And tours to places of sorrow and joy.


Travelling in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene. And experiencing the beauty of the Pays Cathare.


Click here for the details of the tours.


And let me know if you are interested to participate in one of those tours and in what period you would like to go. Then I can, with the help of Femke, organize everything.





Program 2013 The beauty of the Pays Cathare
Pictures October 2012


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