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Jaap Adventures is pleased to announce its intent for opening its presence on the web for those that have similar aspirations in terms of interests, art and publication in context of your own experience.


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Easter Morning ~ Val Wineyard

Val Wineyard, a close friend of mine and professional writer. This article is an extract from the book by Val Wineyard, "Mary, Jesus and the Charismatic Priest."  For details click here


Then the court proceedings were interrupted by Claudia Procula, the wife of Pontius Pilate with her plea for Jesus.

    Pilate decided to solve the problem and save Jesus by letting one prisoner go, being sure they would choose Jesus as there was no evidence against him.  Here he made a great error of judgement but he was “twitchy” - he had only 6,000 soldiers to keep the peace over 250,000 Jews.  A mob had gathered outside the courtroom and the Sabbath was the next day, the first day of a week-long holiday when no Jews would work.  The Jews cried for Barabbus to be released.

    Pontius did not want another protest or uprising on his hands.  He took an immense risk in offering to release Jesus, for it would have left him open himself to a charge of treason, but he tried. Everyone in the Roman world was twitchy about the emperor, mad, paranoic Tiberius who had power of immediate life-or-death over all of them.


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Marie-France Lebailly and I

Marie-France Lebailly PaintingsI met Marie France in 1995 in Rennes-le-Château. She was the owner of the famous restaurant La Pomme Blue. A very gifted painteré and an excellent cook. Her dining room, there were not many tables, was covered with paintings of her. It was magic. Can you imagine?


To be in Rennes-le-Château, one of the most magical places in the world, on top of a hill with a magnificent view all around, in a lovely restaurant or outside on the cosy veranda, next to one of the oldest castles in France, the Chateau Hautpoul, with her beautiful paintings on the wall and eating the most delicious salads while drinking a glass of cold Rosé. What more do you want?


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Marie-France Paintings


Marie-France Lebailly

Marie-France Lebailly, famous for her paintings of beautiful women. Of angels, like herself. Of mysterious women. Women with that magic look in their face.

And that wonderful bearing. Her women are incredibly attractive. We can look for hours at her paintings and then, slowly, begin to understand something of the magic of women. They are like Goddesses.


© Marie-France Lebailly

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Marie-France and Jamie

Marie-France Labeilly ~ Mary MagdelenI was so impressed by the love and the beauty of her paintings that I asked her to make a painting for my book. I am writing a book about Mary Magdalene in France.

She made a wonderful painting of Mary Magdalene. Capturing the beauty, the love, the wisdom and the compassion of that extraordinary woman in a perfect way.

Look at this painting of her in red. With the roses, the skull, the book, the cross, the castle in the background and the people to whom she preached her wonderful message.


© Copyright Images t Marie-France-Lebaily

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