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News June/July 2013

News June/July 2013

So much has happened and so much is happening that I just could not write the June newsletter in June. Even now, in July, I am hard pressed for time. So this will be a combined June/July newsletter.

What has happened?

Well I have had the pleasure of guiding quite a lot of people in this magic area. Pierre and Colette, Elizabeth, the group of Sylvia and Benigna, Brooke and Lynn, Door, Danielle and others. Going away as far as St-Maximin-la-Ste-Baume. Touring for days on end. Most of the time it was wonderful and we had fantastic experiences. But also, from time to time, there were highly emotional situations. Where I had to supply some of my down-to-earth energy to the person in need.

 Then good friends came to visit, like Etienne. And my son Ewout with Madelon and our granddaughter Lola.

 My books too took a lot of time. Correcting “Mary Magdalene in France.” Correcting “The Beauty and Message of Orbs.” Correcting my Dutch book “Verschil moet er zijn”, meaning, “There must be some differences” (between men and women) and getting my book “Jamie sur son nuage” printed in France and published on CreateSpace. I even had time to work on my cookbook for men!

 Also I took some time to post images on a nice site that enables me to sell images in a diverse manner (canvas, print, poster etc) and in sizes people would like. Naturally I just posted a few of my favorite images, but in case you like I can put other on this site for you to order. For an impression see: http://JaapRameijer.werkaandemuur.nl

However most of the time and certainly most of my energy, and my money, was spent on making a new septic tank. What a job. I never knew that there were so many rocks in the garden. Incredible. 

But now, happy, happy, I can look forward to two weeks off. Two weeks in the USA! My good friend Elizabeth {PIC 01}, who I had the pleasure of guiding in this magic area, has invited me to stay in her house, near Chicago, from July 12th to July 28th. Giving presentations about Mary Magdalene, setting up tours to the South of France and helping her with a book about her father. One more reason to combine the June and July newsletters.


I have visited many places during the past ten years. And since two years, since the start of my newsletters, I have been telling you where I went and what I experienced. Colourful stories, illustrated by beautiful and sometimes very strange pictures.

I will not show you the pictures that you have already seen before. But several new and equally strange pictures. I will not tell you with whom I went to what place. That would be too complicated.

But I will give you the highlights of my tours in the area around Rennes-le-Chateau, the Sacred Area, and of the tours going east,  west and north. You will find these in the later part of this article.


So nice. The spring season in this area has been wetter than normal. Considerably wetter. Like elsewhere in Europe. As a result the land is green. Much greener than normal. It sometimes hurts my eye! And much of the land is covered with flowers. I have never seen so many flowers as in these past months. At times it looked as if a carpet of flowers was covering the land. Here a small selection of the most beautiful flowers {PIC 54 – 57}.

Les Labadous

In the first weeks of June it was wet. The river flew high {PIC 58} and everything was green. Then the weather improved and the first weeks of July were hot, 30 degrees Celsius, and dry. Our angel on the veranda is basking in the sun {PIC 59} and the garden needs water every day. Luckily we got the water pump going. We, especially Franklin, did a good job of marketing Les Labadous, registering us with various tourist organizations and putting up Labadous signs {PIC 60}.

 Then in a quiet period we started the work on our new septic tank. The last of the major renovations of Les Labadous. What a job. We hired an excavator and our friend in difficult times, our much appreciated handyman Arnold, knew how to operate the machine. Here you see him at work, digging a one-meter wide sleeve of 50 meters length in our lawn. And this is what it looks like when that work is done {PIC 62}. But it is only half the work. Then the sleeve has to be equalized or slowly sloping down and filled with gravel, 10 cubic meters. Next a special tube with holes is inserted, more gravel is put in and finally the hole is filled up with earth. Then the land has to be flattened, meaning all big stones must be removed first, and most of the others stones have to be removed as well before new grass seeds can be sown. Here some pictures showing how Axel is lifting up the telephone wires {PIC 63}, where the gravel is dumped {PIC 64}, how much fun Joke seems to have {PIC 65} and the workers Arnold {PIC 66} and Franklin {PIC 67}. The work is still in progress. And how curious, this cloud over Les Labadous neatly resembles a sleeve {PIC 67a}.


My dear friend Door came over for a week. She was exhausted and needed some rest. She needed to be ‘re-energized.’ And I understand, I fully understand. For she is writing a book about vaccines. I have read the manuscript and it is like a horror story. Even though it is written in a gentle and loving way. But the things she describes are totally beyond belief. Pharmaceutical industries are making billions of dollars, producing vaccines that are no longer necessary and are full of poison or other harmful substances.

Door is a mother who followed her intuition, who refused to have her daughters vaccinated. For years she had to defend her decision to all and everyone. But now she is the role model for countless mothers who do not want to vaccinate their children either. Mothers who are not informed properly, or even lied to, by the doctors vaccinating their children. Mothers who don’t know that vaccinating is not mandatory in the Netherlands. Thank God. Or mothers who had their children vaccinated and are now suffering the consequences. Who have babies and children that are ruined for life. Every day she listens to their stories and gives the mothers, and fathers, the best support she can. She has done a lot of research and interviewed many people. It is all in her soon to be published book.

She needed a rest. And she also wanted to talk to Ellen, who is living near Nimes. Ellen is a wonderful, very determined supporter of banishing vaccines and other harmful products. She keeps a finger on the pulse of the world of medicines and writes a weekly blog called “Aleph.” My respect goes out to these two formidable ladies. They are doing a wonderful job. Chapeau!  

Here a picture of Door and Ellen {PIC 68}, relaxing after talking for hours about vaccines and related topics. The next day Door and I did some sight seeing. We went to Tarascon-sur-Rhone, with its majestic castle and its church dedicated to Martha. Here, it is said, Martha, the sister of Mary Magdalene, defeated a dragon, holding a cross in front of the beast. The dragon is still there. Look at this picture of “Door and the Dragon.” What a good title for a book! Where the dragon could very well be the Pharmaceutical industry. Yes Door, very good, show them your teeth! {PIC 69}. Then we went to Arles. A lovely place. With a huge amphitheatre {PIC 70} and of course the café of Vincent van Gogh {PIC 71}. The last place to visit was Les-Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer. With Door and Sarah in the crypt of the church dedicated to the ND de la Mer {PIC 72}. And look at this sign, “Faith, Hope and Love,” the symbol of the town, so adequately placed next to this young lady {PIC 73}.


Every year we have special groups. Groups that keep returning to Les Labadous. Like the Stavoor groups, like the group of Reint and Grabriela, like the crystal skull group and many others. But the Goddesses, led by Sylvia and Benigna, carry a beauty of their own. They have so much fun, they do such wonderful work, so much healing and so much love, that they really are shining at the end of the week. Here two pictures of the Goddesses, posing in front of Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 74} and on their way to the cave of Mary Magdalene {PIC 75}. And here they are all ‘shining’ and all dressed up at the end of the week {PIC 76}.

Orbs and special light effects

It never stops. The pictures of Orbs and special light effects. But this time we got some extra special pictures. But let me first show you some beautiful light effects. Purple clouds in the broom {PIC 77}, in the poppies {PIC 78} and in the basilica of St Maximin {PIC 79}. The sun shining over the ND de la Mer in Les Stes Maries de la Mer {PIC 80}. And the always beautiful light effects in the rock church in the Gorges de Galamus {PIC 81}. Then some ‘regular Orbs at Les Labadous {PIC 82}.

But now some really special Orbs. First the Orbs, multiple Orbs surrounding Danielle in one of the initiation caves of the Cathars {PIC 83}. And next the ORBs covering Danielle and me {PIC 84}. And finally, these strange streaks of light, over the statue of Jesus in the church of Martha in Tarascon-sur-Rhone {PIC 85}. And no dear friends, this was no accident, for exactly 5 seconds later the strange lights had gone {PIC 86}.

The wedding of Ankie and Rob

My friend and writer Ankie Nolen, we have the same publisher, got married. With Rob van der Gaast. An old friend, who suddenly, but most likely with the help of the Grand Nautonnier, turned up in her life.

It was a wonderful ceremony, conducted in the town hall and in the church of Saint Martin Lys. All her friends and half the Dutch ‘colony’ in the Languedoc were present. Including our friends Tobi and Gerda from Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 87}. Here we see the happy couple in their house {PIC 88}. And toasting the crowd with a glass of Blanquette {PIC 89}.


Various pictures

In the church dedicated to St Peter and St Paul in St Paul de Fenouillet are two very ancient, very special statues. We were allowed, after special permission, to take pictures. Look at the beautiful face of Mary Magdalene {PIC 90} and the serene face of the Virgin Mary {PIC 91}.

Another picture of Elizabeth, falling in love with this beautiful statue, made by the Swiss sculptor Ours {PIC 92}.

Then the tours to the cave of Mary Magdalene go on and on. This week I celebrated my 100th visit to these magic caves. Here is your guide {PIC 93} and here is the view from the cave on Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 94}.


Finally my books. Things are taking off. My book “Jamie on his cloud,” published by Local Legend, has been nominated for the Peoples Book Price in England.


You can still vote for me. See my Newsletter on this in May.


Jamie on his cloud has been translated in French, “Jamie sur son nuage” and will be published here in France.

My dear friend Abraham Tol, a wizard with computors, webdesigner, my webmaster and book editor (www.atol-solutions.com) has transformed my book “Mary Magdalene in France” into an e-book. It will be published, after approval of the proof, by CreateSpace and Amazon.com. This means you can buy a hard-copy book on demand at reasonable prices. The same thing will happen for my book “Jamie sur son nuage”. That too will become available as e-book. And I just completed the last corrections and added some new pictures to my book “The Beauty and Message of Orbs.” That book will also be ‘made into’ an e-book by Abraham and will become available on short notice. I am very proud of these three books and expect them to sell well. The are so beautiful and so well illustrated.

Finally my book “Verschil moet er zijn” or “There must be differences,” will be published this autumn by my Dutch publisher Uitgeverij Aspekt. The cover will be made using this lovely painting, in love, made by Marie-France Lebailly {PIC 95}. If the book is a success, then an English version might be made. Who knows.

The magic area

My favourite spots are first of all the cave of Mary Magdalene, the Birthing cave and the Jesus cave. A Holy Trinity of caves, all quite near to Les Labadous. Close by is also the Aven cave where the water was still dripping from the rocks {PIC 02}. The entry to the birthing cave was graced by two beautiful white flowers {PIC 03}. And in the cave of Mary Magdalene this strange drawing could be found. I don’t know if it is man-made or natural, if it is old or new, but it is magic {PIC 04}. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Then of course there is Rennes-le-Chateau. With its enigmatic church, it’s villa Bethania, the Tour Magdalena {PIC 05} and it’s museum. And the Jardin de Marie. The restaurant Le Dragon has just reopened, with new owners.

My other favourite is of course Rennes-les-Bains. With its hot springs, its Fontaine des Amours {PIC 06}, its Roches Tremblantes {PIC 07} with a doorway into other dimensions {PIC 07a}, the Capitelles {PIC 08}, the Fauteuil du Diable, called by some the Seat of Isis {PIC 09} and the source Le Cercle. Close by is Montferrand with its ancient water reservoir {PIC 10} and a little further, near Fourtou, the source of the river Sals. A steady stream of water bubbling out of the rocks.

Then Alet-les-Bains. With its beautiful abbey, its church with the strange drawings, l’Eveche, the old palace of the bishop and now a B&B and very good restaurant, its famous free water supply, the magic Galerie des Anges run by Lorrie and Eugine and its Vide Grenier (garage sale) {PIC 11}. And of course, on the hill east of Alet, the enigmatic church of St. Salvayre.

Then there is Bugarach. Known by the whole world after the media hype during the Apocalypse of December 21st 2013. But the mountain is still a magic mountain. I can’t get enough of it. Look at the four pictures I took {PIC 12-15}}. And its strange church, with the ship of destiny {PIC 16} and the stained glass windows without faces.

To the south we have the Source of the Mother Goddess in Campagne-les-Bains, shown many times before, the lovely church of Brenac {PIC 17}, the labyrinth of Nebias {PIC 18} and of course Joke’s beautiful shop La Renaissance in Quillan.


Near East

Going east we have two destinations. The Near East and the Far East. The Near East starts in the little church of Cubieres. Next we enter the famous Gorges de Galamus, looking down at the River Agly, full of water and love {PIC 19}. Then entering the Hermitage of St Anthony with the church inside the rock {PIC 20}. A place where the light allows for magic pictures to be taken {PIC 21}. Then down into the valley to St Paul de Fenouillet. Famous for its wine, A.O.C Roussillon. And its cosy market square {PIC 22}. In the church dedicated to St Peter and St Paul we saw this tableau of the Last Supper, where the person next to Jesus is clearly a woman {PIC 23}. Further east we come to magic places like Queribus, Cucugnan, Peyrepertuse, Padern, Tuchan, Opoul, Tautavel and Collioure. And of course the magic cave of Perillos. The cave itself is hard to find, but  here is the entrance {PIC 24}.


Far East

In the Far East are many beautiful places. Great places to visit. Think of Narbonne, Beziers, Agde, St Gilles, Beaucaire, Tarascon sur Rhone, Aigues Mortes, Les-Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer, Marseille, Aix-en-Provence, St-Maximin-la-Ste-Baume and the cave of Mary Magdalene in Plan d’Aups. And there are more interesting places still farther away. Let me show you some new pictures of St Maxinin-la-Ste-Baume, of the cave of Mary Magdalene and of Les-Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer.

First the cave of Mary Magdalene in the Baume Massif. Look at La Source de Nans on the way up, along the Road of the Kings {PIC 25}. And the life size scene of the Crucifixion {PIC 26}. Admire the moving Pieta in front of the cave {PIC 27}. And the beautiful stained glass windows inside the cave {PIC 28}. And bow to the statues of Mary Magdalene {PIC 29} and {PIC 30}.

Then the Basilica dedicated to La Sainte Marie Madeleine in St-Maximin-la-Ste-Baume. I have shown you many, many pictures in previous newsletters, but I hope these are new.

First of all the view on the basilica, seen from the hotel Le Couvent Royal {PIC 31}. Then the golden statue near the altar {PIC 32}. And Jesus bleeding from his side and his hands, a sure sign that he was still alive {PIC 33}. A lovely little statue from the Sacristy {PIC 34}. The powerful image of Mary Magdalene at the entrance of the crypt {PIC 35} and a new picture of Mary Magdalene standing at the cross next to the horse of centurion Petronius {PIC 36}.

Finally Les-Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer. First the inside of the church. Built to look like a castle {PIC 37}. Then Sarah, the daughter of Jesus and Mary Magdalene, or the maidservant of Maria Jacoba and Maria Salome, or an Egyptian princess, or the head of the tribe living in the Camarque. Patron Saint of the Gypsies {PIC 38}. Then the crypt itself, empty for just a few moments {PIC 39}. And a view of the sea, the Mediterranean Sea with a strange cloud formation. {PIC 40}. And here, in my time off, the favourite dish of the town. Moules et frites, avec un pichet de rose {PIC 41}.


Going west is always special. Going to the area of the Montsegur and the initiation caves of the Cathars. To the Ariege and the high Pyrenees. After passing the chateau Puivert, the castle of the troubadours, we come to Belesta. It was Sunday so the church, the ND du Val d’Amour, was open and we could see the Black Madonna in the Crypt {PIC 42}. There is a well in the same crypt and also this beautiful, simple face of Mary {PIC 43}. Next stop is the Montsegur. With the field where 225 Cathars were burned alive on March 16th 1244. The field is now full of Flowers {PIC 44}. The climb to the Montsegur is always some sort of pilgrimage. And it is such an imposing view that castle on top of the pog {PIC 45}. Then to the Cave of Bethlehem, one of the initiation caves of the Cathars. The path to the cave was still blocked off, I don’t know why, but we went through nonetheless. Look at the altar stone still shining from moisture {PIC 46} and the famous pentagram {PIC 47}. Then, but only for special people, a visit to the destroyed monastery of Carol in Baulou. Where only Mary Magdalene was spared. And there she is, all alone in her cave. A place full of love as you can see {PIC 48}. On the way back don’t miss the rock church of Vals {PIC 49}. And enjoy the colours of the rock {PIC 50}.



Finally a short trip north. Past Limoux with the church of St Martin, the basilica of the ND de Marceille and the abbey of Polycarpe. Also past the Abbey of St Hilaire where the monks in the 16th century discovered the secret of making champagne, which is called Blanquette in this area. We will pass Carcassonne. It is well worth a visit, but you don’t need a tour guide for that. On to the beautiful ND du Cross, just north-east of Caunes-Minervois, with its Black Madonna and sacred spring. Next we go to the Dolmen de Fades. Seen from the side this time {PIC 51} and also a head-on shot {PIC 52}. Then it is only 15 minutes to the town of Minerve. Protected by two rivers flowing around the place. But it was not enough. In 1210 the place was captured and 140 Cathars were burned alive. This dove hewn out of the rock serves a memory to that incredible atrocity {PIC 53}. 


Touring by myself

Whenever I have the opportunity I will visit places where I have never been before or places recommended by friends. Like here on my way back from Blagnac Airport in Toulouse. Look at the church of Montaut, a place between Pamiers and Mirepoix {PIC 96}. A beautiful renovated church that houses a Black Madonna {PIC 97}. And quite clearly, on a tableau of the Last Supper, the person next to Jesus is a woman {PIC 98}. Then I travelled on and came to the little town of La Bastide sur Lordat. The door to the church was open, so I went in. And in the church I found a very strange painting, most likely Mary Magdalene holding the crown of thorns from Jesus {PIC 99}.



Around Rennes-le-Château
On Nomination in England: Jamie on his Cloud


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