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Maria Magdalene in France (ebook)

Maria Magdalene in France (ebook)
Brand: Jaap Rameijer
Product Code: JA-200EN
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What happened during and after the crucifixion? Did Jesus die on the cross or not? Did Mary Magdalene flee to France? Flee alone, with Jesus or with a group of her followers? Where did she land in France, where did she go and what did she do? On these and more questions Jaap Rameijer has one and sometimes more answers.

What was her relationship with the Knights Templars and with the Cathars? Or for that matter the Holy Grail? Was she a reincarnation of the Mother Goddess? Did she carry the same energy as the Black Madonna’s in France? During his years of research Jaap came up with several important findings.

The book contains hundreds of beautiful photos of Mary Magdalene in various representations. And photos of Black Madonna’s, churches, basilicas, caves, and wonderful sacred places. And of Mary Magdalene in love with Jesus.

Special chapters have been written about Sacred Femininity, about France as the second Holy Land and about a pilgrimage along the most important places where Mary Magdalene is still ‘present’ and venerated. The book concludes with a message for the Christian churches.


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