I am happy and proud to present to you my book published by Aspekt of  â€œMaria Magdalena in Frankrijk” .

It deals with my research and investigations on the following:

Who was Mary Magdalene? What was her relationship with Jesus? What happened during and after the crossing? She fled to France? In these and several questions Jaap Rameijer provides one and sometimes several answers. A book with beautiful illustrations of him.

Jaap has deepened insight into Maria's special relationship with the Cathars and Templars. And the question of who or what exactly is  the Holy Grail. And that Mary Magdalene was a reincarnation of the Mother Goddess or the many Black Madonnas. His years of research has a number of important findings.
This book contains hundreds of beautiful photos. Including images where Jesus and Mary Magdalene deeply in love leaning against each other. There are chapters devoted to the Sacred Feminine and the importance of France as a second Holy Land. Also describes the book a pilgrimage of  main places where Mary Magdalene is "present" and revered. The book ends with a message, advising the Christian Churches.
Soon the Dutch written version of this book will be available in English as an E-book!!