Marie-France Lebailly

Marie-France Lebailly, famous for her paintings of beautiful women. Of angels, like herself. Of mysterious women. Women with that magic look in their face.

And that wonderful bearing. Her women are incredibly attractive. We can look for hours at her paintings and then, slowly, begin to understand something of the magic of women. They are like Goddesses.

She also works on a commission basis. If you send her some pictures of your beloved one and tell her a bit about that person, she will capture her character in a magnificent way. Like a woman dancing, very gracefully, or a woman surrounded by Orbs. It is magic, pure magic.

And to make it even more special she will also paint the angels, or guardian spirits of sacred places. Like the Temple of Montsegur, the last Cathar stronghold. Or the Pech Bugarach, that holy mountain that is said to house a UFO base.

If you want to give your friend a present, a very special present, ask Mary France to make a painting of her.

She will first send you a drawing and later on, if you approve or have some remarks, she will finish the painting.

Just look at some of her paintings.


For more details contact me, or Renaissance.