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Marie-France and Jamie

Marie-France Labeilly ~ Mary MagdelenI was so impressed by the love and the beauty of her paintings that I asked her to make a painting for my book. I am writing a book about Mary Magdalene in France.

She made a wonderful painting of Mary Magdalene. Capturing the beauty, the love, the wisdom and the compassion of that extraordinary woman in a perfect way.

Look at this painting of her in red. With the roses, the skull, the book, the cross, the castle in the background and the people to whom she preached her wonderful message.



Then Jamie came along. My next book. It is the story of a young boy floating on his cloud in the Universe. He is called by the Elders to go down to the earth, for a special task. You see him flying to the earth and being born on a farm near Rhedae, the old name for Rennes-le-Chateau.

He grows up, plays with the spirits and elf’s and gnomes and visits the sacred places in the area with his father.
As a young man he wants to see the world. So he goes to Narbonne, a big city at that time. There he has all kinds of adventures.
With slaves, with a jealous woman, he even goes to prison. When he is released, he is innocent of course, he wants to go home but on the way back his caravan is attacked by bandits. They kill everyone except Jamie and a little girl Silvy. She takes care of him until a Roman patrol arrives to take them to Toulouse. Where they have more adventures.
Finally he comes home, together with Silvy. She is lovingly accepted in the family. Here Jamie waits for something, but he doesn’t know what. Until Mary Magdalene arrives with her group of followers, coming all the way from Palestine. He adores her; he is her guide and her messenger boy.
Goes with her wherever she preaches and is the first to be baptised by her.
Then Jamie fall in love with Joan, a woman who came with Mary Magdalene from Palestine.
But their love is short lived. So tragic. For Jamie is needed Up There, in Heaven, for a new, very important assignment. So he gets an accident and he dies. Silvy takes him to one of the capitelles where he breathes his last breath. At his funeral he gives a sign to Joan that he is now in the Spirit World, that he is fine and that they will meet again in a future life.


© Copyright Images t Marie-France-Lebaily

Marie-France Paintings

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