Jaap Adventures is expanding again after our first year in the new format. Thank you for all your suggestions and comments. We hope you like our new stuff and invite you to browse and check them out. Any remarks, input or other contact us.

New features are:


1. Include photo albums and photos of the month in my newsletter(s) with the option to play a slide show on them;

2. Share my photo albums with our members and visitors. I can upload myself! Tag and provide details of the images. and organize them in categories and albums. You can share via social media, make your bookmarks / favorites, or share with groups that can be made on the site. Naturall you need to be a member of my site and login. A registration form has been made available for such purpose.

3. Keeping you informed via my Blog;

4. Adjust page lenghts with elegant tabs for ease of reading; specialized menus for ease of navigation; like for My products and services;

5. Make tags of my works available in the Cloud so you can find all related materials for a given tag, as you can see above the blog - naturally more tags to make and create which is an on-going thing to do;

6. Some home page changes to include my blog items, promotions and a button link to Photo's of the Month...

With many thanks to Abraham Tol - Atol Solutions!