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Promoting my Jamie on his Cloud

I am happy and proud to present to you my new book “Jamie on his cloud.” A book, I must say, written in a dreamy state of mind. Almost like automatic writing. Sometimes I was smiling while writing. Smiling about the strange adventures of Jamie and his lovely, little girlfriend Silvy. At other times I was shedding a tear, when the story got really emotional.


Together with Val Wineyard, my much appreciated editor and Marie-France Lebailly who made all the wonderful drawings, we put the book together. My friend Franklin Wolff took care of the cover and the design and was responsible for printing the book in Germany. And as it turned out, it is a beauty.

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The story


Jamie on his Cloud ~ Jamie in Love


Jamie is a little boy, drifting on his cloud somewhere in the Universe. He is happy, quite happy. He has many friends. He can’t see them, but they are all connected by invisible wires. He is not hungry, nor thirsty, just happy. Then one day he is called by the Elders, the Spirits who are ruling this part of the Universe. They tell Jamie that he has to go back to the Earth. Jamie doesn’t want to go back. He is happy here. But he had promised to that he would go back, so he will have to go. Besides he has many lessons to learn and an important task is waiting for him. So he agrees. The Elders will select the time and the place for his reincarnation and they show him who his parents will be. For when he is on earth he will need a body and therefore he must be born.


Jamie is mesmerized by Mary Magdalene. What a special woman. And what a wonderful message she is preaching. He wants to be like her and become a Christian. And start a new life. So Jamie is baptized by Mary Magdalene. Now he is part of the group and it doesn’t take long before he falls in love with Joan. She came with Mary Magdalene from  Palestine. They are very much in love. But he does not dare to touch her for fear of doing something wrong. For he promised to be a good Christian. Mary Magdalene smiles and tells him that if two people love each other, they can touch and make love. It is the most wonderful thing in the world.








The book is illustrated by Marie-France Lebailly. A famous paintress living in the area of Rennes-le-Chateau. She makes beautiful paintings of exotic women and of the angels of the Pays Cathare. She was very moved by the story of Jamie. And her drawings reflect her love for Jamie. But also the horror and the sadness he experienced. And the happiness and joy, he knew. It is all there. And it is magic, pure magic.


Marie-France Lebailly Maria Magdelene Pastal

Click on image to view the wonderful illustrations




March 2012
Bugarach safe when the world ends

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