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November News 2019


It has been a long time since we met, in person and on paper.

But then, we live in a special time, predicted a long time ago in books like Revelation, predicted by old tribes and many seers like Nostradamus and Malachi. A time of great transformations, where the Earth is ascending to the 5th dimension and we, the people must follow. A hard and difficult time for most of us. A time where we are being controlled by a small, but extremely  powerful elite, called the Illuminati. A time of highly advanced technology. A time of war, terrorist attacks, religious conflicts. The dangers are coming from every corner. From the Earth itself, with volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, landslides, from the powerful Illuminati, with chem trails, 5G radiation, mind control and microchips, from outer space, with meteors, comets, sun flares, and from our own activities, plundering and destroying the planet, conducting dangerous experiments like artificial intelligence and severely polluting the planet and finally from extraterrestrials circling the earth in their UFO’s and closely observing everything we are doing.

But it is also a time of wonderful revelations, of incredible disclosures, of slowly waking up and realizing who we really are.

Where we are beginning to see that we are not alone in the Universe. And that we are living on a very special, and very beautiful planet. And that we should take good care of our planet. And that we ourselves are wonderful creatures with great powers, like our uncanny creativity. A time of becoming conscious of what is happening in the world. A time where many books, articles and presentations are coming out. Of connecting with the Spirit World. Of incredible TV programs like Ancient Aliens, Explaining the NASA Files,  and more. A time of waking up and beginning to take action, exposing the dark forces on earth. Opposing the Elite, all over the planet. A time where we are slowly, very slowly getting together, as one human race. A time of love and light. And maybe also a time where we wanted to be. To see what is happening and to play a role in it. A time, where we should be grateful to be alive and where we should be privileged to experience all these wonderful things.

It is in fact the story of my latest book: From Annunaki to Illuminati, from slave to slave. Written in Dutch, but it could  easily be translated in English, if you want, my dear friends. Just let me know.

Old friends and new books.

Just before I left for France my good friend Maarten Oversier paid me a visit. He is a famous regression therapist, who is very busy now, giving lectures, conducting healing sessions and finally, writing a long overdue book. He has so many important stories to tell, that he just had to write this book. To share his knowledge and experience with the people, to help them understand the importance of what happened in previous lives. And to heal them. But writing a book is not easy, especially not if you have so much information, information that should be shared. Look at my own book about Annunaki and Illuminati.

I once drove with him to the north of France, to a meeting with friends, a four hour drive. And we talked for 4 hours about his work, why he started doing it and his many, many experiences. I wish we had recorded those conversations. It would be a great book or a series of interviews. I was happy to give him some advice while we shared a cheese fondue.

Halle, Belgium

On my way south I stayed for one night with another good friend, who lives in Belgium. Peter Vereecke. He is writing a book called: Peter in Wonderland. Not too many pages, easy to read, a book for ‘dummies’ about about conspiracy theories and what he calls the ‘Club El’. What I call ‘The Elite’. Very interesting.

My dear friend Door joined us later that day and we had a wonderful dinner in one of those famous Belgian restaurants. The next morning we, Door and I, paid a visit to the Sint-Martinus basilica in Halle, close to Brussels. Where we stared at the beautiful Black Madonna giving her breast to her baby. Then Door went back home to continue her good work on vaccines and I traveled on to the south of France.

Traveling up and down to France

It was over a year now that I had been to France. To my cute little house in Sougraigne. And I feel guilty about it. It is just too long. The house deserves company, good company. But I was so busy writing my book and supervising the last renovation activities on my house, my grocery museum in Exmorra, that I just did not have time.

So I planned a visit in October, always the best month to go to France. Most families visit the area in June, July and August, the seniors visit in May and September, so October is a great time. It is quiet and it’s beautiful. It is still warm, the grapes have been harvested, the colors are wonderful and most restaurants are still open.

But it is a long way, especially now that I live in Friesland. 1530 km’s altogether. And traveling with a dog is great, but also a little burden. When and where to stop, what ‘Aire’ is good to let him run a bit, in what hotel or B&B to stay, where are animals allowed. There are not that many places where dogs can stay. And will he behave in the B&B’s and restaurants? Well, my dog Spirit behaved very well. Staying for almost 4 hours on end in the car while I was driving, without a whisper.

I found a great place halfway my home in Friesland and my house in Sougraigne, in Bulgneville. Close to the Autoroute, with a nice room with bath, a safe place to park the car, an Italian restaurant in the village and close by a nice walk around a lake for me and my dog.


I was away too long. The house was waiting for me. Fortunately my friend Arnold, who did so much good work on Les Labadous, had been to the house a few times for some maintenance and repair jobs and he put in, on my special request, a beautiful hearth. What a difference that makes. The hearth is placed within a large fireplace and now I have a crackling fire, a beautiful sight all those jumping flames and a nice warm place to stay.

I also had a lot of things to do. First of all to pay my tax, the Tax Foncière. For this little house it was only 238,- euro’s.

Then Spirit needed a some new vaccinations and for some reason the veterinarians in France, especially the women, have a much nicer way to ‘handle’ my dog the their male counterparts in Friesland. Then I had a last look at my garden, it had already been sold, but was waiting for final permission from the authority, the SAFER, to conclude the deal. For if you sell a piece of land in France, the farmers have the right to buy that land for the same price. A notification goes up for two months. This law was made with the best intentions, mainly to prevent large pieces of land becoming bare and unused, while they could and should be cultivated. But nowadays property developers have taken the place of the farmers.

Then of course paying my respect to the mayor, meeting old friends, visiting special places, enjoying good restaurants, going to the market in Esperaza and making a trip to Spain to look at the new pyramid and to do some shopping.

House for sale

I found that the trip from Friesland to France, especially when you are on your own, is pretty demanding and rather costly. And nowadays there is much to do for me in the Netherlands. Taking care of my house, it dates from 1737. Giving presentations on Orbs, on Rennes-le-Chateau, on Mary Magdalene and on my new book. And writing another, new book: Jamie in the Universe. I am also becoming ‘part of the spiritual scene’ again.

So there will not be much time left to go to France. And apart from that, I have during my 17 years at Les Labadous seen almost everything that is worth seeing in that area.

But I love the place, Sougraigne. It is where we, Joke and I, started our French adventure, in 1995 in the B&B Ecluse au Soleil. Sougraigne is a wonderful place, on the river Sals. Quiet, nice people, close to the Fontaine des Amours and the Source of the Sals. Close also to that magic stone circle. With wonderful footpaths leading to Arques, to Bugarach and to Rennes-les-Bains. A town full of flowers, healthy vegetables and special herbs. They are even cultivating safran, the queen of herbs.

So the house is now for sale, it is in excellent condition, Dutch standard, the price is 38.000,- euro’s for the house and 6.000,- euro’s for the home contents, ‘les meubles’ in France. Or you can rent the place for longer periods. In that case please contact Le Jardin de la Sals, tel: +33468698844, or look at their website: www.lejardindelasals.com, or contact me.


My first visit was of course to my dear ex, to Joke in Quillan and her partner Franklin. After months and months of work on the street in front of their home/brocante, it is finally finished. And it looks good. And, just like me three years ago, Joke and Franklin now want to return to the Netherlands. Their beautifully restored house and their brocante ‘Renaissance’ so full of wonderful things, is now for sale. If you are interested, contact her on: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

My next visit was, of course, to Les Labadous. The place has been thoroughly renovated and modernized by its Swiss owners. New roof, new beams, new electricity, new kitchen and trimming the trees. A mid-life modernization, all Swiss style. The place is doing well. Many groups are coming to the place. Doing their good work, holding many healing ceremonies on this spot with its powerful energy. And Axel is still there and good friends with Spirit.


Of course we, Spirit and I, then take a walk in the area, going to the magic fountain and the pillar on the plateau at the foot of Rennes-le-Chateau and enjoying the view and the energy. We meet another old friend, Mieke Vulink, who is writing a new book about R-L-C.

In Rennes-le-Chateau itself a lot of work is going on. They are transforming the parking place on top of the hill, into a garden. A sensible thing to do, for there are far too many cars going up to the village. They can park at the entrance to the village. The Hautpoul Castle and the Villa Bethania are still the same. In the church Asmodeus has got a new head. And this head looks much more like the old head, more than the head that was chopped off last year. And now Asmodeus is protected, surrounded by glass. It feels a bit strange. Protecting the ‘Devil’.

Old Friends, synchronicity.

The place, Les Labadous, the village, R-L-C, the area, the Aude, they are all full of coincidences. It is as if the ‘Great Navigator’ takes a special interest in the place. Some coincidences are so coincidental, that they can’t be a coincidence, those things were meant to happen. Look at us buying Les Labadous in 1999. When I was there I met two old friends, dear old friends. One group from the United States, led by Tina and one group from Russia, led by Elena! Both of them are friends who stayed many times at Les Labadous and who I had been guiding with pleasure all over the South of France.

Tina knew I was in Sougraigne. She stayed with some elderly, but very lively ladies in Rennes-les-Bains. They invited me for dinner, which was great, but of  course I had to ‘pay for my dinner’ with stories. And I did. We had a lot of fun. So good to see old friends so happy and so much enjoying themselves.

The other meeting was even more incredible. It started with a mail from Anna, one of the Russian friends of Elena, who lived in Amsterdam. She send me a picture of a huge cave and asked me if I knew which cave it was and how to get there. It was one of the Cathar caves in Ussat-les-Bains and impossible to find if you don’t know the way.

So I drove all the way up from Sougraigne to Ussat-les-Bains, was warmly welcomed by my old friends and guided them to the cave, where a wonderful ceremony was conducted.

The day after I was invited to dinner at Les Labadous, where they stayed. After dinner, in the big hall, I told them the story, of Mary Magdalene, my story. It was wonderful. Many questions about Black Madonna’s, sacred femininity, their message, their children and much more. There were even some emotional moments. So much love. And what a beautiful ladies, both outside and inside!

And of course I paid a visit to my dear old friends Peter and Anneke. Living in Belvianes. Anneke is one of the best guides of the area that I have ever met. Now she is also guiding people to special places in Greece. If you want to contact them:  e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   

Trip to Spain, Fugueras, the pyramid

It was not my intention to visit the museum of Dali, but to do some serious shopping in Fugueras and to have a look at the newly ‘discovered’ pyramid on the French-Spanish border.

On the way to Spain I gently touch all the wonderful, familiar places. Like the ‘Chateau Templiers’ high on the hill between Bugarach and R-L-C. Look at the sun raising its head over the mountain. Spectacular. And see what the massive the top on the east side of the Pech Bugarach looks like.

In Peyrepertuse I drink from the well that makes me amorous. At least that is what is written on the wall above the water tabs. And look at the magnificent, well preserved castle Peyrepertuse. In the distance the Cathar Castle Queribus can be seen. The last castle of the Cathars that fell 1n 1256. See that strange cloud over the castle.

In Figueras it is busy. Many French people and many tourists are shopping and the restaurants are full. I like the famous Mango shampoo, the herbs, the cheese and the relatively cheap alcoholic drinks like Calvados and Campari, my favorite drinks.

Then back to France. Looking for the ‘newly discovered’ pyramid near Perthus. It is close to the Autoroute, near the border between France and Spain, next to the former customs building. The French don’t want to know about it, probably expecting lots of trouble from eager adventurers, so they have turned the pyramid in some kind of monument. It will not last, I am afraid, the pyramid will disclose itself to scientific/spiritual people and to the general public. Just like the pyramid in Visoko in Bosnia did. The pyramid that is attracting more and more people now.

On the way back I take another route, direction Mouthomet. I have seen on the map that close to that place a menhir can be found. But it is nowhere indicated. Finally some people in a nearby village guide me to the place. Not very spectacular, but it is still a menhir.

My secret stone circle

Near Sougraigne I discovered, by accident, or was it synchronicity, a new, huge stone circle. Practically unknown, well hidden, difficult to find and very impressive. I told you about it in my previous newsletter.

I just had to go there. It is such a magic place. But the location must be kept a secret for the moment. Only in 2020 can the place accept visitors. Then the first meditations can take place. The energy of the place is very helpful for studying the stereotypes of men and women, the way we look at each other. And healing any misconceptions that there might be.

Joyful places, La Pierre Lys, the Esperaza market

Before going home I wanted to enjoy myself in a few places with great memories. Such as the restaurant La Pierre Lys in Quillan. Old fashioned, linen table clothes, good music, excellent service, good quality food, the same menu as ten years ago and relatively cheap. Imagine being welcomed at the entrance by the madame, the lady of the house and being served by this special lady.What a joy! For two hours it is absolute bliss.

Another good memory is the market in Esperaza. It is fast becoming a real tourist attraction. So colorful, so many things to see. Fresh vegetables, home-made cheese, olives, garlic, clothes, musical instruments and home-made food. Indian, Spanish like paella, and even different curry dishes, varying from mild to hot and very hot.

Special churches

Just as I enjoy my special restaurants, I also enjoy my special churches. Apart from the church in Rennes-le-Chateau, I love the church in Brenac and the basilica Notre Dame de Marceille in Limoux.

The church in Brenac contains a lot of mysteries. Secret messages. In paintings, in the prints on the ceiling and in the statues. Look for example at the enigmatic figure of Jesus lying on a bench. Books have been written about it. And how about this lovely panel of Jesus freeing a lamb in a thorn bush.

The same goes for the basilica in Limoux. A well know pilgrim place. Also full of stories. That the Arc of the Covenant once was buried there and that it even contains the tomb of Mary Magdalene. It is well known for its healing water, now outside the church and for its Black Madonna. Not the original one, that was stolen a couple of years ago, but a nice copy. She is growing in stature.

The basilica is located on a hill and surrounded by beautiful, huge plane trees.

Special Places

There are a few places that I do not want to miss when I am in the Rennes-le-Chateau area. These are of course the cave of Mary Magdalene, but this time it was too wet and too slippery to go there. Then the Labyrinth in Nebias, the Source of the Mother Goddess in Campagne les Bains and of course the Fontaine des Amours near Rennes-les-Bains.

The labyrinth, or rather the maze of Nebias is, magic. Truly magic. What happened there, how did all the stones get there, only in that special area? What was it used for? A sacred place of the druids? The questions remain and there are, as usual, many, different explanations. Don’t worry about it, but enjoy the scenery. And be careful where you walk. So please take a stick. My favorite stone is a small standing stone in a small field of stones. I get the most wonderful visions there and some great Orb-like pictures.

The Source of the Mother Goddess is a place where many ceremonies took place. Asking for the help from the Mother, for example to get pregnant.

The Fontaine des Amours is a place of love. Lovers lying in the sun. Women swimming naked in the water. Children playing. Just look at the pictures!


I have to dedicate a special paragraph to Spirit. He has been so wonderful. Enjoying himself immensely during our many tours in the country. Enjoying the warmth of the hearth in my little house. Enjoying the fresh water from the fountain in the square of Sougraigne. Relaxing in my garden. Playful when going out in the morning, when he wants to run. And reasonably happy in my car, but that is understandable for he had the most leg room!


So sad, the day before leaving for the Netherlands I had a small accident. I wanted to park my car in between two cars parked in front of a house,

The moment I drove in a cat escaped from under the car on my left, so I automatically tried to evade the cat, turned too much to the right and grazed the car on my right side. A brand new car from a nice old lady. Well, I was very sorry of course, her car was not badly damaged, but mine was. We filled in all the necessary documents, took copies of all papers and that was it.

For me this was a clear sign to go home and to stay there. And to put up the house for sale or to rent it out.


After my new book, From Annunaki to Illuminati, from slave to slave was published, there was a lot of interest. And some excellent reviews. I was even labeled as a modern von Däniken. Many copies were sold. And I got reintroduced in the spiritual ‘scene’ of the Netherlands and Belgium. With requests for several presentations and later, hopefully, for signing my book.

The following presentations/events have been planned.

  • Sunday, November 10th, Expo Hall in Houten, SHINE, 1130 – 1300, presentation about Orbs
  • Saturday,  November 23, Lemsterpad 54A-16, Lemmer, presentation about the Annunaki, 1400 – 1600 for the ‘Event group’
  • Sunday December 15th. Presentation about the Annunaki and Illuminati , 1400 – 1730 in Quinta Essentia in Zwaanshoek, organized by WantToKnow
  • Saturday December 28. Presentation about Mary Magadalene and sacred femininity, 1430 – 1700 in Dorpshuis de Schulp in Egmond binnen.

For more information about my events, please check out my EVENTS on the site.

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