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Newsletter October 2017


It’s been too long since you heard from me. I know. But these have been confusing times. So much has happened and is happening now, everywhere in the world. Interesting things, incredible disclosures, but also terrible things. What a strange world.

I feel that we are on the verse of changing. Changing the way we look at life and at our governments and politicians. And especially at the powers behind those governments, the secret societies. At pharmaceutical industries and the weapons industries, at the Press and Media, at the relentless poisoning of our planet, at the power plays going on all over the world.

Our world is in danger. We have to drastically change our attitude, we have to make up our own mind and we have to speak out. Now is the time.

For me things have settled down a bit. My house has finally become my home. I feel comfortable, at ease. And proud of all the renovations I have made, preserving this beautiful, national monument dating from 1732. It also reminds me of an important lesson from the famous scholar Zechariah Sitchin, the writer of the Earth Chronicles, who stated that we must “Study the Past in order to Survive the Future.”

That is what I am doing now. In my new book called “The Orbs Evolution.” It will appear soon on the American market. And in my next book “The life of the Earth” for which some massive research is being done. I will tell you more about those books later on in this newsletter.

For now I would like to show you the magic and the beauty of Brittany, that eccentric part of France, full of mysteries, menhirs, dolmens and stone circles. Combining the research form my new book with a holiday with my dear friend Door. Enjoy!


Honfleur and Douvres la Delivrande.

First a stop in Normandy. The land of cider and calvados! Visiting the beautiful chapel of Notre Dame de Grace on the hill behind Honfleur. A sacred place. Look at the Black Madonna with the child and a ship in her lap! And the wonderful stained glass windows with the mourning Mary Magdalene. Next we went to Douvres la Delivrande, on the coast of Normandy, close to where the Allied forces landed in Juin 1944.

Here we went to the basilica of Our Lady of Deliverance, again with a beautiful Black Madonna. They radiate so much love and so much power! A little further was the congregation Notre Dame de Fidelite. With a glass statue of Jesus and with the enigmatic Stations of the Cross painted by a Vietnamese artist, adding a special ‘flavor’ to the scenes.


Dol de Bretagne, St Malo and the Champ Dolent menhir

We stay for a while in northern Brittany, close to Mont Saint Michel. And visit the place where Samson of Dol founded a cloister, now the cathedral of Saint Samson in the 6th century. Inside you will find a deep well, beautiful Stations of the Cross, and a black Madonna. In front of the cathedral is a granite ship with three ladies inside. Could they be Mary Magdalene, Maria Jacoba and Maria Salome? And a statue of Nominoë, who was crowned as the first king of Brittany in 846.

Close by is the famous menhir of Champ Dolent, the largest, still standing menhir in France.

Then up north to the coast, to the old harbor of St Malo, famous for its massive fortifications and its pirates. And now a thriving tourist attraction. Look at this impressive ship, a copy of the ship built for, and by, Tsar Peter the Great. Inside the walled city are dozens of wonderful shops and restaurants and the beautiful St Vincent cathedral. Full of Black Madonna’s, including a copy of the Black Madonna of Rocamadour, with this time much better recognizable features.


Ste Anne d’Auray, the megaliths of Locmariaquer, the tumulus of Kernours, the Cairn de Gavrinis and the alignments of Carnac.

What a day, what a busy day. We are staying in a lovely B&B in Larmor-Baden a peninsula sticking out in the Gulf of Morbihan. We heard that we could only visit the famous Cairn de Gavrinis in the afternoon so in the morning we go to the basilica of Ste Anne d’Auray. A famous pilgrim site, the spiritual capital of Brittany. The place where Ste Anne appeared several times to a peasant from this little village in 1623 – 1625. Ste Anne is the patron saint of Brittany, like Maria of Lourdes and Fatima in Portugal. Look at her golden statue and the many banners.

Next we went to Locmariaquer, also in the Morbihan. With three sites that are worth seeing. It was all rather commercial with entrance fees, books, jewelry and a film. We did see the Table des Marchand, a long row of rocks, the burial mound of Er Grah and the broken menhir, the most monumental menhir in Western history. Built around 4.500 BC and, when standing up, 18,5 meters high. Made of granite and weighting 280 tons!

Then in the afternoon we went back to Larmor-Baden. On the road toward our destination we passed a sign reading Tumulus de Rocher Kernours le Bono.  And just being the two of us we can make any split second decision we want. So we turned of the main road tot his hill. Located in a beautiful setting, with no one around. A site that was still pure. A site not drained of its energy by the many tourists.

After that we went to the quay in Lamor-Baden and waited for the little blue boat to take us to the isle with the Cairn de Gravrinis. This place is world famous for its enigmatic rock carvings. The trip across the blue green waters of the Golf of Morbihan was wonderful. There is a strong current in the Gulf where in 56 BC a famous battle took place between the fleet of Julius Caesar and the Veneti. Julius won.

The Cairn of Gavrinis is a true tourist site. Every half hour a boatload of about 20 passengers is dropped on the Isle while another group is taken back to the shore. We visited the inside of this beautiful decorated burial mound, constructed between 4.250 and 4.000 BC in two separate groups. With a guide who kept ‘blasting away’ so fast in rapid French that we, poor Dutch, soon lost track. But the carvings were indeed magical.

Finally, what a day, we travel to Carnac. And visit all the alignments of Carnac, the alignments of Menec, of Kerabus, of Kermario, of Kerlescan and of Petit-Menec. Built so they say some 6.000 years ago. Stretching for miles on end in a northeasterly direction. And nobody knows for what purpose, although I have some idea what their purpose might have been. Just read my next book, The Life of the Earth!


A magic walk, the dolmen of Toulvern, the dolmen of Gohouer, the alignment of Kerzerho, a wonderful lunch and Broceliande with the church of the Grail

Another day, a busy day, a wonderful day. The day before we had seen a sign pointing to the dolmen of Toulvern. So we decided to follow the signs and parked our car in a special parking place. From there we followed a path toward the dolmen, or so we thought. But never mind. The walk was pure magic. A small path along the coast with a beautiful forest on our left side and the sea to our right. Cobwebs covering the broom and fern. Everything shrouded in mist. At the end of the path, when we could go no further we turned around and walked back. With the sun making an effort to break through the mist. Back on the parking place we asked a local man where the dolmen was. He laughed and pointed us across the road. It was on the other side of the parking place, but this was nowhere indicated. Typical French. Never mind we had a great walk.

The visit to the dolmen of Toulvern, this V-shaped dolmen was a special experience. Not ruined by commerce and tourists. Original. We could still feel the energy. And see how beautiful Door is connecting with the nature around her. Then we went on, past Carnac, to the west. Brittany is literally covered wit menhirs, dolmens and stone circles. There are hundreds of them. We passed one on the side of the road, the Dolmen de Gohouer. Just a simple dolmen but with a nice energy. Then we went to another alignment of stones, big stones. The alignment of Kerzerho near the city of Erdeven. With the sun shining on the stones it was magic, pure magic, again. It is truly a magical experience to visit Brittany, especially in October, with not so many tourists, still good weather and lovely colors all around.

We had lunch in a typical French restaurant, along a secondary road, with a parking place full of cars. Always a good sign. It was full house but they still had a table for us. And the food was excellent, especially the dessert, my favorite, chocolamousse.

Then a last visit to one of our favorite places Broceliande. Where the legend of king Arthur, Merlin and Viviane, the lady of the lake, is kept fully alive. With in its center the ancient abbey of Paimpont, with a wonderful Black Madonna and on the road around this beautiful area the Eglise du Graal, the church of the Grail. Located next to the tourist office where then front side of the building is covered with beautiful ladies.



Very soon my new book will appear on the English/American market. It is called The Orbs Evolution. A standard book about Orbs. In 56 different chapters all the aspects of the Orbs are discussed. Including their relationship with crop circles and UFOs. And answers to the critics. And important messages for mankind. The book is illustrated with more than 250 full color pictures, pictures that are unique in the world. Available at Amazon.com. A real must for Orb lovers!

And don’t forget my other books like Mary Magdalene in France with over 400 color pictures. And The Beauty and Message of Orbs, also with more than 400 color pictures. And the lovely little book called Jamie and Mary Magdalene, a book full of adventures, a book for young and old, and especially a book for people interested in spirituality.

And then my last book, called Men are Different, about the many natural differences between men and women and what can happen when we don’t know or accept those differences. About the way men and women are programed, especially in their relationships. Full of wonderful and sometimes crazy stories, stories that really happened.

See the covers of my books.







NEW RELEASE: The Orbs Evolution
Orbs in Exmorra!


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