Newsletter November/December 2014

It is cold outside. But inside it is warm. The fire is burning and my heart is burning as well, with love. Winter is coming. Time for reflection. Time for all the many things that have to be done. Maintenance, repair, administration, writing, you name it.

I wasn’t going to write another newsletter this year, but you know me. So much has happened in the last few weeks, so many beautiful pictures, so much to share with you.

And the world, what is happening to the world? It is quiet now but I feel that a lot is still happening. Below deck, or behind the screens. And I feel that people are getting stronger, and are getting to know themselves better.  And are slowly changing their attitude, their focus. Things are happening at last. And we are part of it. Isn’t that wonderful?


We still had a few groups staying with us. Small groups, but wonderful groups. There was Chris Jacinto who showed me what the Orbs are telling me. With him we went to ND du Val d’Amour, the caves in Baulou, the rockchurch of Vals, the ND de Marceille. There was part of the group of Thomas Young, some coming here for the third time this year. Going to places we had not yet been. But don’t worry Thomas, there are still lots of new places to be visited next year. Now we went to the Cave of Mary Magdalene, Rennes-le-Chateau, the Abbey of Polycarpe, the ND de Marceille with its healing spring, water for the eyes, to the magic church of ND du Cros, the Dolmen de Fades and to Minerve, And we visited the wonderful Friday market in Limoux. And with Corinna I even climbed the Pech Cardou. There was Franklins older brother Lodewijk. With whom we went to the labyrinth, or rather the maze of Nebias. And then to the famous restaurant Relais du Pays du Sault with is wonderful chef..We had a few people staying only one or two days. Always special people, and they were always guided tot his place. Here they are making wonderful music. And I took this special lady Maureen, who came all the way from Australia to the Cave of Mary Magdalene. And then we have two special ladies, staying with us for several months. Wika from Holland and Dia from Canada. Meditating, contemplating, coaching, channeling and writing books.



My dear friend Door is by far the best customer of Les Labadous. Coming here about every two months. Getting away from the stress, the noise and  the polluted air of Amsterdam. And from all the mothers who are calling on her to help them with their children with vaccine damage. Or all the government officials, medical organisations and pharmaceutical industries who are trying to disgrace her or shut her up. Here she becomes ‘energized’ again. Les Labadous is such a wonderful healing place. And we always have fun and always visit interesting places like Lavaur, where 415 Cathars were burned alive, like the Gorges de Galamus, ‘meeting’ a magnificent rainbow in a clear blue sky somewhere between Sournia and Prades, climbing the wonderful stone formations near Prades and admiring the view on Mount Canigou. Visit places like Gruissan on the coast with its thousands of sailing boats and the beautiful city of Narbonne with its magic cathedral. Tasting wine in one of the Cave cooperatives of the famous La Clap wines. Going to the church of St Martin in Limoux. And to the famous Sunday market in Esperaza.

My own trips.

I rarely go out any more. Why would I leave Les Labadous, the most wonderful place in France? But okay, after taking Door back to Toulouse Airport I traveled back by a different route, a route National to Muret. The place where on September 12th 1213 a decisive battle took place between the forces supporting the Cathars and the Albigensian Crusaders. Unfortunately the Cathars lost. Here is also the enigmatic church of Saint-Jacques, housing a special chapel dedicated to the ND de la Salette and a very moving picture of Mary Magdalene. And closer to Foix was this enigmatic church of Raynaude, with this magic statue of Jesus at the entrance, the Chemin de Croix behind the church and a powerful image of Mary Magdalene in the church. Later I went with Franklin to Bram, where our Mac computer expert is.  There I visited the church, with Orb, and with this beautiful angel. And on the way back we stopped at Montreal to have a look at another Asmodeus. In the church of Montreal. So you see, there is still plenty to be seen.



One day, when the weather was great, I decided to go for it. To climb the Bugarach mountain. The day before I had tried to climb up on the south side of the mountain, but that was a very dangerous passage and as I was on my own, I considered it too risky. So I turned back. But the next day I went up from the north. What a magnificent mountain. What a wonderful energy. What a great view. And all those faces in the rocks. Incredible. Enjoy, dear friends, enjoy.

Winter is coming

It is still autumn. And autumn is awesome here. The colours, they sometimes  hurt your eyes. So beautiful. Especially the red and yellow colours.

Les Labadous is dressed in colours. Lighting up against a dark sky. Our little angel is surrounded by light. The white sun is setting on Rennes-le-Chateau.

And the skies. Look at the skies. The cloud formations are incredible. Spreading out over the Pyrenees. With strange ‘holes’ in the clouds. And look at this dark cloud, flaring away from the Bugarach.

And the spread of clouds highlighting Stephan, one of our German friends, on the way to the cave of Mary Magdalene. And the clouds shining brightly over the entrance to the caves. I wonder, do they have a message?

And the light. See what the light can do in the three pictures of the Tour Visigothe.

My little garden is still supplying us with food. Incredible. Celery, leek, Brussels sprouts and even roses.

And our ivy, our abundant ivy, is providing us with millions of leaves. So good for our garden, protecting the young plants.

Now is also the time to plant the tulip bulbs I brought with me from Holland and to cut away dead branches. There is much to do.


Code ‘red’

Many places in France knew ‘Code red’ in the past few months. A warning for heavy rainfall or bad storms. And several areas were flooded or devastated by heavy rains and winds. Until now we were free of this danger signal. It was even relatively dry in the Aude. But that changed. For a few days it was ‘code red’. And it rained, it poured. Our lovely little stream the ‘Ruisseau des Couleurs, became a roaring river. The water level rose two meters and the river even touched at the foundations of Les Labadous. Except for some tiles leaking and some water drifting into our kitchen via a tear in the wall, we were home free. But our poor neighbor Anne had more problems. She even had to call the Pompiers. Look at the pictures of the river. But it lasted only a short while, only two days. Now things are back to normal.



But the heavy rainfall, the lightning, the roaring river, they were all perfect conditions for Orbs to appear. So there I was, of course. With two camera’s hanging around my neck, more or less protected by a huge, storm resistant umbrella, taking pictures. And my friends watching behind closed doors. But I got some beautiful pictures. See for yourself.



My book “The Beauty and Message of Orbs” is fully updated and re-edited thanks to Tina and Abraham, and is now available on as paper copy and as e-book. And my book “Mary Magdalene in France”, also updated and re-edited, will be available as paper copy and e-book in Januari 2015. Again with many thanks to Abraham Tol!

My book “Uit in eigen huis” (Going out in your own house), a cooking book for men, will be available at the end of this year at Uitgeverij Aspekt in Soesterberg. And the same goes form my book “De Orbs evolutie” that will be published as e-book. Both books are written in Dutch, but who knows, when they are a big success, they might be translated in English.

I am also reworking/translating/updating my Dutch book “Verschil moet er zijn” (Differences must be) into an American version called “Men are different.” We all know that women are different, but this is to show you that men are different as well. And I am looking for volunteers who are willing to proof read  my stories and who can advise me as to their applicability for the American market. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you some of my articles. They might even be published as columns.

And now I am thinking of writing a new ‘Jamie book,’ titled “Jamie and the Cathars.” And on my mind is also a fairy tale, played out in the Wide Universe.

There is much to do.

And this is the place where I write all my books, and mails and newsletters. My own gite. See pic 105

E-mail and computer problems.

I am sad to say that my Yahoo mail account has been hacked twice. And that I have a rather disturbing malfunction in my e-mail account, my : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.e-mail account. Something I discovered the last month. Whenever I did sent an e-mail to a person, and whenever that person has sent me back an answer using the response/return key/mode to my e-mail, that e-mails did not arrive at my place. Those mails apparently went to another e-mail account/provider called This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.But I never asked for that account, and I have no password for that account so I cannot access any e-mails that you , my dear friends, have sent back to me in response to my e-mails. And I can also not retrieve those e-mails. So if you think that your e-mails are important, funny, worthwhile or whatever, would you be so kind as to send them once again to me, at my new e-mail address, being: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

I have given my computer, a wonderful i-Mac that I bought in 2008, a midlife modernisation. Adding extra space and bringing my operating system from OS 10-5-8 to OS 10-9-5. I hope that will help.

I also changed my mail address from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.I apologize for the inconvenience but would you please change my e-mail address in your account? My dear friend Abraham Tol has already announced on Facebook and on my website that I changed my e-mail address. Thank you so much, dear friends.


New house of Joke and Franklin in Quillan

A lot has happened this last year. Joke got an inheritance from her dear aunt Fie and Franklin got an inheritance from his father. Enough all together to buy the house they both wanted for a long time. A big house in the middle of Quillan. Address: 33 Boulevard Jean Jaurès. They finally bought the house, after first having had some serious problems with the bank, but I won’t bother you with those details, on Friday November 28th.

There are of course some renovations to be carried out, but the house is in a good condition. They plan to live there, but will of course come back to Les Labadous whenever there are groups staying at our place.

They are also planning to move their shop “Renaissance’ to their new house. The whole first floor, or parterre in Europe, will be used as shop. This is a wonderful arrangement for now they don’t have to pay a high rent for their shop any more and besides they are living above the shop in the heart of Quillan.

I wish them both all the best in their new house.

And for the people living in this area, please know that Joke and Franklin are now holding a big “Sale’ in their old shop in 38 Grand’rue Vaysse Barthélémy in Quillan. The prices were already very reasonable, but now they are incredibly cheap!


St Nicolaas

More good news. St Nicolas, with or without ‘Zwarte Pieten’ (what a useless discussion), has been able to find his way to our place tucked far in the foothills of the French Pyrenees. And he brought us some presents, accompanied of course by some remarkable poems. We all, including Wilka, celebrated his coming with  wine, cheese, love and laughter! It was a great party.