Newsletter December 2013/January 2014

Happy, happy New Year. And lots of love and kisses for you. For this will be a special year. A very special year. A year where things will become clear. Where things will finally settle down. Where things will fall into places. Where we will feel free of the burdens of the past. Where all our efforts and all our suffering will be finally bare fruit. And where we will be honoured for what we did. Where we will see the path we still have to go.

Wonderful. Congratulations my friends. So be happy, happy with yourself. Happy with each other. Happy with the world. And enjoy. Enjoy life to the full. Enjoy it as you have never done before! For if we enjoy life, the Spirits will be happy.

It is also the time of raised consciousness. Where more and more people are aware of the dark forces at work in our world. And where we have begun to expose their doings. And will gently continue to do so. Where many changes will be made, ever so slightly, but irreversably, in our basic values.

Where power, money and materialism are no longer our guiding factors. Where they will make place for love and compassion and universal wisdom. Where we will discover who we really are. And will know what to do. And will gladly do so.

What a wonderful time. And how priviliged we are to live now, in this time. To be here. To witness these changes. And to participate in the proces.

So my friends, let’s do it, strong and gently. With love and determination. And let us be happy and proud that we were choosen to do it. And see, the light is already coming our way {PIC 01}.

December is also the month of reflection. The month to go out in nature. On our own. To do some walking. And make special trips. To visit friends. It is the month of St Nicolaas and Father Christmas, or Pere Noel as he is called in France. A month full of Christmas festivities. Let me show you some. Click on image to enlarge and/or see slideshow if more than one image. 

La Source/Les Labadous

We were happy to accommodate some groups and several people at our domaine even at this time of the year. For it is a wonderful time. With dark skies, bright and white sunlight and beautiful clouds {PIC 02}. With clear blue skies, soft temperatures and beautiful colours. All peace and quiet in the valley. With falling leaves and the smell of autumn. With steaming rivers {PIC 03} and stunning views {PIC 04} and {PIC 05}. With white snow {PIC 06} and red earth {PIC 07}. The place is so beautiful.

Christmas activities

It is wonderful to see how active we are when we are not in our homeland. Here we have the NVLR, the Dutch Association in the Languedoc/Roussillon, which is part of the larger FANF, the “Federation des Associations Neerlandaises en France.” 

They are giving presentations, holding meetings and printing their own magazine full of interesting information. We also have a very active group of English speaking people. It started with the English library in Quillan, but now they are organizing all kinds of excursions. And they take care of the many stray dogs left behind by their French masters. And they are upholding some typical English traditions like this Chistmas lunch. With roast turkey, roast potatoes and that wonderful, rich pudding {PIC  08} and {PIC 09}.

Then there is the traditional Christmas lunch organised by the community of Rennes-le-Chateau. All inhabitants are invited. It is a free luch, occompanied by lots of free wine and blanquette. What a joyful occasion and so good to meet old frinds and talk to them. Like David, the famous piano player and Glenn. They just bought a house at Rennes-le-Chateau {PIC 10}. And the lovely owners of Le Jardin de Marie, Tobi and Gerda {PIC 11}. It was a full house and the food was excellent, starting of course with foie gras.

Then there was this wonderful excursion in “Le Train Rouge.” The little train of the Pays Cathare and the Fenouilledes, running on special occasions from Axat to Rivesaltes and back. As my father worked all his life with the Dutch Railway Company, I grew up with trains. So I took the opportunity to ride on this train and persuaded Joke and Franklin to come with me. It was a memorable trip. Here they are enjoying themselves {PIC 12}. We didn’t know however that is was a trip for children. Meeting Pere Noel somewhere in the woods, with his little house {PIC 13} and Father Christmas himself {PIC 14}. In the train {PIC 15} the children were kept busy with singing, painting faces and recieving presents. They were being looked after by their parents and grandparents and these two lovely elfs {PIC 16}. I think we were the only parents, or rather grandparents without children!

And finally of course the traditional christmas dinner at La Source/Les Labadous. For three. And jointly prepared by Joke, Franklin and myself  {PIC 17}.


Special trips and visits

The weather was beautiful most of the time. With clear blue skies and temperatures around 15 degrees Celsius. And I was all alone. Living most of the time like a hermit in my little gite. Sitting behind the computer, writing books and articles, reading books and taking pictures. So I went out for a walk. To the Cave of Mary Magdalene. Exploring an alternative route. I love to go where no one else has gone. It was magic. See my car parked at the red earth hill {PIC18}. And the little river near the cave {PIC 19}.

My next trip was to the Pont Romain. That wonderful little bridge over the river Blanche, running from Bugarach to Rennes-les-Bains, where it joins the River Sals. See the wonderful pictures of the bridge {PIC 20} and the light effects surrounding the bridge {PIC 21. And can you also see a face  in the waterfall? {PIC 22}.

My next stop was the Bugarach. First the church with this strange picture of Mary in a straight-jacket?  PIC 23}. Harnessed by the Church? And then the mighty Pech Bugarach , covered as usual in a strang cloud formations {PIC 24}. Or with the sun shining over the top, next to the Eagle rock formation {PIC 25}. Or, for once, sitting in a clear, blue sky {PIC 26}.

Then a trip to Perpignan. To the cathedral of St-Jean Baptiste. Going of course by way of the Gorges de Galamus. The shortest route. It is always a special experience {PIC 27}. Then arriving in the Roussillon where Mount Canigou (2785 m) offers an awesome sight. Perpignan itself is a lovely city. With a warm heart. Here the crib dressed in artificial snow in front of the cathedral {PIC 29}. Inside the cathedral it was gold everywhere. So rich. It really hurts me to see this extravagence. This gold. Paid for by devoted and fearful believers. But there was also a nice statue of the ND del Correchs {PIC 30}.

With this wonderful, clear weather it is a joy to go up to Rennes-le-Chateau. Only 5 minutes by car, or a 40 minutes walk. The view is as always breathtaking. The best view in France. Look at the sun spreadings its rays over the valley {PIC 31}. And at the colours of the little ‘church’ built next to the Villa Bethania {PIC 31}.

My last visit was to some dear friends in Belvianes, Peter and Anneke. They are having a difficult time now, with medical problems and a previous good customer who now doesn’t want to pay her bills. So sad. But the sun is still shining over their little house {PIC 33} and they still love each other {PIC 34}. And they love to walk in the area. Here the three piramides of Quillan, close to Belvianes {PIC 35}.


The market in Esperaza

It is great to see that the market in Esperaza is becoming a real tourist attraction. With its colourful setting next to the church and the river Aude. And with its two restaurants. And especially with all the little stalls selling wonderful, home made products. The market is also an important meeting place. Where people  exchange news and ask after mutual friends and spend some time together. Let me give you a small impression of the things you can buy on the market.

Beautiful statues {PIC 36}, crystals, musical instruments, incense and candles and woolen, hand made clothes {PIC 37}. Roasted chicken {PIC 38}, all kinds of sausages {PIC 39}, lovely cheeses {PIC 40}, fresly made paella {PIC 41}, all kinds of fruit and vegetables {PIC 42}, oysters, mussels, bulbs of garlic, nuts and olives, honey, herbs, home made bread and lets not forget the huge amount of clothes {PIC  43}. It is incredible what you can buy there. Shirts, most of them new for only 2,50 euro. Trousers and skirts for 3,00 euro, and more, much more.

Orbs and books

What is a newsletter without Orbs? So here they are. They keep coming, appearing in ever stranger shapes, colours and configurations. Look at the Orbs taken during the past month. With their beautiful inner structure, like a mantra. With their strange configuration, lined up near the Tree of Mary Magdalene. With  holes in them, segments missing or cut in half. See {PIC’s 44 – 50}. I have a feeling, and it is more than a feeling, it is almost a conviction, that the Orbs are evolving. That some kind of ‘Orb evolution’ is going on. That they are presenting themselves in ever stranger shapes, colours and configurations, as if to say to us “Don’t you still get the message?”

But not all beautiful light effects are Orbs. Just to show you what you can create yourself, here a picture where I point my powerful flashlight up in the rain and take a picture without flash. Beautiful, isn’t it? {PIC 51}. But they are not Orbs.

Now I am considering writing an article, or a book, or maybe a picture book about “The Orb evolution.” Showing the curious changes in Orb presentation during the past years. Anybody interested??

I just finished my cooking book for men. Yes men. For they can cook as well. And if they can’t then this is the perfect opportunity to learn how to cook. And in a way where cooking becomes a hobby. For cooking, in your own house, is excellent way of lowering your stress levels. And cooking with different, fresh ingredients brings you back to nature. So cooking is a joy! “Going out in your own house” is the title, or in Dutch “Uit in eigen huis.” Anybody interested?

Toulouse, Girona, Montserrat

My dear friend Door came to visit me for a few days. Resting from the hectic times of writing a controversial book, a book about the dangers of vaccines. Resting from making a website, responding to all the facebook questions, resting from the interviews and documentaries and the busy life in Amsterdam. And yes, La Sourced/Les Labadous is the perfect place to rest and the re-energize.

We made some excursions. First to Toulouse, with this fabulous museum in the Townhall {PIC 52}. And the fun you can have when standing in front of a mirror {PIC 53}. Then the impressive and beautiful basilica of St Sernin {PIC 54}. Walking back along the river Garonne, with the sun shining over the water {PIC 55} and the people sitting at the riverside, enjoying the sun and the view {PIC 56}. Then to my favorite place, the basilica ND de Daurade, with its famous Black Madonna {PIC 57}, where Door lit a candle for her book {PIC 58}.

Our next visit was to Girona, in Spain. An ancient town about 100 km’s north of Barcelona. A town strangely connected to the mysteries of Rennes-le-Chateau. See Door standing at the riverside {PIC 59} and me with in the background the cathedral and the ‘Esglesia de San Feliu’ {PIC 60}. In the museum next to the cathedral are some wonderful paintings of Mary Magdalene {PIC 61}. And there is even a chapel dedicated to her in the cathedral, with her statue {PIC 62}. This is unusual for cathedrals are the power seats of bishops, and they usually have, with some exceptions, no real warm feelings for Mary Magdalene. It is wonderful the cathedral sitting on top of the hill {PIC 63}. On the right side of the river the city is completely walled. It is great to walk there and enjoy the view {PIC 64}. And the bridges across the river offer some great picture opportunities {PIC 65}. Here a view of the city, along the river, the “Riu Onyar {PIC 66}.

Then Montserrat. A magic place. About 20 km’s north of Barcelona.  Built on a huge, strangely shaped rock formation. Well it is more like a mountain range, a mountain range forcibly pushed out of the earth. A sacred place in its own merit. Look at these wondrous shaped rocks {PIC 67}. And at the light and the clouds playing around the rocks {PIC 68}. It was busy at Montserrat, very busy. Thousands of people were there. It was the holiday season. They all wanted to visit this magic place and to see and touch the Black Madonna. There was a row of over 200 metres. The  people were waiting patiently for the few seconds given them to touch the Black Madonna. The waiting time must have been well over 3 hours. What an incredible devotion. And what a power this Black Madonna must have. See the inside of the church {PIC 69} and a close-up of the Black Madonna, lovingly called ‘La Moreneta’ , the Brown One {PIC 70}. We had no time to stand in line, so Door sat down on one of the benches in the church. She didn’t have to touch the Black Madonna, she was touched by her {PIC 71}.


Dear friends we are still here. The owners and guardians of La Source/Les Labadous {PIC 72}. If you want to contact us then please do so on the published numbers or email adresses. And if you want to contact us spiritually, or ‘feinstofflich’ as my Austrian friend Silvia used to say, then use your Higher Self or connect to my little altar {PIC 73}.