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Newsletter 2019-2018


Dear friends

It has been some time that we last saw each other, well maybe we did in our dreams, but now it is time to meet again in words, in spirit and in pictures.

It has been a busy time, very busy. So much has happened. You’d think that when you are retired, life will be easier. Well maybe it does, but not for me, not yet. I had hoped that after  renovating my house, after putting everything in place and after returning from Ethiopia, I would finally be able to settle down in Exmorra, but it did not quite work out that way.

I have been visiting my old love, La Douche France, three times this year and once in 2019. The first time in March, to buy a house and to acquire a dog named ‘Spirit’. The second time in June, for the official transfer of my house in Sougraigne. And the third time in October to guide a some very special friends in this beautiful area. And later in February 2019. With a another, very spiritual friend. Every time the strangest and most wonderful things happened. I will tell you about it later.

Now, finally I feel that I am slowly settling down. Although I have been plagued with several ‘old age’ and other diseases. But things are getting better now. I realised however what a difference a place makes! For in France, in Les Labadous I was okay. Alive and kicking. No physical problems. I was fine. Maybe it is the energy of the place, or the pure air, or the natural food, or the clean water and probably all of that! But it makes a huge difference.

Last year I started to write again. A new book, a special book. Called, in Dutch, which is still my native language: “From the Annunaki to the Illuminati.” And as subtitle: From ‘slave to slave’. I just finished my manuscript and sent it to the publisher. Over 320 pages, A4, typed. It is a major work and includes all of my experiences, all my wisdom, all the spiritual insights I had, all the directions I received from the Great Navigator, all the conversations, healings and therapies I got from various healers and spiritual friends. Wonderful. And in this book I used my special ability to connect facts, ideas, insights, books, magazines and people t each other. Putting all the puzzle pieces in place. It is book of hope and fear. My life’s work. The story of the earth, the story of mankind, the dangers we face and the hope we have. I would love to have it translated in English and spread the word beyond the Netherlands and Belgium, but let’s first publish it in Holland.

March, Sougraigne, Spirit

In March Door and I went quite relaxed by car to the south of France. Visiting the beautiful Black Madonna in Avioth, staying in Stenay where Dagobert II was murdered and then following the river Meuse south, past the place where Jeanne d’Arc was born, to Quillan. Where we stayed with my ex Joke (Johanna) and her parner Franklin.

Two surprises were waiting for us. Big surprises. A house for sale in Sougraigne, close to Rennes-les-Bains, the place where we started our life in France in 1995 and a dog named Spirit at Les Labadous, where we lived for seventeen years. I fell for both of them. The house is a small house, owned by a friend of Joke, who after breaking up her longstanding relationship in France, returned to the Netherlands and asked Joke to sell the house for her. It is a beautiful house, small, but with everything that a single person or a couple might want. Ideal for people like me. And, most significant, it is built and uppgraded to Dutch standards. Meaning that everything works properly, as it should, an often rare phenomenon in France. And there is a lovely little garden with the house, 320 square meters, at the edge of the village, along a small river, 5 minutes walk from the house. More about the house later. And more about the dog Spirit, later as well.

June, the car, the accidents

It was a strange time. When I picked up Door in June from Toulouse Airport my car suddenly made terrible noises. Coming from the rear, harsh, metallic sounds. Later it turned out that my rear transmission gearbox was breaking up. The Nissan garage in Carcassonne told me that a new gearbox would cost 5.000,- euro. No way. That is the price of a ‘new’ second hand car! So I had to find a second hand gearbox. Fortunately my friend Harry helped me out and made a reservation for me with a scarpyard in Ceret, at the foot of the Pyrenees.

A few days later, finally, the offial transfer of the house, by the notary, took place. Until that time, the money that I had payed for the house, rested with the French government, not the notary as is usual in the Netherlands, but the government. Another ingenious way of getting enough money to pay for all the costs of the state.

When we left the notary, 10 metres outside her office, Joke slipped on a little piece of rock and twisted her right ankle. Very painful. And that evening after celebrating with a wonderful dinner at Christine’s place in Rennes-les-Bains, Door and I took a walk along the river Sals. Another dog was loose and playing. So we let Spirit loose and the two dogs were playing like mad. Running after each other at top speed. Until suddenly Spirit slammed from behind into Door. She fell to the ground and was in terrible pain. She could not walk. So we called the Pompiers, something in between fire fighters and the Red Cross, who arrived within 15 minutes. They wrapped Door up, put her in their ambulance and drove at top speed, lights flashing, to the new hospital in Carcassonne. I followed as best as I could, fearing that any moment my rear transmission might break up, but fortunately it didn’t. In the hospital, after waiting for some time, it appeared that her ankle, her right ankle, was broken in two places. The next day she was operated, thoroughly, with a titanium plate and 8 screws in her bones. That day I visited her, together with Franklin. She had to stay for another day in the hospital. Then I went to Ceret. The next day my rear gearbox was replaced. I drove back to Carcassonne where I picked up Door. Together we drove to my new house in Sougraigne. All the time with Spirit in my car. And how wonderful, Door did not for one moment blame Spirit for what he had done. There we stayed for one more day before driving back to the Netherlands. Spirit  seemed to be really sorry for what happened.

Afterwards we learned from a clairvoyant friend that Door’s own guiding spirits had orchestrated the accident. So that she finally would take some very badly needed rest. And the same applied to Joke. She too needed a rest, for she had a lot of pain in her back and the energies of people who died were still clinging some of the wonderful antique items in her shop and were depressing her. Isn’t it wonderful, isn’t it strange that on the very same day, the right ankle of the two people I love most, was broken or twisted? That can’t be a coincidence, no way.


Now a bit more information about the house I bought in Sougraigne. A quiet little village along the river Sals, the river that springs from a salty rock in a hill just 7 kilometers upstream. Sougraigne is also the place where Joke and I always stayed in the wonderful B & B called Ecluse au Soleil when we were in France, from 1995 to 1998, before we bought Les Labadous. So I was going full circle again.

Sougraigne is in the middle of the sacred area. Close to Rennes-les-Bains. And in between the two sacred mountains, the Pech Bugarach and the Pech Cardou. There are footpaths in Sougraigne leading to Rennes-les-Bains along the river Sals, to Arques in the north and to Bugarach in the south. Great walking! Pure nature. Wonderful.

The house is small but that’s good. Not so much tax, not much heating and quite cosy. It has a kitchen with a dishwashing machine and frigidaire, two large cupboards, and a nice open fire place. The first floor has a bathroom with shower and washing machine, a separate toilet, another large cupboard and a big sleeping room. The house is electrically heated, the kitchen works on gas, from a gas bottle. There is WIFI and again, everything works fine. There are shutters on the house, so it is well protected. The mayor has granted permission to built a little hut in the garden. And a good friend in the village has the keys and is keeping an eye on the house when I am not there.

I tell you this so extensively, because I now want to sell the place. It hurts, indeed it hurts, for it feels as if the house was meant for me. And it was, but for another reason. I had to pick up Spirit, I had to guide several good friends in the area, I had some great insights, I made some spectecular discoveries, I did some good spiritual work with my clairvoyant friend and I had to make some minor improvements to the house and clear up the garden. That’s all been done now.

Now I also realise that my house in France has served its purpose. And that I don’t need a permanent place in France any more. I lived long enough in the area and can always stay with friends or at any of my favorite places. Besides all my children and grandchildren live in Holland, my work is in the Netherlands, in Friesland. Writing books, giving presentations, working in my garden, showing people around in my grocery museum, walking with the dog and being the new chairman of the Aldfaers Erf Foundation, an open air museum in Allingawier for the preservation of Frisian history, landscape, culture and old crafts.

I know that several people are interested, so let me know what you want. The price of the house and garden, with everything in the house, including garden equipment, is 54.000,- euro, which is a very decent price.

Please let me know if you are interested. The house can always be lent to your friends, or rented out in the summer season for at least 400,- euro’s a week.

October, the house, guiding people, the stone circle

Another eventfull two weeks in France. I had promised two good friends of mine from the Netherlands to guide them for a couple of days in France. They are highly spiritual healers who get a lot of clients in their practise, many of whom have past lifes as Cathars. So they wanted to get a feeling for the area. And they were very interested in the Cathar castle Queribus and in the Pech Bugarach. Some incredible things happened in those three days. I can’t tell you exactly what happened, not yet, it is more or less classified information. I can tell you however that they also checked may house quite thorougly for dark energies and found that everything was fine. Only good energies. I also guided for another three days a good friend from Germany. In her company  some interesting things happened as well. This seems to happen every time I visit that special area. Something always happens. I will tell you later about the places that I myself, my Dutch friends and my German friend visited.

Places we visited

I cannot tell you with whom I went where, for there were also places where I went on my own. So I will just present you with pictures of some of the places my friends and I visited.

The Monument of the Cathars in Narbonne, the cave of Mary Magdalene and the Birthing Cave, Les Labadous, the church of Rennes-le-Chateau, the Trembling Rocks, the Fontaine des Amours, the Montsegur, the ND de Sabart, the Cathar Caves Eglise and Heremite, the Pech Bugarach and its church, the Gorges de Galamus, the Hermitage of St Antoine, the castle of Queribus with birds of prey flying around it, the castle of Auriac with its magic waterfal, Cucugnan with Marie Enceinte (pregnant), the Capitelles, Arques, the ND de Marceille and the church of St. Salvayre.


My dog Spirit has a curious history. He was bought on the market in Esperaza by Marti and Christine the new owners of Les Labadous when he was three months old. Especially for Axel, but also to protect the place. For the present dog Ruah would not make it much longer. And indeed he died a few weeks later.

Spirit liked it at Les Labadous. What dog wouldn’t? A lot of free space, drinking water from the Ruisseau de Couleurs and many interesting visitors. With Axel who adores him and Aafke, who is taking care of Les Labadous, who loves him as well.

But Spirit is a very spirited dog. Adventurous, playful, strong. And he is has a history. He grew up in a French family where he was probably maltreated by the children. So he had to go. That’s most likely why they sold him. And nowadays he is still both fascinated by and scared of children and also of adults who come too close, too fast. At Les labadous he was often left alone at night, so he had a ‘strong separation anxiety.’ He would probably become a nuisance or a risk for visitors and that is not acceptable. He needed one good boss and he needed to be disciplined. Axel just could not do it. So he had to go.

I immediately fell in love with Spirit and so did Door. He liked me, he respects me and he loves Door. So we took him home and I have been training him. Like I did with all the dogs I had before. But now it is different. After living alone for a couple of years, it is a new experience. It is as if you have a baby in the house. Feeding him, taking him out, training him, playing with him. He is very quiet, staying for hours in the car, when driving long distances. He loves to go out in the woods and run, but those places are scarce in Frieslansd. And he is responding well to my training program. Except when he sees a cat or meets other dogs to play with.

He is also reducing my freedom of movement. But maybe that was meant to be. On the other hand he is also keeping me fit, for I have to walk with him, every day, for at least two hours in the woods and meadows of Friesland. And when I am writing, he lies quietly in my room, obviously enjoying the typing sounds on my keyboard. He is good company.

Stormy weather

I don’t know what is happening in Europe. It looks as if weather patterns are changing. Wonderful weather in the North, hot, dry summers and stormy, rainy weather in the south. In Spain, in France, in Italy and in Greece. When I was in France in October I had two days of very heavy weather. Tunderstorms. More than 55 cm rain came down in two days. Overflowing rivers, breaking down trees, rockfalls everywhere, closed off roads, rivers flooding whole areas of Carcassonne and Trebes, sweeping away cars and killing 13 people! Fortunately I was safe in Sougraigne which is a located in a somewhat higher place, but it was very impressive and a little frightening.


The Bugarach is a special mountain, very special. An important place, a power place. Very important for our world. A mountain with many faces, the most important being the sitting Buddha (La Pique Grosse) and the Eagle. But there is also a beautiful penis and several stern faces.

A lot of stories surround this male mountain. It has a very high energy, same as the Montsegur, the highest energy of all mountains in the Pyrenees. Some say that it was a vulcano who blew its top that then fell back upside down on the mountain, but I dont know. A respected geologist told me that the mountain was formed not so long ago by layers of earth pushing east up against a hard rock formation. Others say that it was formed quite recently, in 123.000 BC.

The mountain is a base for UFO’s. Several people have seen life UFO’s, including my daughter Femke who lived for a couple of years in Bugarach. I also see UFO’s, but only reflected in the clouds. There is a big underground lake. In the huge open space inside the mountain are beautiful caves and special crystals. There lives another civilisation. Robot like people/entities, coming from a reptilian race, people who seem to be very good at mind control. And who can also be controlled from a distance by other intra-or extraterrestrials. A bit a scary place.

My spiritual friend from Holland was able to connect with the people in Queribus and Bugarach and got the message: “The lion is free” and also “Play like children.” Wonderful messages. But after a while things turned bad, awful. The people in the mountain picked up her energy and began to control her mind. She was very, very scared and wanted to go away as fast as possible, far away from that mountain. And so we did.

Guiding people

I have always loved to guide people, preferably small groups of people in this beautiful area. And I still do. It is wonderful to see what the area, with its magic, its stories, its nature and its energy, is doing to the people.

Therefore I will be happy to guide people for two weeks or at least ten days in the future. Only then it pays to drive from Friesland to Rennes-le-Chateau, 1500 kilometer, with one stopover and back of course. My fee is still 150,- euro’s per day, including the use of my car, a Nissan X-trail. And for long trips, far away from Rennes-le-Chateau, like St-Maximin-la-Ste-Baume, or Les-Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, or Rocamadour, or Lourdes I will ask a bit extra for fuel and possibly for a hotel when we need to stay overnight. Just let me know if you are interested and we will make a plan. You will have to take care of your own travel arrangements and your own lodging arrangements. There are many wonderful places where you stay in the area, including Les Labadous. Address: Centre Les Labadous, 11190 Rennes-le-Chateau, Aude, France. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m, tel: +33468742516, contact Aafke Hamstra. And if I am not available as your tour guide, then plese contact Anneke Koremans. She is a wonderful guide, very knowledgable and very kind and she can also help you with accommodation and transport. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel: +33468690166.

New discoveries

I made some very interesting new discoveries last year and this year. Even though I have lived in the area for 17 years and have been travelling all over te place, there are still a few things I did not know about. The latest new discovery was huge stone circle. I cannot tell where the place is, or show any pictures, for the place has been ‘sleeping’ for eons and has only just woken up. We will have to leave the place in peace this year, so that it can get its strenght back. Next year I would love to take some of my  friends to this place. And perform some ceremonies about the way men view women and women view men. The archetypes of men and women. Now just one picture of me between the stones, showing how happy I am, but also how touched I was by this place.


Two of my books, written in English, or rather in the American language, are now being updated and re-edited. A good friend of mine, who has good connections to American publishers,  is working on it. He will offer the books, self published books, to his publishers. The books are: “Mary Magdalene in France” and “The Orbs Evolution.” Books that are, in my opinion, most welcome in the USA. Especially at this time. A time with harsh tensions, MeToo discussions, manipulations by government and multinationals, dangerous technological experiments, alineation from the rest of the world, far to mant sick children, a land full of poison, climate changes and the slowly disappearing love and empathy that were always so characteristic for the American people.

Mary Magdalene is the most wonderful woman in the world, a real woman, the partner of Jesus, the Apostel of the Apostels. The book Mary Magdalene in France tells us who she is, where she still can be ‘found’ in France, where she has been preaching and baptizing people. It is also a book about the power of women, about Love, wisdom and sacred femininity. Most welcome in the USA, I think, especially now. A book with over 400 beautiful pictures, all taken by me.

And the Orbs, these magic Orbs, they have various messages for us, very important messages. They can be called in for help, they want us to enjoy ourselves and to enjoy life. To Thrive. They will help us whenever we ask them, they can really heal us. They tell us that we have an immortal soul and cannot die. But they also tell us that we should be careful, for right now the earth is in danger. Our wonderful planet is in danger. A book with over 400 incredible pictures, all taken by me. The Orb’s phenomenon is also related to crop circles and UFO’s.

Later two more books might make it to the USA. The Book “Jamie and Mary Magdalene” a wonderful, moving story, about a young man who is having many adventures and finally meets, 2.000 years ago, Mary Magdalene. Full of easy to read spiritual insights. And the book “Men are Different” about the natural differences between men and women and how they sometimes work out in real life. Full of both hilarious and sad examples. With some simple advice on how to avoid those misunderstandings and fights. And how to keep your precious relationship alive. Good for the USA, I  dare to say.


My life in Friesland is finally settling down. After all the renovations to my two houses, built in 1731 and after finally agreeing on a compromise with the local city council, things are getting better. My grocery museum is attracting more and more visitors, mainly elderly people on bicycles. Seniors we call them. They are really happy when they see all those well known products, things they bought when they were young. It triggers a lot of memories and sometimes tears. And some of them tell wonderful stories, so I learn something new every time. And it helps that I sell some small packages full of lovely ‘antique’ candies! And the house is obviously blessed, a treasure if you look at this rainbow.

Spirit too is keeping me home. I still feel reluctant to put him, even for one night, in an animal home, but sometimes I have to when I am giving a lecture far away from home. Or leave for a weekend.


What a beautiful land, what a wonderful place. A land with an impressive history, with it eleven cities famous for its beauty and for the “Elfsteden tocht”, a skating marathon for more than 200 kilometers touching all those cities. The land with the greenest meadows in the world. With beautiful lakes and canals. With typical bridges and the huge farm houses. And such a variety in nature. The sandy coast in Gaasterland with its dunes and trees. The magnificent churches, in every village at least one. The restaurants and musea. The peaty soil full of birds. The little lakes in the woods. The ships, the flowers, the language, the typical sports like skating, sailing, pole vaulting and  kaatsen, an old Frisian game looking something like cricket and tennis. The salt Waddenzee, with its famous islands, now a World Heritage Site. The 32 kilometer long Afsluitdijk and the sweet water Ijsselmeer, with its lovely harbours. The sailing yachts, the special food and sweets like sugarbread and drabbelkoeken. The cows and sheep in the meadows and the delicious milk, butter and cheese. The clean air and the gentle people. No wonder lots of tourists are visiting  Friesland every year. And many have bought a little bungalow.

Look at the pictures.


They keep coming. Both in Sougraigne and in Exmorra. But not as spectecular as in Rennes-le-Chateau. There they came with a message and there was also a spectacular Orbs-Evolution going on. Orbs showing themselves all time in new shapes, new colors, new positions, as if they wanted to say: “don’t you still get the message!?”

The Orbs in Exmorra appeared while it was snowing and in Sougraigne they appeared during the storm and heavy rainfall in October 2018.

I am also giving presentations, most of the time about Orbs, people in Holland are now slowly getting familiar with the Orbs phenomenon. But also presentations about Mary Magdalene, about Rennes-le-Chateau, about Glastonbury and about the Cathars. The Dutch people are waking up to what is happening iin the world and Holland is gettig more and more spiritual. Wonderful. We might even help leading the world in a new direction.


In February 2019 we said goodbye to Joke and Franklin, taking several packages with us for friends and family in Holland. We wished them strenght, for they had cut down all the beautiful plane trees in front of their house and were now breaking up the road. Making as much noise as possible, which seems to be a favorite pastime of the French. Ultimately it will become a nice road again, but the noise is terrible. And no compensation for lost sales!

On the way back from Sougraigne we took some small detours. Going north in Agde/Beziers, crossing the famous bridge in Milau and arriving in Ceyrat, a small village close to Clermont Ferrand. There we visited, after a long walk in the woods the famous Samson Stone circle. The next day we visited the Puy de Dome, a huge, very impressive mountain west of Clermont Ferrand. Unfortunately it was cold and misty so we did not go to the top. You can go by train. We will save that for next time. It is a very special area, with lots of mountains, lakes and vulcanos.

We also made a short trip to Germany, to the famous stone formation called the ‘Esternsteine’. Very impressive .




The address of my litttle house in France is:

Sougraigne 53, or Grand Rue 53, 11190 Sougraigne, France

My addres in Friesland is: Dorpsstraat 54, 8759LE, Exmorra.

Exmorra is a little village in between Makkum and Bolsward.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: +31515856564






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