I am very pleased with my latest book The Orbs Evolution, originally written in Dutch so it has taken some time for the translation, make-up and editting. But we have managed. I like to thank Tina Hartzell and Abraham Tol for their devotion and it has been a pleasure to work together in 3 different parts of the world. The book will be on sale tomorrow on Amazon and Kindle. I urge you to read and enjoy the insights and magnificent photos. 

~ Jaap

Short Intro

The Orbs Evolutionis a special book, a book  covering all the known aspects of this wonderful, new phenomenon known as Orbs. Jaap Rameijer clearly states what Orbs are and shows their incredible Evolution in the last 20 years.

Fully detailed in 56 chapters and illustrated by 273 magnificent pictures, all taken by the author, The Orbs Evolution shows us that the Orbs are intelligent beings and that they are entities with a sense of humor, show emotions and who love the energy of happy, joyful people. The reader will also learn what Orbs like, how they can be attracted, and where you are most likely to find them. Jaap gives tips as to how to consistently and reliably photograph Orbs and how best to interact with them.

The Orbs Evolution shows us the many and varied types of Orbs. It goes into great detail discussing their colors, sizes and shapes. It also highlights and describes the many kinds of Orbs such as shooters, sparks, rods, shining Orbs, Orb clouds and Orbs with faces, not to mention, battered Orbs, Orbs in special configurations, Orb rays, Orb wires, beautiful color palettes and Orbs with internal structures.

The Orbs Evolution also discusses the difference between real Orbs and other light phenomena, explains when, where and why Orbs appear, and describes the relationship between Orbs, Crop circles and UFOs.  Jaap also addresses the critics and counters their arguments that Orbs are just dust in the air or raindrops on the lens.

But maybe most importantly, Jaap gives us insight as to why Orbs are making themselves more and more known. They are here to heal and comfort us and most importantly, Orbs have a message. Actually, they have several messages: That the Earth is in grave danger; That there is another unseen, spirit world parallel to our world; And that we have a soul and will not die when we pass away.

What a wonderful message!

Jaap Rameijer The Orbs Evolutionon Amazon or Kindle