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Bugarach Getting HOT!

Last year we had Ben Hammott stirring up the treasure fever in Rennes-le-Chateau by claiming that he had found the treasure of the million-dollar priest Berenger Sauniere. 


Ben Hammott

He took a good look at all the Stations of the Cross in the Church of Rennes-le-Chateau, like so many thousands had done before him, and discovered that Sauniere had left clues as to where the treasure was buried. Clues written on pieces of paper, in code, with curious illustrations. The papers, or documents, if we talk about treasure we always talk about documents and parchments, were hidden in bottles. And the bottles were stacked away in pretty well know places, not too difficult to find. When he finally, after many bottles, solved the puzzle, he was directed to a cave where the body of Mary Magdalene was supposed to be buried.

He dropped a camera in the cave. The entrance was too small. The body was still in good shape and the linen garments mostly intact. He made A DVD of his find, called “BLOODLINE”. A wonderful story, made by professionals. And supported his find by huge marketing efforts. Then he got, of course, in trouble. After all we are in France. So problems come easily. And if you find something here you have problems. For in order to be permitted to dig or search somewhere, you need permission. And to get permission you have to demonstrate that something is hidden there. But how to do that without first searching or digging?

Anyway he found a body in a cave. He didn’t want to say where. But he confused the authorities by saying it was near the Cave of Mary Magdalene, close to where I live. Well I have been to that cave, and the surrounding area, about 50 times now, I searched carefully but I found nothing. In my view he may have found something, or buried something, either near the Aven cave, or on the plateau south of Rennes-les-Bains, but most likely on the slope of the sacred, female mountain, the Pech Cardou.

He made a big name for himself, made a wonderful, colourful DVD, wrote a book called “Lost Tomb of the Knights Templar” and some guidebooks to Rennes-le-Chateau and the Pays Cathare and is guiding people around the area.

I don’t believe for one moment that he really found a treasure or the body of Mary Magdalene. It is very hard for me to accept that Sauniere would have left clues as to where the treasure, or the tomb was located. He would have guarded that secret with his life, as he and his colleagues Boudet from Rennes-les-Bains and Gelis from Coustaussa, probably did. And he would only have told the secret to Marie Denarnaud and one or two trusted friends. Besides it is inconceivable that a body dating from the first century AD would be in such a perfect condition and that the linen garments would still be intact. Not in the South of France, not in this climate. But he got a name for himself, his DVD’s and books are selling well and he is guiding many Americans around the area. And making a good living out of it.


Kathleen McGowan

Another famous American writer is Kathleen McGowan. Writer of bestselling books like The Expected One, The Book of Love and The Poet Prince. Books based on intriguing historical facts and famous historical figures. And of course starring Mary Magdalene.

The information from historical and present sources is woven into exciting novels, part fact, and part fiction. Now she has teamed up with the Belgian writer Philip Coppens. Together they are guiding people around the Pays Cathare. Mostly Americans.

It looks as if the Americans are finally waking up. Realizing that they cannot go on like this. Polluting the earth, always striving for more power and more money, using up all the natural resources of the earth, poisoning the people with the medicines and fear and building up huge financial debts. People are living an empty life there. Work, money, power, houses, cars, television and sports, that is their life.

Now more and more people are looking for other values. For meaning in life. For values like love and hope and compassion. They come looking for spiritual growth. So they come to France. The Second Holy land. For Israel and the Middle East are volatile areas now and the Americans are not too well loved there. Here in France they search for their religious roots, they look for the simple life, friendly people, and unspoiled countryside. They look for Mary Magdalene.

Kathleen and Philip are guiding large groups around, letting them feel the energy of the earth, the love anchored in the land. Let them taste the simple, good life; enjoy the sun and the cheese, the flowers and the wine. And the many, wonderful stories.



But not everything is peace and quiet. Things are heating up around the Pech Bugarach, the famous male mountain. The magic mountain. Why it is called male, I don’t know. Just as I don’t know why the Pech Cardou is called female. Maybe it is the shape. It looks like a pyramid or a beautiful breast. The two holy mountains are often compared to the Mount Sinai, in the Sinai desert and Mount Moriah, or the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. That’s why Rennes-le-Chateau is sometimes called “The New Jerusalem”. But the Pech Bugarach is a special mountain. An extinct volcano that blew its top some 60 million years ago. When a huge meteorite smashed into the earth creating the Yucatan peninsula and extinguishing almost all life on earth. The top of the Bugarach was lifted up in the air, turned around and dropped on the mountain, bottom up. A treasure site for geologists. The mountain has an incredible energy. Some people find it hard to climb the mountain and stop halfway up. Some people have problems living close to the mountain. Magnetic compasses go wild and aircraft are not allowed to fly over the mountain. There are many stories about this mountain. Lovely stories, intriguing stories. The mountain could be placed there on request of two dwarfs, named Buch and Arag, who had bravely defended the area against barbarian invaders. And were allowed, by the Gods, to make a wish. Most of the time these things go wrong, but his time they got it right. For they wished for a mountain that would protect the area. And it does. It breaks the clouds, see my picture, and it protects three regions, the Roussillon in the southeast, the Corbieres in the northeast and the Aude in the West.

There is also the story of the Arc of the Covenant buried there. Look what’s in the name. Buch, meaning Castle and Arach meaning Arc. And there must be an old, hidden cemetery on the mountain. Every year on the night of 12 to 13 October, people are coming together in all the places between the “Chateau des Templiers”, the Templar castle 2 miles to the west and the Pech Bugarach. Especially if the 13th of October is on a Friday. The day in 1307 when king Philip IV ordered all Knights Templar to be apprehended in his kingdom. So in the evening of the 12th of October hundreds of people are gathered at the mountain side, caravans, campers, tents, everything. Watching ghosts dressed in white robes with a read cross, walking from the Chateau des Templiers to the cemetery buried deep in the Bugarach mountain.

I have been there too, of course, but I didn’t see a thing. But I spoke to several, reliable people, who really saw that famous procession.

And now even more fame is coming to the mountain. For now it is famous for its UFO base.


Bugarach, the UFO base


 It is not a new story; in fact it is a pretty old tale. It is said that this mountain houses one of the five, huge UFO bases on earth. I don’t know where the other four are located, but one of them is here. And people have seen UFO’s. Real UFO’s. And real people. Many people in fact. They have seen and heard real UFO’s and UFO’s hidden or shrouded in clouds. Some of my best friends have seen UFO’s, very reliable people. Including my own daughter Femke, who lives in Bugarach. She too has seen a real UFO. Hovering above her head for minutes before disappearing into the air. And there are many pictures of cloud shaped UFO’s. Pictures with big space ships or smaller scouts lining up for a landing in the mountain. Like an airport.

It is not hard to see why this UFO phenomenon has attracted some strange boarders lately. Not with the date of December 21st 2012 swiftly approaching. People are looking for safe places. And maybe they are even looking for a passage in one of the spaceships when the earth will come to an end. So yes indeed, some people are flocking to the mountainside. Buying land and houses and holding ceremonies. Sometimes groups of people are meeting there and discussing the future. But not as many as the media want us to believe.

Things got really “hot” when the major of this little village, Mr. Jean-Pierre Delord, a village with less then 200 inhabitants, called for military assistance to keep out UFO fanatics. That got to the Press. That reached the newspapers. First in France. Then the Daily Telegraph in England picked up the story and next CNN paid attention to the phenomenon. After that is was a pandemonium of newspaper agents, camera teams and safety seekers coming to the area. In one weekwe got four journalists coming to Les Labadous to interview us. The inhabitants of Bugarach itself are so “fed up” with the attention they get, that they shy away and won’t talk any more. I can understand. For an article appeared in the “Eindhovens Dagblad”, a regional paper in Holland. Not a very nice article. Describing the spiritual people coming to this area, people who indeed look a little different, dress a little different and act a little different. Different from the “normal” people in Holland, from the “establishment”. The story contained so much disdain for these spiritual people, that it sickened me. I wrote back to the editors stating that I have more respect for these people, people who care for each other and who care for the world, then for the establishment, the bankers, church fathers and politicians, who only care only for themselves and who have made a mess here on earth. It will not be published of course, but I just had to say it.

Fortunately there are other journalists. Look for example in the weekly Dutch magazine “Story” of last week, where a two-page article, written by Karel Hille, is printed. About the Pech Bugarach. With the heading: “Can a French mountain village safe mankind?” The article contains a nice picture of my daughter Femke. Who publicly states that this place is a magic place and that it makes her feel good.

However the fear of the authorities can be understood if we look back at what happened in French Guyana in 1978. Where Jim Jones drove over 900 people to suicide, or murdered them. This had terrible consequences for France. The government was blamed, and rightly so, for allowing this to happen. Now there are strict laws in France for everything that has to do with sects. The authorities are afraid these groups are upsetting the villagers, as they are. Or that the village will be flooded by people looking for a safe heaven. Or that another mass suicide will occur when the earth will not go down in December 2012, or when people are not taken to safety in the alien space ships.

It may all sound a bit strange to you, but this is what is happening. I for myself, I don’t believe for one moment that the world will go down in 2012. But it is true that many time cycles are coming together on that specific date. And that the moon, the planet Venus, the Sun and the centre of the Milky Way are all in line on that date. So something is bound to happen. In fact it is happening already.

We can only hope that the people here earth, our precious earth, will change. Undergo some kind of transformation if you like. Get rid of the old values of power, money and materialism. Get rid of corrupted governments and power hungry leaders, Abolish outdated institutions like the Church, who is forbidding everything that makes life joyful. Filling us with fear and guilt. And embrace new values like compassion, respect for each other and for nature, honoring the sacred feminine, harmonizing our male and female energies. And most of all embracing Love, universal love. Let love be our guiding factor, our “Leitmotiv”.


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