During the last fifteen years I took over 20.000 pictures. Of Rennes-le-Château and the area surrounding this hilltop village. Of other places in France, the Second Holy Country, places where Mary Magdalene is still "present". And where the Black Virgins are still venerated.

I wrote this book when I was angry, very angry. Because again a wonderful relationship had just broken up, without me, in my opinion, having done anything wrong, or saying one wrong word. Just as it had happened so many times before. I have had several relationships, wonderful relationships, with beautiful, lovely women. And they all ended in the same way. Thank you so much Jaap, goodbye and let’s be friends. Some after a few years, some after a few months and some even after a few weeks.


Rennes-le-Chateau, a small village in the foothills of the French Pyrenees, is fast becoming an important pilgrim site. Every year over 130.000 people come to this hilltop village. And over 600 books have been written about Rennes-le-Chateau and related topics. The major attraction is still the “Million Dollar Priest” Berenger Sauniere, who was priest in this village from 1885 to 1917. He spent about 20-mln ecu, present price level, on renovating his church, the church dedicated to Mary Magdalene in 1059. He bought land and he built the Tour Magdala, the Villa Bethania, a Belvedere and a beautiful garden. Nobody knows for sure where he got his money from, but there are many theories.

Where once a farm stood. It is a magical place with the river of colours, the trees and the birds and a wonderful, loving and healing energy. When I am writing about Jamie the words seem to flow on my keyboard. I smile when I write and sometimes when I am writing a very moving scene, I am softly crying.

It is as if I know the characters in my book and as if they came back in my life Back to Les Labadous, as I did. This must be for a reason. Maybe it is to write about Mary Magdalene. At the time when she was here. To write about the person as I knew her. She was, and she, is a wonderful woman.

I am fascinated by the relationships between men and women. People who love each other, who have a tremendous affection for each other. People who work together. People who have fun and laugh a lot. People who talk to each other and listen to each other. But also people who quarrel, who complain, who fight, who shout and feel they are being victimised. People who are desperately in love. Or people who have just broken up their relationship. People who make each other happy. People who love themselves and the world. Or people who can’t love and can’t forgive. Or people who hate themselves, Or need to love of another person. People who make their partners life a hell. People who are lonely and are desperately looking for company, for a friend, for affection and intimacy. There is so much going around in relationships.

I have seen quite a lot of it. And experienced quite a lot of it. But I am a very curious man. And I want to see the people happy. So I observe what is happening. And analyse what has happened. I have talked to hundreds of men and women, asking them why they behaved like they did. Why they acted as they did. I wanted to know why. Because I think we first need to know what causes the problems in relationships, before we can solve them.

And I think it should be easy. Because we are very much attracted to each other. We men, we love to be with a nice woman. An attractive woman. A woman that can smile and laugh and love. What is more beautiful in the world than having a wonderful relationship? Well maybe getting a child, seeing a child being born. But that too is love.

Glastonbury is just like Rennes-le-Château a sacred place. And just like Rennes-le-Château it is a very ancient place. Maybe there was even a settlement of Atlantis. I have been to Glastonbury several times and became so captivated by the atmosphere, the stories and the mysteries of the place that I wrote a book about it. Called “Glastonbury and the Holy Grail”. In Dutch, my native language. I am still waiting and hoping for a publisher to translate my book, with many interesting stories and beautiful pictures, in English and to publish it.

Glastonbury is a magic place located in a magical area. Surrounded by the awesome stone circles like those of Avebury and Stonehenge. Built on the Mystical Isle of Avalon, with its 158 meter high Tor. The hill that dominates the city and is a beacon for travellers, both from land and over sea. It is a place of ancient Gods and Goddesses. A place with a special energy, where important Ley Lines meet. A portal to the World of the Dead and a Gateway to Heaven. A place of healing and transformation. And an ancient, sacred place of the druids.

At least, fun for men. We know now, and we are even allowed to say so in public, that men and women are different, basically different. We are different species, coming from different planets. Our brains are wired differently, our hormone systems are different, we think, communicate and feel different. We are really different. And of course there are men with lots of female energy and females with lots of male energy, but most men and women are different. Which is not bad, I mean not bad at all, if you know about these differences and respect them. You might even love them, as we do our physical differences, but the same applies for our psycho differences.

You may not realise it, but men also cook differently. And when I say men, I mean most men and when I say women, I mean most women.

Most women, traditional women, cook every day for their family or for themselves. It has become a duty, not a pleasure. They like to have more time for themselves, in order to do things they enjoy. So they order a pizza, a Chinese meal or go to McDonalds or they heat up ready-made meal or put something in the magnetron.


For more then fifteen years I have been in the area of Rennes-le-Château. I was first attracted to this magic place by the book: "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" written by Baigent, Leigh and Lincoln. From the moment I set foot in Rennes-le-Château the place "ran in my blood". It was like a homecoming. Five to six times a year I travelled from Holland to the south of France. 

Jaap explains in the book the Beauty and Message of Orbs, how the Orbs behave like intelligent beings, approving of us, helping us, showing their playful sense of humour, loving our children, our animals, families, parties, and our green way of life.  The Orbs love sacred places, churches, mountains, and natural water sources, springing out of the ground.  They come all times of day and night, in all weathers.  They carry messages that Jaap tells us how to interpret. Also available on Amazon as Paperback. Click here to order!

Enjoy the magic below.

Glastonbury , the sacred heart of Britain . The ancient mystical capital of this beautiful country . Or as the English call it : "The holiest earth of England's Glastonbury , the place where so many ley lines , legends , magic , spirituality and other esoteric strands come together for centuries an important pilgrimage Glastonbury , the place also where several grail traditions converge. . . . Ranging from vessels in which the gods of the elements of creation mixed until boilers containing an inexhaustible source of food . from boilers which dead warriors came back to life , the chalice used at the Last Supper . the jars in which the blood and sweat Jesus was collected , the bloodline of the holy family . from Jesus himself , to Joseph of Arimathea and Mary Magdalene . from elixirs and white gold , a small book written by Jesus himself . from king Arthur and his knights of the Round table , a bowl with a bloody head. from rocks and meteorites with special powers , the Ark of the Covenant . from the feminine principle of the spiritual quest of man . All these grail events and more can be found in Britain , and more particularly in Glastonbury .

Sacred Twins. What a wonderful name for those two special places. Holy Places. One in Rennes-le-Chateau in France in the foothills of the Pyrenees and one in Glastonbury in England, in the district of Somerset. Both are truly magic and mysterious places. Hundreds of books have been written about those places. And thousands of pilgrims flock there every year.

I too did my part. Writing three books about Rennes-le-Chateau, titled “De Geheime Boodschappen van Rennes-le-Chateau” and one about Glastonbury, titled “Glastonbury and the Holy Grail”. Both books are, for the moment, in Dutch, my mother langzame.

I live in Rennes-le-Chateau in the beautiful domaine “Les Labadous”.

I have been to Glastonbury several times. And while doing research for my books about Rennes-le-Chateau and Glastonbury, it occurred to me how many similarities there exist between those two places. Incredible. I have described some of them in the following paragraphs.

The Desposyni

Julius Africanus, a writer from Edessa, was the first to use this espression. That is how he named the offspring of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Or to be exact, the offspring of the Holy Family. Consisting of Joseph, the Virgin Mary and Jesus. But Jesus had, according to the well respected writer Sir Laurence Gardner, three brothers named Joseph, Simon and Judas and three sisters, being Maria, Salome and Joanna. Laurence Gardners states that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, that he survived the cruxcifixion in 33 AD and that Mary Magdalene fled the country. In my view together with Jesus. Mary Magdalene fled the First Holy Country, Palestine, by boat and went to France, the Second Holy Country. Where exactly she landed and who were with her in the boat, we don’t know. At least not for sure. She could have landed in Marseille, or Les-Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer, or in Maguelone, or Narbonne, or Fitou, or in Sainte Marie la Mer, just east of Perpignan.

Sacred Femininity. 

Sacred femininity is very much present, both in Rennes-le-Chateau and in Glastonbury. During the last century a true resurrection of this wonderful phenomenon took place in Glastonbury. By way of the revival of ancient Goddesses, and Goddess temples that were officially recognised. And by the numerous beautiful women in shop-windows, statues, therapeutic Centers, shops and on the streets. We can rightly say that “love is in the air” in Glastonbury. The search for the Holy Grail could therefore very well be a search for the lost femininity. Lost by the Church, that systematically suppressed the women during the past thousand years.. That persecuted them and that took away their self-respect. And failed to recognise them as full-fledged members of society and of the Church.

The energy


Both places have a special energy. First of all the powerful and loving energy of the Sacred Feminine. A healing and nourishing energy. An energy full of love.. The energy of the Mother Goddess. Of Mother Earth. Both are places where Goddesses thrive and where powerful women live. They are beautiful Goddesses, for sure, but also Goddesses that are not to be trifled with. Goddesses that have never been fully expelled by their male antipodes. Goddesses who now return to earth. To bring sacred femininity to the people. To preach love after thousands of years of chilliness, power and materialism. To create places for healing, care and compassion. Places for reflection. But most of all places of Love. That beautiful, nourishing, universal love. Exactly what we need on earth. Places where people can come to their senses and where they can be fully recharged.

Mary Magdalene is a very special woman. She was no prostitute as the Church said, she was no repentant sinner, she was a woman of high birth, wealthy and very spiritual. She became the partner of Jesus They were an extraordinary pair. They probably were married and had, according to Laurence Gardner, three children. Sarah, or Tamar, for Sarah was a title meaning “princess, Jesus II and Joseph. I talk about the desposyni, her bloodline and the bloodline of Joseph of Arimathea, Jesus’ younger brother, who went to England.

Mary Magdalene fled the Holy Country, Palestine, or Judea as it was called then, after the crucifixion of Jesus in 33AD. She had to fear for her life. Maybe she fled together with Jesus, who could well have survived the crucifixion. They fled to France, a country well known to the Jews. There are many stories as to where she landed. In Marseille, in Les-Stes-Maries-de-la-Mer, in Maguelone, in Narbonne, in Fitou or in Ste-Marie-la-Mer near Perpignan.

There are just as many stories as to where she lived, preached or is buried. In Aix-en-Provence, in St-Maximin-la-Ste-Baume, in the cave of Ste Baume, in Maguelone, in Narbonne, in Vezelay or somewhere in the area around Rennes-le-Chateau.



Dit kookboek is een culinair vervolg op mijn boek “Leer mij (de) vrouwen kennen”. In dat boek ben ik nogal kritisch over vrouwen. Over een bepaald soort vrouwen dan. De dominante types, de voortdurende  klagers, de eeuwige slachtoffers, de geraffineerde verleidsters en de meer gehaaide types.

Een kookboek voor mannen dus. Niet dat vrouwen het niet mogen lezen. Ze gaan hun gang maar. Maar ze hebben er niet veel aan. Vrouwen houden van gemakkelijke recepten en snel klaar zijn. Voor hen is koken vaak een noodzaak en in sommige gevallen zelfs een noodzakelijk kwaad. Gauw klaar, goedkoop, snel op tafel en daarna iets leuks doen.

Die hebben niets aan dit kookboek.


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Guiding people to the hilltop village of Rennes-le-Château. In the foothills of the French Pyrenees. The village of the famous ‘Million dollar priest” Berenger Sauniere. The village full of magic and mysteries. Located in the middle of a region that is a true treasure map. The secrets of this village gave rise to bestsellers as “the Holy Blood and the Holy Grail” and “the Da Vinci Code.” And more than 600 other books. Including three of mine. Rennes-le-Château has become a real pilgrim site. 

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