Writing Columns or Features

I have written over 175 columns about the “misunderstandings” between men and women. And there are many more to be described! Many, many more. Forty of these columns have been published in a book called “Leer mij (de) vrouwen kennen”, meaning ‘teach me about women’. And there is still a lot to learn, for us men.

Giving Presentations

I provide in depth presentations about Rennes-le-Château, Cathars, Maria Magdelene and Orbs. Some of these topics are outlined in more detail below. Naturally I design and make presentations tailored when needed.

Mary Magdalene

During the last fifteen years I took over 20.000 pictures. Of Rennes-le-Château and the area surrounding this hilltop village. Of other places in France, the Second Holy Country, places where Mary Magdalene is still "present". 

Coaching Men-Women

La Source at Les Labadous is a special place. A place of love, with a strong healing energy. The energy of Mary Magdalene. Many groups came and are coming to this place. To perform all kinds of healing activities, varying from sound healing to crystal skull ceremonies. And they work.

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