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I love to guide people around and show you this beautiful, mysterious area. This magical place. Let you experience at first hand the wonderful energies of this region.

The healing energy of La Source at Les Labadous. The energy of Mary Magdalene; creative, spiritual, so feminine. The energy of sacred mountains like the Pech Cardou and the Pech Bugarach. Show the rivers, sources and springs.

The many sacred places like menhirs, dolmens, Black Virgin sites, capitelles, churches, basilicas and abbeys. The initiation caves of the Cathars. Their castles like the Montsegur, Peyrepertuse, Queribus, Puilaurens and Lastours. I like to introduce people in the mysteries of this place. Varying from a temple of Lemuria and an outpost of Atlantis to UFO bases and UFO sightings. From the Arc of the Covenant, the Menorah and the Holy Grail to sacred mountains, Cathar caves and Templar strongholds. Tell about the hidden treasures of the Visigoths, Merovingian's, Cathars and TemplarsAnd the life and teachings of the historical Jesus and Mary Magdalene and of their love and their bloodline. Show the sacred geometry of the area. Tell about the many, powerful secret societies.

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Jaap Rameijer

Dorpsstraat 52
8759 LE Exmorra, Netherlands
Tel: 00 31 (0)515-856564
Mobile: 00 31 (0)6 26 28 77 99
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To communicate with me or to  request an engagement for a presentation on Orbs, Anunnaki & Marie Magdalene.

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