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Publishing books, columns, blogs, photographs. Guiding people in the south of France. Coaching and relationship counselling. Living in Rennes-le-Chateau at La Source in the valley of Labadous.



My Books

I have written three books about Rennes-le-Château, called “De Geheime Boodschappen van Rennes-le-Château”, part 1, part 2 and part 3. Meaning “The secret Messages of Rennes-le-Château”. The books are in Dutch, but I am confident that they will be translated in English.

Part 1 describes the history of Rennes-le-Château and the mysteries surrounding the million-dollar priest Sauniere. 

Part 2 shows where to walk in this mysterious land and describes eight daytrips in the magic Pays Cathare.

Part 3 is about specific topics like Mary Magdalene, the Cathars, the Knights Templar and four more.

I also wrote a book about Glastonbury, the other sacred place in Europe. It is called “Glastonbury en de Heilige Graal”. The book is in Dutch but again I am confident that it will be translated in English in the near future. It is, just like my books about Rennes-le-Château, full of pictures,  maps and interesting stories.

Then I wrote a book about all the “misunderstandings” between men and women. And how men view their relationships. It is called “Leer mij (de) vrouwen kennen”. I will review that book, add some new articles and write it in English. The title will be “You are so beautiful”. I hope to find a publisher for that book. It is mainly meant for men. To show them, in a series of columns, describing my experiences, why women can sometimes react in a way we do not understand and how best to respond. With a good sense of humour.

My next book I wrote in English. It is called “Mary Magdalene in France”. It describes her relationship to Jesus, and what happened after the crucifixion. It indicates where Mary landed in France, where she lived, where she preached and where she may be buried. It also describes her relation to the Cathars and the Knights Templar. The book is full of pictures of Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna’s in France. It describes the love between Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the role of he Church. And it ends with sacred femininity and a message to the Church. I hope to find a publisher for this book with over 400 beautiful photos. The dutch version "Maria Magdalena in Frankrijk" is published by Aspekt.

Something else. A book about Orbs, those brilliant, round light bulbs. The book is written in English and called “Orbs at Rennes-le-Château”. It describes what Orbs are and the different types of Orbs that appeared up till now. It also shows many other, curious light phenomena. It explains what Orbs are, what photographic effects can be attained, what deficiencies the camera may have and what the influence of atmospheric conditions is. And all the arguments pro and contra Orbs. It related the major theories as to what Orbs are. Varying from high tech, quantum physics to high spirituality, Spirit Beings. And it says what possible messages the Orbs carry. More than 100 pictures will be included.   Of the most curious Orbs and other light phenomena you can imagine. Spectacular. I am looking for a publisher and/or making it into an e-book.

Then a very different kind of book. It is written in English and called “Jamie on his cloud”. It looks like a book for children, like “Le Petit Prince”, but it is meant for grown ups. The book is written in a simple style. Where Jamie is looking at the world through the eyes of a child. It describes how Jamie, living on a cloud in the Universe is sent to the earth for an important task. You will see him flying to the earth, being born and growing up. Then Jamie has some very bad experiences on earth. Later he meets Mary Magdalene, is baptised and falls in love with Joan. But his love cannot last, for he is needed “Up There.” The book contains many spiritual truths, presented in a gentle, relaxed way. It contains over 30 beautiful, very moving drawings, especially made for this book. The English version has been translated and published by Aspekt in dutch "Jamie op zijn Wolk".

I wrote a new book about the differences between men and women. It is in Dutch and titled “Verschil moet er zijn”, meaning “There should be differences”. It is about the natural differences between men and women. And about the way men and women are ‘programmed’ in our society. But mostly about the many differences between men and women. About the physical differences. The differences that most of us enjoy so much. But also about the non-physical differences. Differences that many of us do not enjoy at all. Because many of us expect the other, men and women, to do and behave as we would. But we don’t. For we are different. And these differences are real. They are no mistake of the Creator. And they are certainly not meant to hurt our partners. They are natural differences. If we know about those differences and accept them and even honour them, we will have a most loving, wonderful and powerful relationship. If we do not know about them, or worse, if we do not accept them, then we will be in trouble. Misunderstandings, quarrals, fighting, even divorces. Costing a lot of energy. And things can, and often will, go from bad to worse. For example when we try to change our partner. As we want him or her to be. Which is of course doomed to fail for we cannot change grown-up men or women. It is a useless effort that will cost even more energy. And the final state will be complaining. Being victimised. Feeling that the whole world is against us. Feeling sorry for ourselves. Thus ruining the last years of our life and costing even more energy.

And it is not necessary. If we only would know, understand and more important, accept those differences. Jaap has given many examples of the differences between men and women. Some hilarious, some very serious. With some good advice, for both men and women. Advice on what to do and more important what not to do in the various circumstances. A book well written, with a lot of humour and very recognizable. This book will most certainly be translated in English. For I feel there is a great need in the UK and USA for understanding each other. And for establishing strong and loving relationships.

The latest book is also in Dutch. It is called “Uit in eigen huis”, meaning “Going out in your own house”. It is about cooking for men. Not just cooking itself, but more the joy of cooking. As a means to be really happy. And to get rid of your stress. About the joy of being alone in your own house. Of having the kitchen all for yourself. Of going to the market, meeting some friends, having a drink and buying everything fresh, straight from the land. Of going to a culinairy shop and buying the best, the most professional tools for your new hobby. For men need good equipment. Of going home and display there all the wonderful products that you bought. A feast of nature. Of listening to your favourite music and having a glass of wine or a beer. And touching all those fresh, natural products. reestablishing your bond with nature. Of very important of preparing and eating healthy food. No more canned foods or ready made meals full of preservatives and other poisinous ingredients. Of slowly cooking the food. Making soup, letting the wonderful smells fill the house. Of cooking at your leisure, step by step. And in the evening the beautiful laying out of the dinner table for your family, when they return. Or for your friends or your parner. And, don’t forget dear friends, of making sure that the kitchen is spotless clean after you have finished. Much cleaner than it was befiore! And of enjoying the food and sitting at the tabkle together, talking freely and feeling good. I don’t know if this book will be translated in English. Most Americans have long time ago drifted away from the dinner table to the TV room and from good healthy food to the fast food restaurants or delivery services. But I hope this will change.


For an overview of my publications and more detail about them click here. And do visit my webshop for books and artwork.

My Photographs

I live in the south of France, in the magical and mysterious village of Rennes-le-Château. Right in the middle of the “Pays Cathare”.

I have traveled extensively in this area. Most of the time following in the footsteps of Mary Magdalene. But also researching the Cathars and Knights Templar, visiting special basilicas, churches and chapels, looking for Black Madonna’s all over France, entering famous caves and climbing sacred mountains. I have about 30.000 pictures of this area. Wonderful pictures.

They can be grouped and classified in different ways. Like pictures of Rennes-le-Château, or Mary Magdalene, or Black Madonna’s, or the Cathars and the Knights Templar. Or pictures of churches and abbeys. Or caves and sacred springs. 

I have also hundreds of pictures about Orbs and other strange light phenomena.

For your pleasure and overview of my works click here. Currently working on my photographs, albums and topics on my site so you can search and/or view them.

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