Coaching Men-Women

La Source at Les Labadous is a special place. A place of love, with a strong healing energy. The energy of Mary Magdalene. Many groups came and are coming to this place. To perform all kinds of healing activities, varying from sound healing to crystal skull ceremonies. And they work.



Many people come to this place. Full of sadness. Mourning the loss of a partner, mother or child. Or the loss of their job. people who are stressed, or close to a burn-out. Or people who do not know how to continue. Here they found/find the rest and the healing they need. Here they often found their destiny in life.

It is also a special place where people can look at their relationships. Often troubled relationships. Or relationships burdened by things that happened in the past, even in previous lives. Here they can face their sorrows, their worries, their anger and their problems. And discuss them with me. In an open, gentle and loving atmosphere.


Experience and Compassion

I have a lot of experience with relationships. And understand women better than most men do. I even wrote a book about it and over 150 articles. I have been able to help many people, mostly women, just by listening to them. And trying to understand where the pain really comes from, deep down. I have studied women and the way they act. I have studied the interaction between men and women. And seen all the things that can go wrong. Because men don’t understand women and women don’t understand men.

I have been able to tell many people what was the cause of their problems. And how to deal with it. Sometimes it was very simple; sometimes it was a bit more difficult. Especially with women who had real bad experiences  with their father, their partner or the church. But most of the problems could be solved. Without, in any way, harming the women or diminishing their power. On the contrary. They often came out stronger and more lovingly than before.


Time and Price


The coaching session’s cost 60, - euros per hour. A normal session takes about two hours.

Afterwards there is time to reflect and to rest.

The sessions can be repeated every day for a maximum of seven days. Then one should know what to do and all advise and all eye-openers should have taken effect. Leading in most cases to a better life and better love or in a few cases to considering ending the partnership.



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