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The Beauty and Message of Orbs (ebook)

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The book is a complete experience, as though one is reeling through the spheres of the universe. Jaap explains the Orbs scientifically and proofs that they are a mysterious manifestation which is connecting with our spiritual natures to bring us through the trials that are awaiting us.   Jaap banishes all the critics of Orbs with his scientific explanations and has the pictures to prove it.  This book is worth millions for the photos alone - hundreds of them, many incredibly beautiful and breathtaking, page after page.  They show Orbs in all their varieties as they appear throughout the world.   Jaap explains how the Orbs behave like intelligent beings, approving of us, helping us, showing their playful sense of humour, loving our children, our animals, families, parties, and our green way of life.  The Orbs love sacred places, churches, mountains, and natural water sources, springing out of the ground.  They come all times of day and night, in all weathers.  They carry messages that Jaap tells us how to interpret.


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