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Jamie on his Cloud Art Works

I am happy and proud to present to you my illustrations of  “Jamie on his cloud.” Now for sale in the shop for your pleasure on your wall, your body or otherwise. Marie-France Lebailly made all the wonderful drawings.

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Nieuw: Maria Magadalena in Frankrijk

I am happy and proud to present to you my book published by Aspekt of  “Maria Magdalena in Frankrijk” .

It deals with my research and investigations on the following:

Who was Mary Magdalene? What was her relationship with Jesus? What happened during and after the crossing? She fled to France? In these and several questions Jaap Rameijer provides one and sometimes several answers. A book with beautiful illustrations of him.

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New Release: Jamie on his Cloud

I am happy and proud to present to you my new book “Jamie on his cloud.” A book, I must say, written in a dreamy state of mind. Almost like automatic writing. Sometimes I was smiling while writing. Smiling about the strange adventures of Jamie and his lovely, little girlfriend Silvy. At other times I was shedding a tear, when the story got really emotional.

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